My School Account

While this account was initially the main account, my school account is currently my main account in both quiz making and quiz taking. My school account is MichaelLy and it has a level 61, outranking this account's level 59. I have continued my "Most popular Songs in the USA" series on there as well as various other quizzes including many series based on Ollie Bye's "The Largest Cities Throughout History: Every Year" as well as a compilation series for quizzes based on data from the videos and shorts of Imperial Statistics.  Recently I haven't published many quizzes because of finals and math homework, but I will continue my Imperial Statistics series, more specifically quizzes the "Most Popular European Countries Each Decade" subseries starting tomorrow. There will be a week break starting on Friday because of a vacation to Seattle, but there will be daily quizzes from then on. There are also many charts posted there based on the data provided in those videos. There will not be any new quizzes on this account from now on. Considering that some while ago a bunch of new record charts got released by Billboard, I was wondering if you want me to do a new quiz series on some other countries' popular music. That's me for now, see you on MichaelLy.

Level 70
Jul 6, 2022
I have split up the Imperial Statistics quiz series into multiple series and my vacation is July 21st.