Dawn of the Metro Systems

As more people are moving into cities than ever before, the influx in Urban centres have made the Metro systems and Subways a necessity for heavy capacity mass transportation across the world. This graph shows how many cities have opted for a heavy Capacity Mass Rapid Transit systems since 1863.
Source: Wikipedia
Only the first system has been counted for cities with multiple networks (eg: Tokyo is served by Toei Metro, Tokyo Subway and the Rinkai line)
Excludes medium capacity Rapid Transit and Light Railways
Special thanks to Abby and IAB
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Level 68
Jul 4, 2021
Cool! Seems there was a rapid rise from 1970 and then it never stopped
Level 61
Jul 4, 2021
Yup, new cities started building more metros around 1970s and peaked at the start of the 21st century. But it has considerably decreased now with only China and India building more of the new metros


I'm glad you liked it

Level 70
Jul 5, 2021
Cool map! I'd love to see a map like this for just Asia as well, since it looks like growth has exploded in the past 20 years, especially in China and India. I also know that Bangladesh is opening up its first one pretty soon, and (according to the source) it seems that Vietnam will as well.
Level 51
Sep 19, 2021
In one 32 years, only one new city got a metro, but in another 32 years, 103 new cities got a metro... wow!