Italian History Multiple Choice #1

From Augustus up to Berlusconi, passing through Dante Alighieri and Casanova. A pretty fair amount of water under the bridge!
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Last updated: June 30, 2019
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1. French historian Fernand Braudel, in its majestic works on "world-economies", points to these two Italian cities as fundamental for the development of a capitalist economy in Europe, from 13th to 16th century, as they were (respectively) the centre of trade from the East and the apex of the banking system at the time.
Rome and Milan
Naples and Florence
Bologna and Venice
Venice and Genoa
2. The liberal attempts to replace the Pope with a "Roman Republic" led by Italian patriots (among them, Garibaldi and Mazzini) were repressed by the intervention of which foreign power?
3. This region was left in backwardness and remoteness until WW2, with malaria eliminated successfully just in 1951 (also thanks to supporting provided by the Rockefeller Foundation); later on, however, it developed a tourist boom which has made it a luxury destination in the Mediterranean.
4. Use of mustard gas by the Italian Royal Air Force was authorised explicitly by Mussolini, in outspoken violation of 1925 Geneva Protocol, while invading brutally this modern-day country:
5. Now considered the father of modern criminal justice, this Enlightenment-era philosopher strongly stood against the death penalty:
Alessandro Manzoni
Francesco Hayez
Giuseppe Garibaldi
Cesare Beccaria
6. As the city of Rome began to militarily expand in 4th century BC, he faced the presence of Etruscans further north, in modern-day Tuscany; and what civilization further south, in modern-day Naples region?
7. This manufacturer firm, headquartered near Turin, developed in 1964 the first commercial programmable desktop computer, called "Programma 101", thus being a commercial success:
8. Over 150,000 deaths occurred in eleven consecutive, bloody offensives along the Isonzo river in this border region during WW1 (1915-1917):
Friuli-Venezia Giulia
Aosta Valley
9. In 212 AD, this Roman Emperor gave all free men in the Roman Empire theoretical Roman citizenship and all free women the same rights as Roman women. Before that, this privileged condition was granted essentially to Italy's inhabitants and their colonies within other provinces.
Marcus Aurelius
10. Italian aviator and explorer Umberto Nobile is deemed to have first reached by aircraft this place in 1926, prompting Mussolini's regime praise:
The South Pole
Headwaters of the Nile
Annapurna Massif
The North Pole
11. This internationally-claimed conductor fell into disgrace in front of the Fascism after he refused to direct the propaganda hymn "Giovinezza" in 1931:
Arturo Toscanini
Giuseppe Verdi
Gioacchino Rossini
Claudio Abbado
12. Neo-fascist terrorists perpetrated this heinous bombing attack in Bologna in 1981, killing 85 and wounding more than 200 people. Which place was targeted in particular?
Central railway station
A busy street in the medieval downtown
The Opera theatre
A rally of left-wing protesters in front of the city hall
13. This city was the major settlement under the Byzantine Empire in the Western Mediterranean between 5th and 8th century AD, still maintaining today many examples of astonishing religious and celebratory mosaics of that time.
14. In 1970, 20,000 Italians were brutally expelled overnight by this country and dispossessed of all their properties:
15. Battle of Marignano in 1515 occurred during the Italian Wars, which led the Italian States from independence to various forms of subjugation. Did it result in Milan passing from which to which domination?
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Level 58
Jun 27, 2020
The exact year of this fact "Neo-fascist terrorists perpetrated this heinous bombing attack in Bologna in 1981, killing 85 and wounding more than 200 people. Which place was targeted in particular?" is 1980
Level 66
Jul 7, 2020
Thank you!
Level 77
May 30, 2021
I only knew 6 and 13 for sure but this quiz made me think and taught me something. Well done!
Level 67
May 30, 2021
Great quiz!