Capitals Based on Last Two Letters

Can you identify the following world capital cities from just their last two letters?
All answers are one-word capital cities
Quiz by kiwirage
Last updated: September 16, 2022
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First submittedNovember 21, 2014
Times taken43,980
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Last Two Letters
Last Two Letters
Last Two Letters
Level 82
Nov 30, 2014
Level 82
Nov 30, 2014
and I know the new capital is technically Ngerulmud. Though I don't buy that it's a distinct city. Lots of less ambiguous things you could change it to like DH or UZ. If you want.
Level 82
Nov 30, 2014
or AA
Level 71
Aug 6, 2019
Sounds to me like there's no ambiguity at all. You said it yourself: "and I know the new capital is technically Ngerulmud." Kinda settles the matter, doesn't it?
Level 60
Sep 16, 2022
So this one is interesting. Palau is separated into states that are essentially the same as municipalities in that there is no lower-level government. Melekeok is one such state. The capital was moved to Melekeok state from Koror (another state and the biggest town by far). Ngerulmud is the name of a hill in Melekeok where the government building lies (Legislative, Executive and Judicial all work in the same buidling; a beautiful capitol built with funding from the EU). So Melekeok is the capital right? Not really. In front of the building there is a plaque that says that Ngerulmud was ceded by Melekeok to the federal government to establish the capital when it moved from Koror. So it stands to reason that Ngerulmud is no longer part of Melekeok. Instead, Ngerulmud is now the standalone capital, a small hill with basically one building and a resident population of zero.

@kalbahamut, @TheCrusher

Level 70
Feb 24, 2015
Somehow it's quite a bit easier than I expected it to be.
Level 75
Feb 25, 2015
I was taught in school that Tel Aviv is the capital of Israel. Is Jerusalem officially the capital? (The world map has changed so much since I was in school in the 1960s that it's hard for me to keep up.)
Level 55
Feb 26, 2015
If anything, the history of that era might have caused a change the other way, but no, Jerusalem has always been the capital of Israel since 1948. Tel Aviv is a highly populated business centre relatively far from strife, but is not the capital. Jerusalem is the location of the Knesset.
Level 73
Jun 30, 2015
Only Israel considers Jerusalem as its capital. The rest of the world doesn't recognise it and there are no foreign embassies there. Any that were there moved to Tel Aviv in response to the Jerusalem Law in 1980 because Israel's occupation of East Jerusalem is considered illegal under international law. It's also not very helpful in negotiations over a two state solution, but I expect that was the idea.
Level 51
Oct 2, 2017
Israel's occupation is not illegal. Embassies are simply in Tel Aviv because should Palestine ever gain recognition from the UN as a sovereign state, things would get a bit uncomfortable there, and ambassadors could be trapped. After all, there are many countries nearby with similar beliefs that refuse to allow much travel in or out, such as Pakistan. Jerusalem is, however, the capital, and would remain so under any of Israel's five proposed two-state solutions. All of which Palestine rejected, even though Israel was freely giving up vast swaths of land, on the basis that they refused to agree with Israel on anything.
Level 56
Aug 27, 2020
I always find it strange, the idea that a capital could possibly be defined only by the people outside the country. Imagine one day for some reason the whole world decided that the capital of Britain was now Birmingham, or the capital of the USA was Los Angeles. Without the agreement of the governments in question, would that make it so? I don't see how it could.
Level 69
Sep 22, 2022
That's not a very apt comparison, JonOfKent. It would be more like if Britain suddenly decided that its capital was Port Stanley, in the Falklands. Would you expect Argentina to agree to that? I'm not taking sides, here - I just think that your comparison is off.
Level 47
Dec 9, 2017
Well, good news for you ander, if you are American, Jerusalem is now recognized as the capital by the U.S., and announced by Trump as of December 6th.
Level 65
Jan 5, 2016
Why accept Nouakchot for the -TT clue, but not Tallin for -NN?
Level 63
Jan 6, 2016
Just TT
Level 71
Aug 1, 2019
But NN?
Level 63
Aug 2, 2019
Both the misspellings Nouakchot and Tallin are now accepted, though they obviously weren't when Quizzer6794 made the comment. My original response was a play on words: "Just TT (Just to tease {two T's})"
Level 59
Sep 22, 2022
This is the one time that explaining it did make it funnier
Level 37
Aug 30, 2018
I missed three and of those I'd never heard of two.
Level 77
Jul 16, 2019
Gitega also ends with GA
Level 63
Jul 16, 2019
Thanks, you're right - that change happened recently. I've submitted a change to a different clue.
Level 67
Aug 3, 2019
I managed to get 20 correct. Three of the ones I missed are what I'd called obscure capitals and I ran out of time with one of them- Tegucigalpa.
Level 73
Jan 23, 2020
I got 19 and I should have gotten the other 5 as well. I got some more obscure ones as Tegucigalpa and Nouakchott, but missed some obvious ones as Amsterdam and Bangkok.
Level 66
May 6, 2020
This was really difficult. Only way I got 15/24 was typing random capitals until the time ran out.
Level 68
Jun 20, 2021
I find these so difficult for some reason
Level 81
Nov 16, 2021
This is much harder than you expect.
Level 64
Feb 24, 2022
Kiev is, sadly, much in the news just now. But the usual transliteration seems to be Kyiv; you might want to change that, but perhaps not to IV as that could (as per comments above) be Tel Aviv; maybe a different clue altogether?

Good quiz; another really tough one!

Level 63
Sep 22, 2022
The transliteration changed as we’ve shifted to using the Ukrainian spelling (Ки́їв) rather than the Russian one (Киев) in the awake of the events of 2014, and especially those of 2022.

And Tel Aviv (תֵּל־אָבִיב) is not the capital of Israel; the poster there just got confused.

Level 56
Jun 17, 2022
time is really tight here. i got 16 by mostly typing in random capitals because i don't see myself realistically getting them all in just five minutes
Level 75
Sep 22, 2022
Oof that was hard! I was expecting the ones I missed to be obscure far-away ones, but 5 were in Europe (where I'm from) and 2 were in South America (where I live)!
Level 66
Sep 22, 2022
That's one of the hardest easy quizzes there is.
Level 76
Sep 25, 2022
I feel like "Tallin" and "Nouakchot" shouldn't be excepted type-ins since spelling them correctly is kinda important to making the quiz correct. Type-ins that don't change the last two letters could have more leeway but generally speaking, a lot of quizzes that involve the spelling of a word in some way have fewer type-ins
Level 32
Sep 27, 2022
Bern isn't actually the capital of Switzerland. Switzerland does not have an official capital, although the de facto meeting building is in Bern.
Level 74
Feb 16, 2023
I scored 13/24 and I think I did good. Thanks for the quiz!
Level 68
Mar 23, 2023
This was a fun, although quite difficult, quiz. For even more of a challenge you could ask to name the countries that contain those capitals.
Level 61
May 3, 2023
12/24. I simply couldn't picture the Capitals based on last two letters.