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This will be a very self-aware issue that I am writing at 4am. May or may not be expanded for a satire newspaper issue.

I am really tired of accessibility issues.

If it wasn't obvious by my absence, my first semester truly tested my time management skills.

This was my absolute favorite day of the entire trip, and its obvious that I have a lot to say about it.

Day 4 in France: Castles and Caves!

The Loire Valley was not something that I was super excited for, but I was definitely pleasantly surprised.

2nd Day in France. Enjoy the pictures.

Y'all said you would like to see stuff from my trip. Here it is.

I just went on a trip and had some... travel issues.

I'm back... almost 6 months later. I want to blog again, but I need to know what you want to see.

Week One of Disney Broadway! Here we go!

Why do people chose to be stupid?

Because... why not? Thank you to 87isback for the suggestion.

An overview of the Broadway Musical, Mamma Mia!

I love musicals, hopefully I can tell you about some fun ones.

Sometimes it is hard to get things done, and I think that it is really annoying.

My experiment failed, but that doesn't mean I am not gonna talk about this.

What if it doesn't actually mean anything OTHER THAN WHAT IT ACTUALLY SAYS? Thank you to Iluvbread123 for the suggestion.

I know I already did a blog about the letter W, but I have more to rant about. Thank you to TheNatureThread for the suggestion.

All of my favorite music released in 2021 (so far). Why? Because I am bored and don't have the mental energy to think about anything else.

Why do we spend so much time in front of screens?

As the amazing show The Big Bang Theory shows us, flags are fun! (Rosie, your nerd is showing). Thank you to TheNatureThread for the suggestion.

Why are people irresponsible with their pets? Thanks to MiecraftMan for the suggestion!

We all need sleep to survive, so why is it so common that people do not sleep enough?

What is up yall? I want to hear from you.

Some food is good, some is not. Why exactly is that?

Why does the internet have to be a toxic place?

Why do 1 cent coins need to exist? Suggested by qwrty.

People can be rude sometimes.

The letter "W" is dumb.

Why are clowns even a thing?

The weird things that live in my brain...

Read a little bit about me and my quizzes!