The Diary of a Time-Traveling Soldier Episode 2: A Continent Torn


NOTICE: This blog is just a fictional event. We do not mean to offend anyone. This is meant to be an experiment and a fun story for people to enjoy.

The Diary of a Time-Traveling Soldier

A Continent Torn

Written by Ethaboo444 and ChineseChen

Rotterdam, Western European Republic

February 20, 2046

Diary Entry 3:

I remember when ???? told me I would lose my memory of the past events, which is clearly true as I can’t remember anything from my previous time travel. I did read my diary entries from Danzig in 2041 and how the Rusoslav Empire declared war on Danzig, but can’t remember past that point. I do not think that I made a diary entry after I signed up for the Danzig army until now, so I wonder what war is going to take place now. Hopefully, it wasn't a huge war, but I guess I will have to wait and see what happened. Also, another thing in the diary I put in was a red button, which I still have in my pocket conveniently. Although I do not know what I do with it as I don’t know if I pressed it or not to come here, I’ll try to find out. I also see a sign with “Rotterdam” on it, so I am wondering if I landed in the Netherlands this time. The only problem currently is that I do not know what year I am in, or what time it is. There seems to be no threat currently and see a lot of happy people roaming the streets. I am also pretty hungry, so I am going to go to that restaurant over there and see if I can find any clues to why I am here and what tasty food they have to offer. Also, in the building I was teleported into, there is another one of these maps with that same brownish-red spot in the bottom right like I wrote in my first diary entry. Also since I did not record the stuff I did after the 2nd diary entry, I am going to write more here on everything I do and see so I don’t lose important and valuable information ???? probably wants me to record.

Now that he is in the Netherlands, Jakub changes his name to Martin. He walks into the restaurant to grab some food and finds a waitress who spoke English.

Waitress: Are you enjoying the meal? It's a Western European specialty!

Martin: What do you mean, Western European? Aren’t we in the Netherlands?

Waitress: Oh, no! Most of Western Europe joined together to form the Western European Republic in 2027, when the UN collapsed. The main rival is the Rusoslav Empire, who keeps taking itsy bitsy pieces out of our country every few weeks. We cannot stop it or it will cause a large war. Also, when we joined together to form the Republic, most people learned to speak English.

Martin: Since the Western Europeans and the Rusoslavs are enemies, maybe ???? sent me to fight in a war.

Martin: Thanks for the meal and the history lesson!

Martin leaves the restaurant. He finds a hotel and spends the night there. The next morning he wakes up and buys a newspaper (again).

Martin: Reads the headlines The WER declares war on Rusoslav… oh this is bad…

Unlike in Danzig, Martin does not immediately join the army. He tries to find more about the conflict first. He finds a library, enters, and asks a historian about what is happening.

Historian: The Republic has been in rising tensions with Rusoslav since they took over Danzig, 5 years ago. We tried bargaining peace with them and the rest of the world, but with the expansionist ideas of the Rusoslav Empire, it has only gone downhill from there. Here, come with me.

Martin follows the Historian over to a room filled with maps.

Historian: This is the map room, where we keep all the maps from every year and every major conflict, and soon we will most likely get one from the declaration of war from the Rusoslavs. Here, we also have these kinds of maps. This isn’t Ea-

Martin: Wait, that looks kind of familiar! I saw one of these back where I teleported to.

Historian: Should I be knowing something? That seems kind of strange how you can telep-

Martin: Just don’t worry about it, also sorry for cutting you off. Anyways thanks for teaching me about the tensions currently, I really can’t remember anything of this sort. Bye!

Martin leaves the library and signs up for the military. Now that he knows more about what is going on, he is more prepared than he was in Danzig. As he waits to be deployed, he writes more in his diary. Word of him fighting in the Danzig Independence War reaches army high command. He is appointed as a spy against Rusoslav and is to be stationed in Katowice.

Diary Entry 4:

I have joined the WER army and I was just appointed as a spy. In 2 days I will be taking a train to Katowice. Resistance there will provide me with a radio and an apartment. I have also learned that the Danzig War was 5 years ago, so this must be 2046. Apparently, most people speak English now in the Netherlands. A librarian has told me that tensions between the WER and Rusoslav have grown since then and the UN was toppled in 2027. I don't know what will await in Katowice. I still do not know what this button device does, but it seems that I have had it since before I went to Danzig. I will keep it safe while I am in Poland, lest it be destroyed. It seems quite important. This diary entry is shorter than the others, as there is not that much going on.

2 days later, Martin packs up the little possessions he has and leaves for Katowice in a high speed train. When he gets there, he is greeted by a man code-named Aleksy. Martin (now known as Jakub again) receives a radio and the keys to an apartment where he will broadcast nightly to his military base in Rotterdam.

Aleksy: Now that you have the equipment, I will drive you to your home and help you set up your post. I will also be helping you collect information to broadcast to Rotterdam.

Jakub: Thank you.

Jakub and Aleksy set up the radio in the apartment and scout for the information for the first broadcast. There is a military camp near his block, and the men go there.

Jakub (to a soldier): Hello, young man. Would you like a newspaper?

Soldier: Yes please. Hands 5 cents to Jakub

Jakub: Thank you. Do you know how many tanks are stationed here?

Soldier: Why do you need to know?

Jakub: Just a military enthusiast. Do you have any T-14's here?

Soldier: Of course. Over 400 of them.

Jakub: Alright, thank you! Have a nice day!

Jakub leaves the camp and goes back to prepare to broadcast for the night.

Jakub (to radio): Martin to Rotterdam; 400 T-14's and 145,000 troops in Katowice Południe Military Base.

Jakub meets a fellow WER spy, Jonas, for dinner that night.

Jonas: First day, huh? Did you get any information?

Jakub: Yeah. I went over to Katowice Południe Base. They have over 400 T-14's over there. My partner also uncovered that there's 145,000 troops there too.

Jonas: Nice. I've been doing this since 2044. Haven't been caught yet.

Jakub: Oh really? Well I guess the Russian police is lousier than I expected.

Jonas smirks a little, but Jakub doesn't see it. The men depart and head home.

The next day, Jakub heads outside for breakfast. When he is walking back to his apartment, he notices some men wearing black suits and dark glasses trailing him from a distance. He becomes paranoid and starts running. The men follow.

When he arrives back, he barricades the door and starts gathering the radio equipment. The men bang on the door.

Man: Rusoslav Police, open up! Jakub Kowalski, you're under arrest for treason.

Jakub (under his breath): Dammit, Jonas must've been a double agent.

Policeman: We've already shot your partner!

Jakub: Aleksy!

The policemen finally bang open the door and barge in. Jakub gets on his knees. The lead policeman raises his gun and sets his finger on the trigger.

Policeman: Any confessions to make?

Jakub: No.

Policeman: Well then say goodbye.

The policeman pulls the trigger. Around Jakub, time seems to have slowed down. He rapidly pulls the button from his pocket. As the bullet is about a foot from his chest, he presses it. There is a flash of bright light, then nothing.

To be continued...

We hope you enjoyed this blog!

Ethaboo444 and ChineseChen

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Nice! So, Pandora, Chen, and Ethaboo are classmates? Pandora and Chen I already knew, but Ethaboo is also? Amazing series!
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Sounds dangerous.
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Well done! Imagine this actually happens, and ya'll will change the notice to WE TOLD YOU SO.

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