Brand Logos!


Three years ago (2019), I made some quizzes about brand logos and they are in a series. I think that brand logos are an interesting subject, also if you are not an expert ! Only few brand logos are guessed at least 95% in the brand logos quizzes 1 to 8. I took 4 or 5 points in each of these eight quizzes! Well, some logos are only american, and it's hard to guess them if you are not american. No problem!

Jetpunk teaches you everything, like geography, sports, actors, singers, and everything about general knowledge! When I started to use Jetpunk, I knew only half of the contries of the World. Now I know all 196 of them, so I have the 196 badge. Thanks Jetpunk!

So, do you know only easy brand logos (like Amazon, Nike, McDonald's, etc...) ? You can become an expert using Jetpunk!

Level 74
Mar 12, 2020
You really can become an expert. Since joining, I have been much more well-rounded on pretty much every subject.
Level 75
Mar 13, 2020
I agree with HinesBrothers, I'm 57 years old and have learnt so much through doing quizzes on Jetpunk. Every day is a School Day !
Level 66
Mar 13, 2020
Level 55
Feb 28, 2021