England - The Quiz

Quiz about ye olde England and its inhabitants
Quiz by cm134
Last updated: November 25, 2016
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First submittedOctober 1, 2013
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What is the national anthem of England?
God Save The Queen
What colours make up the English flag?
White and Red
In 2016, who was third in line to the throne of the United Kingdom?
Prince George Alexander Louis
What is the currency of England?
Pound Sterlings
What is the estimated population of England?
60 million
England shares its border with what two countries?
Scotland and Wales
Which sea lies north-west of England?
Irish Sea
What does BBC stand for?
British Broadcasting Corporation
What are bangers?
Where was William Shakespeare born?
What was the official language of England between 1066-1362?
An Englishman drinks more what than any person of any other nation?
What does Big Ben refer to?
The Bell
There is nowhere in Britain that is more than 74.5 miles from the sea. True or False?
David Beckham has a fear of what?
How many times has London hosted the Olympics?
3 times
England has the highest rate of what in Europe?
What colour is the Northern line on the London Underground map?
The first hot chocolate store opened where?
The shortest war against England was with who?
16% of what are located in London?
How many times smaller is the UK compared to the USA?
74 times
What is the international calling code for England?
Which side of the road do the English drive on?
Which former King had 6 wives?
Henry VIII
What year did England win the FIFA World Cup?
Wimbledon plays host to which sport?
Which author wrote Northanger Abbey?
Jane Austen
Where is Sir Issac Newton buried?
Westminster Abbey
What was the official song of the 2012 Olympics?
Survival by Muse
Level 25
Oct 2, 2013
Sorry but you have spelt both "Corporation" and "Westminster" incorrectly in the answers.
Level 30
Oct 2, 2013
Oops! Correction has been made
Level 85
Oct 2, 2013
Henry VIII had 6 wives, not 8.
Level 30
Oct 2, 2013
Oops! Correction has been made
Level 75
Oct 17, 2013
A bit embarrassed that I only got 21/30 and I'm English.
Level 14
Dec 3, 2013
I tried Scotland Wales, Scotland & Wales and couldn't understand why it was wrong. It has to be Scotland and Wales
Level 30
Dec 4, 2013
It should of accepted that answer without the 'and'. I have resubmitted the quiz, so hopefully that problem shouldn't happen again