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2,0492016-05-13Countries Involved in the American Revolutionary War
1,5782016-06-27Harry Potter Pure-Blood Families
9522017-09-16Countries by a Single Word
5762017-10-23Couples in Literature (Not necessarily great literature)
3742017-05-25John F. Kennedy's Life, His Presidency, and His Family (Difficult)
3592017-05-25Popular Culinary Herbs in the US
3522018-04-26Some of the World's Best-Selling Whiskey/Whisky Brands
3192019-05-05How Much Do You Know About St. Louis, Missouri?
2722017-05-27Ten World Capitals Named for People
2132016-09-10US State Capitals Which Do Not Contain the Letter “A”
1752015-11-02How Much Do You Know about Kansas City?
1642015-07-14US State Capital Names Which Do Not Contain the Letter “O”
1632016-06-06Rolling Stone Magazine's 20 Greatest Musical Duos
1342017-09-20World Capitals by a Single Word
1312015-05-10Top Grossing Movies of the 1990s
1252015-05-10Top Grossing Films of the 1980s
1182018-04-09Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House books
952016-10-09US Capital Names Which Contain a "C"
942015-07-19Billboard’s #1 Single of the Year 2000-2014
932017-01-14Top Grossing Films of the 1960s
912015-11-02US State Capitals Which Contain the Letter B
892015-08-09US State Capital Names Which Contain a "D"
882015-07-19Billboard’s #1 Single of the Year 1980-1989
882017-09-02Top Ten Highest Grossing Films Adjusted for Inflation
832015-05-11Top Grossing Films of the 1970s
832015-07-21Nineteenth-Century American (USA) Writers
792020-05-27Ander's General Knowledge Quiz
782015-07-19Billboard’s #1 Single of the Year 1990-1999
772019-02-16President James Monroe
772017-05-2515 Largest Lakes in the USA by Surface Area
762020-01-10Words Containing mn
752015-05-15Early History of the United States
742015-11-0219 Foods Thought to be Aphrodisiacs
732016-08-26Theme Song Lyrics from All in the Family (Those Were the Days)
722015-07-19Billboard’s #1 Single of the Year 1970-1979
682015-10-12The 2015 Standing Committees of the US Senate
662017-05-30Classic Movies by Characters
632018-03-14First Names of TV Detectives
632017-05-29Top Twelve Common Foods which Provide Vitamin C
612017-06-13Movie Industry Nicknames Inspired by Hollywood
592019-06-22Trivia about the Pilgrims
562015-05-06Proposed US States That Didn't Make the Cut
522015-11-22Women of the New Testament (Difficult)
502015-05-15Country Word Rhymes
492016-06-03Most Popular Attractions by US State
482015-09-24Top Ten Foods Highest in Vitamin D
472019-02-16President James Madison
472019-02-19President John Quincy Adams
422015-05-10Top Grossing Films of the 1950s
422019-01-27Famous Triangles
412015-12-16Richard Gere Movies
412016-06-03Words with the Letter Y as the Only Vowel(s)
402017-05-2515 Largest Lakes in the USA by Volume
392015-06-25Top Grossing Films of the 1930s
382015-05-10Top Grossing Films of the 1940s
382016-06-27Top Ten Foods Which Provide Vitamin A
372017-05-27Dragon Species in Harry Potter World
362015-12-08Words, Titles, and Phrases that Contain Winter
362015-07-19Billboard’s #1 Single of the Year 1958-1969
352019-01-22US Census Regions and Divisions
342018-09-22Locations of US Presidential Libraries (difficult)
342019-02-07Harry Potter Diagon Alley Businesses
342019-02-08Harry Potter Places in Hogsmeade
342015-05-19City Word Rhymes
272015-07-19Words Containing pn
252019-02-20Well-known Circles
252019-02-07Largest World Film Markets by Ticket Sales
252019-01-22Foods That Have Changed Names
222016-10-05Neil Diamond Classics: The Early Years
222015-12-28New Year Celebrations Around the World
212015-07-21Words Containing bn
182015-07-22Words containing dn
182018-05-14Medical Definition of Age by Decade
152017-12-08Names of Famous Winds