The Chronological Order Of The MCU!!!!!


#1: Captain America: The First Avenger. This film takes place in between 1943-1945.

#2: Agent Carter. This show is a sequel show to the film above. It takes place roughly 1945-1948.

#3: Captain Marvel. This film takes place in 1995.

#4: Iron Man. This film takes place in the same year it came out: 2008.

#5: The Incredible Hulk. This film takes place just a few months after Iron Man so there for it takes place in 2008.

#6: Iron Man 2. This film takes place around a year after Iron Man/The Incredible Hulk. That would this film at about 2009 possibly 2010 the same year it came out.

#7: Thor. This film takes place directly after Iron Man 2. The way we know that is because during Iron Man 2 Agent Phil Coulson of S.H.I.E.L.D. says that he is going to New Mexico. Thor is set in New Mexico. Also in a Marvel one-shot Coulson is on his way to New Mexico and he has a little bit of trouble on the way. We can clearly see in the post-credit scene of Iron Man 2 that Coulson has arrived in New Mexico where Thor's hammer landed.

#8: The Avengers. This film takes place in 2012. The same year that it came out. We know this because when Captain America, Ant-Man, Iron Man and Hulk time-travel to the Manhattan battle that takes place during the climax of The Avengers it says that they went to the year 2012.

#9: Iron Man 3. This film takes place the Christmas after The Avengers so therefore it takes place in 2012 yet came out in 2013. The end of the film however is during New Year including the post-credit scene witch means that the climax of the film takes place in 2013.

#10: Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. This show takes place a few months before Thor: The Dark World witch is our next thing to go over actually. Therefore it takes place in 2013. The following seasons take place in between 2013-2020.

#11: Thor: The Dark World: Like I just said this film takes place in 2013.

#12: Captain America: The Winter Soldier. This film takes place in 2014.

#13: Guardians Of The Galaxy. This movie takes place in 2014.

#14: Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2. This film takes place a few months after the first film as we learn in this film. That would mean that it takes place some time near 2014 but possibly 2015.

#15: Avengers: Age Of Ultron. This film takes place in 2015.

#16: Daredevil. This show started in 2015 so we can assume that it takes place then. This show finished in 2018.

#17: Ant-Man. This film references the events of Age Of Ultron as a recent thing so it either takes place in 2015 and or 2016.

#18: Jessica Jones. This show also started in 2015 witch means that it probably takes place then. It lasted until 2019.

#19: Captain America: Civil War. This movie takes place in 2016. We know this because of #1: It came out then. #2: It mentions events from Age Of Ultron as if it were a year ago.

#20: Black Panther. This film is set in 2016. We only know this because at the beginning of the film there is a news report talking about events that happen in Civil War as if it happened 3 days prior.

#21: Luke Cage. This show premiered on Netflix in 2016 so it probably takes place then. It ended in 2018.

#22: Spider-Man: Homecoming. This film says at the beginning that it is about 8 months after Civil War. That means that it takes place in either late 2016 or the more likely option is that it takes place in earlier 2017.

#:23: The Inhumans. This show takes place in roughly 2017. It is a spin-off of Agents Of Shield.

#24: The Runaways. This sow takes place in 2017. It also goes a little bit into 2018.

#25: Iron Fist. This show is the fourth Netflix/Marvel show. It takes place roughly during 2017.

#26: The Punisher. This show starts in 2017. It takes place during both then and through to 2018.

#27: The Defenders. This show is the crossover between Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. It takes place in 2017.

#28: Cloak And Dagger. This show starts in 2017. Season 2 ends around early 2018. This show and The Runaways have a crossover. That crossover takes place in about December 2017 and or January 2018.

#29: Doctor Strange. This film takes place in 2017. We can assume this because the post-credit scene is a scene taken from Thor: Ragnarok witch takes place in November 2017- April 2018. Roughly at least. We can then assume sense the scene taken is from the beginning of Ragnarok that this film takes place in 2017 and or 2018.

#30: Thor: Ragnarok. Like I just said 2017-2018. We'll just say that by the end it is 2018.

#31: Ant-Man And The Wasp. This movie starts in 2018. We know this for multiple reasons. #1: This happens during both Ragnarok and Infinity War. Those films are set in 2018. #2: In this film Scott Lang says that his house is ending because it has been 2 years after the house arrest started. That house arrest started up during the end of Civil War witch takes place in 2016.

#32: Avengers: Infinity War. This film takes place directly after Ragnarok witch means that it is during early 2018.

#33: Avengers: Endgame. This film starts in about May-June of 2018. Then it skips 5 years. That would then be set in the year 2023. Of course then they time-travel to the years 1970, 2012, 2013 and 2014. We then find out that Tony Stark (Iron Man) was born in 1970.

#34: Spider-Man: Far From Home. This film takes place in late 2023. Just a few months after Endgame.

#35: WandaVision. WandaVision just started a couple of days ago. I won't spoil anything but saying that the first couple episodes are in the 50's and or 60's. The next episodes will take place somewhere in between 60's -2000's. Possibly even in the 2010's. 2023 is probably the real date though. Possibly sometime like 2024 or early 2025 even.

Anyways guys thanks for reading my blog today. It took a while to make it so I hope you enjoy it.

That'll do for now. Farewell until next time.

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Jan 18, 2021
I will be updating this when new things come out in the MCU

Also like this comment if you want me to make other chronological blogs.

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I could things like the Star Wars universe or something like that.

I have a few ideas about that...

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Cool blog.
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And very nice blog!

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Nice blog!
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Honestly, Wanda Vision was one of the most confusing things I've ever watched. I really hope we get some answers in the future.
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I know right?
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WandaVision is getting REALLY good rn, its so mysterious.
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i noticed that you stopped making blogs, are you going to resume?
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