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Many events including Slaves rights and seats in Congress were the cause to war. When South Carolina seceded, 10 other states decided to join them to form the Confederacy. What followed would be the bloodiest war in American history-something no side was prepared for. This blog will show you the major battles starting from the first fire at Fort Sumter all the way to Antietam. Enjoy!

Hello Jetpunkers! This is blog three of the Civil War Series - today you will be learning about Notable people from the South, or the Confederate states before/during/after the Civil war. As you may know, the South lost the war - and the people are the ones that run the show, whether it is Politics, Generals, or Nurses. I will show you 8 people, and I hope you will enjoy the blog!

Hello Jetpunkers! This is blog two of the Civil War Series - today you will be learning about Notable people from the Union before/during/after the Civil war. As you may know, the North won the war - so they were more superior, and have interesting stories. I will show you 9 people, and I hope you will enjoy the blog!

Hello Jetpunkers! I am starting an 8 blog series about the United States Civil War. The Civil war was a period of conflict from 1861-1865 in which the northern and the southern states fought each other for the cause of slavery and preserving the union. In the series, you will learn about all the amazing people and battles of the war. I hope you will enjoy it.

You may have heard Louisiana and the greater New Orleans area in the news recently. But why is it in the news? And what does it have to do with climate change and the sea? Read this interesting article to find out about the modern problem with Louisiana.

Rocks, the noun, is probably one of the most important things that is on planet Earth. Rocks are what lets us build skyscrapers, entire cities, and mankind. There are hundreds of types of Rocks, which play an important role in the history of Earth. If it weren't for rocks, Earth would not be the same. Let me teach you lots about rocks, in a cool and fun way!

Pepsi is one of the most popular soft drink chains in the world, sold in almost every country, and has been featured on commercials, vending machines, and billboards. Pepsi is known for its caramel color and its rich sugary taste. This blog will tell you (almost) everything about PepsiCo!

Ceylon, Taprobana, Ilankai, Sri Lanka. This island off the coast of South India is one of the most fascinating places in Asia and the world, with a lot of history, interesting places, and names! In this blog brought to you by MrBLOGGER and TheNatureThread, you will learn all about it.

Mars is a medium-sized planet located the fourth away from the sun in our solar system. Named after the Roman god of war, it has been nicknamed the "Red Planet" due to its distinct red color. Humans have been considering settling on Mars for hundreds of years, and that might soon become reality. In the meantime, this blog will tell you all that is needed to know about the planet of Mars.

The Space Needle is a 600 feet tall observation tower in the city of Seattle built for the 1962 World's Fair. It is an iconic symbol and building of Seattle and is often pictured in the Seattle skyline images - you might have recognized it because it is shaped like a needle with a pyramid-shaped disc at the top. Many people visit it every year.

Grapes are one of the most popular fruits of all time. They come in a wide variety of drinks and foods, whether it's wine, a Gatorade bottle, or raisins. Without grapes, lots of our history of food would've been different, and many would have been devastated. This blog will tell you all about grapes!

Pencils are one of the most common objects used for any school/writing system in the entire world. Pencils have helped humans throughout mankind and are what makes some ideas, drawings, and literature. Although the term "pencils" is widely used, like for pens, markers, mechanical pencils, and wood pencils, this blog will only cover the wood type, which is the most common. Enjoy!

Turkey is a beautiful and big country located in western Asia and eastern Europe with its capital at Ankara, and its largest city, Istanbul. It has a rich & fascinating history of tribes, wars, empires, and republics, as it has moved on to the modern world. Millions of people visit the country each year to see its attractions and sites, such as numerous mosques, churches, and buildings. The history and people of Turkey have made it a powerful country progressing into the 21th century.

Hello! I thought I should make an interesting blog about three interesting things that have happened on Jetpunk this week. This blog will go in-depth and share the info with you!

Blogs on Jetpunk have been making a big leap since the blog editor a couple of months ago. Since the Blog Games ended, I thought I will do my new thing of rating blogs a fair way based on a meaningful template. If you disagree, try commenting and avoid commotion. Enjoy!

Chess is one of the most popular board games on the planet. Versions of it have been played for centuries and are widely popular today. Millions of people have either played, learned, or watched chess. The game involves skill, thinking, and the ability to predict and calculate moves. This blog will tell you all you need to know about chess.

Hello guys! This blog will tell you all about the action-packed American trivia game show Jeopardy! It will cover the facts, hosts, leaderboard, as well as history. I hope you will enjoy this blog!

Hello guys! I thought I should share you the story of what happens if you never open a window in your room. Over time, you wont even recognize your room...yes, it is quite a story. Let me know what you think about it.

Recently, wildfires have been a major issue as the world goes into the 21st century. They have been all over the news in all spots of the world - California, Asia, Australia. Although not ALL are caused by humans, when you go outdoors, try these tips to not cause one, because wildfires have big consequences.

