Top Blogs by Language - 2022


Since quizzes have a blog like this every year, thanks to our dear Stewart, blogs can have their own one too. As it, a potential evolution between the different blog sections, or even in one blog section itself, can be noticed between two consecutive years.

However, this blog is not entitled "Top Bloggers by Language - 2022". Indeed, there is no pertinent way to compare and rank bloggers. Ranking them by total number of likes could encourage spam. Some JetPunkers also use the average number of likes, but it would first encourage to publish as few blogs as possible, and then disadvantage a lot the users who published blogs before the Blog Update and the introduction of likes. That is why blogs and not bloggers are ranked here.

As the quiz version of this blog, the aim is not to judge the information, just to provide it and eventually start discussions about it. That's why I will not comment each blog itself, but only the global data at the end. A few notes will be added to explain the succes of some of the blogs below, from a strictly objective perspective.


De eerste Nederlandse blog

by Lojants

Date Released: September 27th, 2021Total Likes: 4Language: Dutch


After long hesitations, I finally decided to split the English category into two subsections, since an official blog generally have a much larger visibility than the other blogs of the RUB page.


A New Tree Planting Partner

by Quizmaster

Date Released: November 8th, 2019Total Likes: 183Language: English
N.B.: Linked on all the JetPunk front pages.


How We Can Improve Recent User Blogs

by Fuse

Date Released: December 23rd, 2021Total Likes: 56Language: English
N.B.: Linked in the first step of the blog editor.


Tänä maanantaina

by Uniperuna

Date Released: February 12th, 2021Total Likes: 3Language: Finnish


JetPunk 2022 - Année en revue

by baptistegorce

Date Released: December 24th, 2022Total Likes: 20Language:
N.B.: Linked on the French front page on December 24th, 2022.


Österreich Badge

by Nathaniel

Date Released: July 17th, 2020Total Likes: 3Language: German


Guida SVG di JetPunk - Versione Italiana

by Crem

Date Released: April 21st, 2021Total Likes: 14Language: Italian
N.B.: Linked in the Italian menu (Crea Quiz).


Poradnik SVG na JetPunk

by youtubeplayer

Date Released: December 28th, 2021Total Likes: 7Language: Polish
N.B.: Linked in the JetPunk Change Log (December 2021) and in the Polish menu (Stwórz quiz).


Boas vindas e um pedido

by jpedrocm

Date Released: June 27th, 2021Total Likes: 6Languages: Portuguese/English


Palabras con origen católico

by cathlete

Date Released: April 6th, 2021Total Likes: 6Language: Spanish


JetPunk’taki İlk Türkçe Blog

by Afghabwe

Date Released: May 14th, 2021Total Likes: 4Language: Turkish

Now, a few notes about these data.

First, we can notice that most of the foreign sections are not truly active (maybe at the exception of the French one, although its rythm of publication decreased this year), and these sections do not have so many readers/likers. It is a bit of shame, considering that many of the active bloggers of the English blog section don't speak English as their first language. It could be a good objective for them, and all the other JetPunkers interested in this project, to bruing a bit of activity to some of these blog sections.

Then, in all these blogs, only one is not JetPunk centric at all (the cathlete's one). It seems that JetPunkers really like to write and read blogs about their favourite website itself. Two of these JetPunk centric blogs are translations of the famous Stewart's SVG Guide (note that a third translation, in French, exists, but has not been published as a blog, implemented directly as the original version). Helping and being helped in quizmaking is definitely something important and useful for the JetPunk community, looking at these results.

I hope you liked this little blog and its stats. Let's see how it will change in 2023, hoping that the "non-English" sections will finally wake up.

Thanks for reading, and happy year 2023 to everyone!

Level 43
Jan 1, 2023
I love how deadly is blog in Portuguese. Great work here, and have you all a bad 2023, because 2022 was horrible :)
Level 54
Jan 1, 2023
It's up to you to bruing to this section a bit pf activity. ;-)

And... Thanks, I guess?

Level 43
Jan 1, 2023
im gonna write blogs to 0 people 👁👄👁 But if that can help on something, I’m trying to translate the SVG Guide with a friend. Maybe that can help somehow.... maybe not but, I love spending time with useless things :)
Level 54
Jan 2, 2023
It would be a great achievment for the Portuguese section.

And that's actually, it's a vicious circle: if there is nothing to read, there are no readers, and if there is no readers, bloggers don't want to spend time writing blogs which will not be read by many users... But that's by starting to write some blogs that some other JetPunkers could find any interest in a foreign blog section, and then try to write their first blogs.

Level 65
Jan 2, 2023
Exactly! For me it's motivating to do make new things because new responses will come in return eventually, and you'll never know what. This cycle is especially there for Indian languages, outside of JetPunk too.
Level 74
Jan 1, 2023
Great blog! I think this should bring more traffic to the non-English blogs, which would be great for non-native English speakers as well as English speakers.
Level 54
Jan 1, 2023
Thank you very much, and obviously congratulations for your presence in this ranking, hoping that you will help the Spanish section to be more active in 2023, to make this ranking evolving. ;-)
Level 65
Jan 1, 2023
Great blog! I'm glad more people are excited about blogging in more languages, I definitive have been recently.
Level 54
Jan 2, 2023
Thank you!

Yeah, I think that it's an important thing, and I try to do my part with the French section, but I'm definitely not able to write a whole blog in another language (excepting English, obviously). So... it's up to you, by dear non-native English speaker bloggers! ;-)