Character by Death in the Better Call Saul Cinematic Universe

Name the character from the description of their death in Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, or El Camino.
Quiz by kinjapan
Last updated: February 27, 2024
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Suicide by kerosene lamp in the wreckage of his own living room.
Charles "Chuck" McGill
Shot by Mike for attempting to have a spa weekend with his wife.
Werner Ziegler
Shot himself in the head to protect his father.
Ignacio "Nacho" Varga
Shot in the head by Lalo in Jimmy and Kim's apartment.
Howard Hamlin
Shot by Gus in the underground meth lab construction site.
Eduardo "Lalo" Salamanca
Strangled with a bike lock by Walter in Jesse's basement.
Domingo "Krazy Eight" Molina
Shot in the head by Hank in a shootout outside a desert hideout.
Tuco Salamanca
Had his head cut off by a machete by the twins for being a DEA informant, and placed on the back of a tortoise.
Shot by Tomas Cantillo in the street for selling in rival territory.
Christian "Combo" Ortega
Died of a drug overdose, asphyxiating on her own vomit.
Jane Margolis
Shot repeatedly by federales who were lured to his home by Gus.
Juan Bolsa
Shot in the face at his front door by Jesse to save Walter.
Gale Boetticher
Throat slit by Gus with a boxcutter for being spotted at a crime scene.
Poisoned at his hacienda's poolside by poisoned tequila.
Don Eladio Vuente
Blew himself up with a pipe bomb under his wheelchair connected to a front desk service bell.
Hector Salamanca
Had the right side of his face blown off by a pipe bomb connected to a front desk service bell.
Gustavo Fring
Shot in the gut for not giving Walt the names of his men, and bled out next to a river.
Mike Ehrmantrout
Shot several times in a shootout with Jack Welker's gang in the desert while trying to recover evidence against Walt.
Steven Gomez
Shot once in the head after a shootout with Jack Welker's gang after trying to recover his brother-in-law's money.
Hank Schrader
Shot in the head by Todd to punish Jesse.
Andrea Cantillo
Killed by Todd because she found hidden money in his apartment while cleaning. Todd forced Jesse to help him dispose of the body.
Sonia the housekeeper
Shot in the head by Walt after also being shot repeatedly by a remote activated M60.
Jack Welker
Strangled by Jesse with his shackles.
Todd Alquist
Poisoned by ricin put into her Stevia sweetener.
Lydia Rodarte-Quayle
Shot by his own remote activated M60, and died on the floor of a meth lab.
Walter "Heisenberg" White
Level 44
Aug 23, 2022
It's "Krazy-8" and not "crazy eight"... I know, weird spelling, was also confused when I did it wrong the first time haha
Level 72
Aug 23, 2022
Thanks! I fixed it. And, thank you for taking my quizzes.
Level 53
Aug 24, 2022
Great quiz!

For the Eladio answer, can you accept Don Eladio as well as only Eladio worked for me? Thanks

Nominated too :)

Level 72
Aug 24, 2022
Sure! Thanks for the nomination, and for taking my quizzes.
Level 53
Feb 27, 2024
ik its technically not correct, but could you accept tampico for domingo and little bit more time also nominated
Level 53
Feb 27, 2024
also suggestion: add DeClan (drug lord from phoenix who is shot by uncle jack while lydia hides in the underground meth lab)
Level 72
Feb 27, 2024
How did I miss that guy? You're right!. And, more time added too. Thank you for the suggestions.