Miranda (TV show)

Can you 'what I call' answer questions about one of the funniest female comedians?
Quiz by cm134
Last updated: May 7, 2016
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What does every episode start with?
Miranda sitting at home on the sofa
In real life, what is Miranda's surname?
Miranda often gets called what because of her appearance?
What type of shop does Miranda own?
A joke shop
Who says the catch phrase 'such fun' in the show?
Where does Miranda live?
Above her shop
Clive runs what type of business?
A restaurant
Gary Preston is played by who?
Tom Ellis
Who was that person married to in real life?
Tamzin Outhwaite
Which actor plays 'Dreamboat' Charlie?
Adrian Scarborough
Who manages Miranda's shop?
Stevie Sutton
Who are Tilly and Fanny?
Miranda's boarding school friends
When Gary moves to Hong Kong, who takes his job?
Where is this person from?
Penny is desperate for what to happen to Miranda?
Get married
Miranda is known to do what in social situations?
Embarrass herself
In series 1, to avoid being set up by her mother, Miranda tells her what?
She is a lesbian
In series 1, when a man leaves his wallet at the shop, Miranda and Stevie each get what animal to see who he prefers?
a dog
In series 2, Tilly's fiance becomes attracted to who?
In series 2, after attending a funeral of a relative, what happens to Miranda when she is walking through the cemetry?
Falls into a coffin plot
In series 2, after Miranda's Christmas presents haven't arrived and she battles with the automated machine, what word doesn't it understand?
In series 2, Clive lets it slip that Gary is married to who?
And, who is she?
New waitress at the restaurant
When Miranda goes to a Sushi restaurant with Tilly and Fanny, what becomes stuck to the conveyor belt?
Her necklace
Stevie sings 'What have you done today to feel proud' whilst holding which famous singer face?
Heather Small
What is Tilly's nickname for Miranda?
Queen Kong
Sarah Hadland appeared in which other BBC show?
Waterloo Road
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