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I was wondering who still uses Jetpunk who I talked to before.

Why you should go outside

This story was very long, and I don't believe its length accomplished much. I had to work a lot for school which will be done in less than a month, so I apologize for such late release. I will be including Grandese in the next story, it's just trying to keep track of all of my JetPunk characters is unbearable enough. I am in need of a co-author.

You guys spoke out about wanting to be in the next GOL, so here you are. New countries: Republic of the Philippines (SirPhilippines), Porto (Portuguese city-state ruled by FaroPor), The Empire of Turnbacktwo (self-explanatory), and Pandoria (C'mon, if you don't get it...). Also, Vatican City was recently annexed by Italy. Malkiboy helped.

A silly idea I decided to do. Don't forget to register for the Grandese army and drink Grandacola!

Links have been around since 1992, and have entertained a purpose on the internet that we often take for granted. They have served multiple functions- from visiting a site without typing in every last letter (essential for quick and effective research), to teasing one's friends with "false links". So how should you, the user of a vast intellectual dictionary called the internet, create these easy, blue shortcuts?

Now that JetPunkLand has been completely annexed by GrandOldLand, I find it only righteous to adopt their complex Romance-Germanic language. Learn how to greet and have a basic conversation with the Grandese, one of the most advanced cultures in the world.

Well, well, well! I have continued the story of GrandOldMan's great empire (I liked the last one). Here, Malkiboy and GOM have a duel in which Malkiboy might win...but the Storian feels sympathy. Just note that no one else played a part in this fictional production.

A place to get suggestions on how to improve, review other users, and see how others got better! While some may call this a forum, I think otherwise. Comments will be moderated by me and I will paste respectful reviews.

This blog is to celebrate getting 2,000 takes and 5 years of JetPunk, while also to thank those who helped me get here.

Long script book on how GrandOldLand conquered Canada. Don't miss out on Florida jinxing Texas on the quintuple jinx! I think this is my best story blog yet.

A suspenseful first person story of a man suffering from post traumatic stress. He starts in a so-called storm, before being so embarrassed and confused he speeds off from his scene.

A puzzle of my own with some CRAZY rules. And FIVE puzzles! This one has a point system; it will be the only way for you to know if you got it right or not.

A "hypocritical blog", sure. But stop with that fallacy and realize I've changed. The goal of this blog is to accomplish the same for you.

In this blog, I organize TheBerryLegend's report and Quizzer218232's report of what happened with Berry's banning. At the end I compare the two and give my view on what I think happened, and then a bit of bias and what I believe as to why Berry cannot be "unbanned".

A fictional first-person comedy surrounding the JetPunk user, A Strange JetPunker. Inspired by Malkiboy's stories. I hope it's actually funny though! Give me feedback on how to improve!

A continuation of Malkiboy's HTML blog series! Done with his permission.

In my best formatted and longest blog yet, I explain almost every part of basic CSS and how to use it without abuse. Stop using internal CSS!

Find out the winner of the first unofficial Quizmaker of the Month Award! Suggest more practical names for it and read the rules.

Learn about 11 different types of JetPunkers. Tell me what category you fall in!

Learn about the so-called "True or False Race". This new series is has earned even the smallest of quizmakers features. Yet some still disapprove...

Introducing a new award for bloggers and quizmakers. Comment to vote for the nominees!