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A blog about how Brit-Punk band The Clash has influenced me during my lifespan along with a rating of the 3 albums I am going to discuss in this blog.

A blog about how the Red Hot Chili Peppers influenced me as I grew up and how they continue to influence the music I make to this day.

The 2nd episode of the Oduno Episode.

Episode One of the Lang'gi arc.

Episode One of the Oduno arc.

The first episode of the Donnovan arc of 2052.

The start of the 2052 contest.

A blog about the 2052 former nation known as the Antiquis Civitatibus.(The 1793 version was a union btw)

Also strange mis spellings of things are how they are spelled and pronounced in the 2052 world.

I have an announcement about 2052.

They took my Arby's!


Somebody help me I was taken against my will!

The first episode of the Sukani story line of 2052.

A blog talking about the history of the 2052 nation of Taihoenae.

The first episode of the Jonathan story line of 2052.

A blog discussing my upcoming series 2052.

An introduction and info about myself and my future projects.