You probably have heard of the mighty gods of the ancient Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and Norse cultures, and this blog will compare all 4 by giving a general paragraph+facts+pictures to entertain you. Let me know what you have to say about this blog in the comments.

Let's learn about the basics of Dubrovnik, Croatia. It is a very fascinating city and Ill be glad to cover it. Hope you will enjoy the blog! Comment below what city you want next or a thought about the city.

Let's learn about the basics of Moscow, Russia. It is a very fascinating city and Ill be glad to cover it. Hope you will enjoy the blog! Comment below what city you want next or a thought about the city.

You will be shocked when you read this article. Although created a while back, a certain quiz recently has brought a buzz to the Jetpunk community - all thanks to the Hines brothers. Stay with this blog to learn more!!!!

Lets learn about the basics of Chicago, Illinois. It is a very fascinating city and Ill be glad to cover it. Hope you will enjoy the blog! Comment below what city you want next or a thought about the city.

Coffee is one of the most common drinks in the world, that can literally be found almost everywhere. But Coffee has an interesting process to make before it comes to your cup. There is much Coffee available to the billions of coffee lovers around the world. Read this blog to learn its history, reach, and making process.

New York City is a nice city, with many different skyscrapers, parks, theaters, and districts. If you have been to New York City, you are one lucky person. I will give 1 image and a description, up to make it 30 images!

What is Baseball? Baseball is a team sport played on a grass and dirt field in which 2 teams rotate trying to bat (hit the ball into fair territory) and field (try to defend). There are many clubs and teams across the world that play this sport, the most famous for kids, being little league. However, the sport costs a lot and needs a lot of equipment, but gets fun when you know how to play it.

Because of the new blog feature, you can actually search for blogs, and I don't think people are taking advantage of that - but i did! You can search for keywords and it will show up! Note: This blog is not making fun of those blogs, but just explaining and analyzing. I thought it would be a fun thing to do.

Have you heard of the South American country of Ecuador? Learn more here!

They have had an interesting history and are looking to thrive today!

Yes...very random. But that's what the series is about! Random things. Today, let me present you with Cacti or Cactus. Sorry if this blog is a little shorter, but enjoy! Hope I will provide you with good information!

What is cricket? Cricket is a sport that is played all around the world, mainly in former British colonies such as Australia, India, and South Africa. Cricket involves two teams of eleven players taking it in turns to bat and field, similar to baseball. The sport is believed to originate from the south of England around the 13th century but it was in 1975 that the first Cricket World Cup was held.

I'm Back! Welcome to another blog. The Dutch don't get enough attention for their empire, so let me present you with this blog about the Dutch Empire and their colonies.

Ever since the new blog editor, there have been many features! But some people have not been using them right, so I thought I will show you this blog, so you can be more familiar with the blog section.

Iceland is a beautiful country with many cool sites, both Naturally and Physically. This blog will give you 8 different attractions in Iceland - as well as pictures and facts like usual. Enjoy!

Ha! Got your attention! This blog will tell you the chances of having a superpower. If you have are cool. Type them in the comments below.

Throughout the history of the earth, empires have risen and fell. We are going to cover the 10 largest empires in history, as well as some facts about each. Don't forget to like and subscribe!

This blog will give the top 10 largest cities in Spain, as well as facts and pictures about each!


This blog will explain (almost) everything there is to know about our former US president, Woodrow wilson. Hope you will enjoy!

Have you heard of the African country of Senegal? Learn more here!

They have a very cool history and economy.

Apples are used in a lot of foods...and a lot of aspects of our life. let's learn more. Do you like apples?

Have you heard of the African country of Botswana? Learn more here!

Welcome to the official page of MrBlogger news.

Instead of making separate short blogs about Jetpunk, I will cover little snippets of news and put them together in 1 blog with other features similar to a news website!

This blog does not have any bias or discrimination against peoples/groups. Just common/true opinion.

This blog will explain the 10 questions with the most populations!

The Jetpunk homepage theory explained.

It will totally help if your quiz somehow makes it on the front page.

Click to learn more.

This blog will compare the Villagers in the game of Minecraft by the biome.

Have you wondered who the 5 most taken quiz makers are on Jetpunk?

Although there is somewhere you can find these, I will provide extra information about each.


You might already know what the quiz is very popular

It will definitely surprise you...they are very similar!

This is a blog about the history of Jetpunk Homepage through images!!

I bet you will enjoy this! So cool!

Ever since the blog section has been updated, there has been an explosion in the quality, quantity, and energy of blogs!

Now available in French!

More, more, more rickrolls!

This blog will give a shoutout to them!

Thanks for your patience! This is for you MG😄

Sorry for the miscommunication and glitches on the poll of the last blog :)

Just a fun blog I thought you might like!


Some cool Facts I put together.

Question: Does the quizmaster still make Jetpunk Charts?

Life question: Why do circular pizzas come in square boxes?

Tinklepork is cool

This is my first blog, for more info, visit here