JetPunk Word Search Puzzle Statistics - Updated to July 2022!



Another month has come and gone, and the stats in the last blog certainly need an update now! In this blog, I will share with you the latest word and letter stats for the puzzles in JetPunk's newest minigame, Daily Word Search, updated to July 10, 2022! Without further ado, let's get started!

Part 1: Word Stats

1. Overview

✓ From March 1 (#29) to July 10 (#160), there were 2,392 total words in all grids. The number of words in the average grid still stands at 18.1.

✓ The largest puzzles so far were puzzles #41 (Sun, Mar 13), #120 (Tue, May 31), and #132 (Sun, Jun 12), all with 30 words. Meanwhile, puzzle #89 (Sat, Apr 30) managed to remain as the smallest word search puzzle, with just 10 words.

✓ Overall, Sundays' puzzles had the most words (22.1 in average grid, up from 21.1 last month), whereas Mondays' puzzles had the fewest words (13.4 in average grid, a slight decrease compared to last month). It appears that Sundays' puzzles are getting bigger.

✓ For Saturdays (since April 9), the country with the most appearances has been India, with 7 appearances! Meanwhile, Italy, Laos and Oman each appeared 6 times, Iran and Mali each appeared 5 times, and Chile, Ghana, Iraq and Peru each appeared 4 times.

2. Puzzle Size Distribution

Starting this month I'll no longer list the top 5 puzzles as before, since data are getting bigger and there will be more and more ties. Instead, I will be making tables summarizing the sizes of the word search puzzles. The following is the distribution of puzzle sizes as of July 10:

# Words# Puzzles

3. Average Words per Grid by Weekday

The following table summarizes the average number of words per grid for each weekday, as well as how they compare with last month:

Day Avg. words/grid Change
Monday 13.4 -0.3
Tuesday 19.5 -0.6
Wednesday 19.5 0.0
Thursday 16.8 -0.4
Friday 18.7 +0.2
Saturday 16.7 +0.4
Sunday 22.1 +1.0

4. Measures of Spread

Now let's take a look at the variance (a measure of how spread out the data are) of the number of words in each weekday's puzzles, as well as how they compare with last month:

Day Variance Change
Monday 10.6 -1.7
Tuesday 22.0 -0.6
Wednesday 20.6 +2.8
Thursday 11.9 -2.1
Friday 21.3 +5.7
Saturday 11.7 -0.3
Sunday 21.5 -1.0

As you can see, Tuesdays' and Sundays' puzzles are still the most unpredictable ones in terms of the number of words in the grids, whereas Mondays' puzzles are the most consistent.

Part 2: Letter Stats

0. Caveats

Before we dive into the stats for the letters, let me point out a few things:

- These data are for letters in the words, not the grids.

- Only words from April 9 onwards are included since that's when I started collecting data.

- For Sundays, the actual words are used instead of the clues.

1. Overview

✓ From April 9 (#68) to July 10 (#160), there were 1,676 total words in all puzzles (excluding the numbers in puzzle #81) made up of 10,314 individual letters. The average word length now stands at approximately 6.15 letters (a slight decrease compared to last month), and there are now about 112.1 letters per puzzle (also slightly dropped from last month).

✓ Overall, Sundays' puzzles had the most letters in them (132 in average puzzle). Mondays' puzzles, as always, had the fewest letters in them (72 in average puzzle).

✓ The puzzle with the most letters was puzzle #144 (Fri, Jun 24) with 232 letters, a new record! Meanwhile, puzzle #126 (Mon, Jun 6) remains the smallest puzzle in terms of the number of letters, with just 53 (again, that's excluding puzzle #81, which was all numbers).

✓ The letters A and E have managed to dominate the word searches for a third month. Since April 9, they have appeared 1,258 and 1,074 times respectively. These two letters have accounted for nearly a quarter (or 22.6%, to be precise) of all letters in the puzzles' words, although the percentage is dropping (22.8% in May and 22.7% in June).

2. Average Letters per Puzzle by Weekday

The following table summarizes the average number of letters per puzzle for each weekday, as well as how they compare with last month:

Day Avg. letters/puzzle Change
Monday 72 0
Tuesday 127 -6
Wednesday 106 0
Thursday 115 -7
Friday 131 -2
Saturday 102 +4
Sunday 132 +6

3. Table of Letter Occurrences and Percentages

The following is a detailed table summarizing the number of occurrences of each letter, as well as the percentage that each letter accounts for:

LetterOccurrences% of Total


The daily word search minigame is constantly changing and evolving, and from all the data collected and presented in these blogs we are starting to observe some patterns and trends. However, since the grids are not automated, these patterns and trends may change whenever Stewart wants them to change. So stay tuned for future statistics blogs, and thanks for reading!

Level 43
Jul 10, 2022
I love the effort you put on these stats!
Level 54
Jul 10, 2022
Once again very enjoyable efforts put in this blog. Thanks again for providing these interesting stats!
Level 68
Jul 11, 2022

And you're right they can change whenever I decide to, in fact your previous blog is why I ensured we had a grid with 27 and 29 words in it! Now we have at least 1 puzzle from 10 to 30.

You also notice that 20 and 22 are abnormally low compared to their neighbours, this is because if I reach those I instinctively find a way to change to 21 because there are 3 columns of words on most days (not Sunday).

I'd love to see a change column in the absolute and total for the letter counts. It would've been especially fun this month since we had Q words abnormally inflating their counts (doubling from 15 to 30).

Something random like W staying at 1.27% is also surpisingly impressive to see.

I also wonder what other statistics could be collated.

I'm going to create a JetPunk group with you so we can fill in the gaps in the data to go back to #1!

Level 50
Jul 11, 2022
1. You're welcome

2. Thanks for ensuring that

3. I see

4. Sure, I'll include that in the next blog

5. That's pure coincidence

6. I can't think of any other stats right now

7. I don't think that's necessary since Tuesdays and Thursdays were quite different back in February and it would be unfair to include those puzzles

Level 68
Jul 11, 2022
I don't think it matters for most of these stats whether Tuesday or Thursday was the same. Sure it would marginally affect Part 1.3, Part 1.4 and Part 2.2 above, but as time went on they would become less and less relevant, while the data still being a complete set.
Level 54
Jul 13, 2022
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