The Diary of a Time-Traveling Soldier Episodes 4-7: WW3 Mega Episode


NOTICE: This blog is just an interesting idea and a fictional event. I do not mean to offend anyone. This is meant to be an experiment and a fun story for people to enjoy.

The Diary of a Time-Traveling Soldier

Episodes 4-7: World War 3 Mega Episode

Created by ChineseChen and Ethaboo444, written by ChineseChen

Liverpool, Western European Republic

August 27, 2050

Jakub wakes up sitting in a bright building. He walks outside and as always, reads his diary and a newspaper.

Jakub: Ah, so I am in Liverpool. Ah, yes, Turkey…

While Jacob is eating dinner at his hotel, a man in a suit approaches him.

Man: Are you Jakub Kowalski?

Jacob: Yes, Jacob Smith. Would you like anything?

Man: Come with me.

Jacob follows the man into a back room. He tells him to come close and speaks in a quiet voice.

Man: You have been involved in the Danzig Independence War and European Civil War, correct?

Jacob: Yes. Is there another war?

Man: No, but the Rusoslav Empire has taken control of several states in Eastern Europe/the Balkans. We need your help to free them. If Rusoslav continues to exploit the resources there, they will become more powerful than we can handle.

Jacob: I'll do it. When do we leave?

In the following week, Jacob is briefed on all that has happened since the European Civil War. He makes a cover story that he has been in hiding ever since being released by the Rusoslav police. A few days later, he and some other men leave for Cluj-Napoca. A wave of Russian policemen come to address them.

Diary Entry 7:

I am in Liverpool and am about to embark on a mission to free Rusoslav puppet states in the Balkans. I am very nervous as I do not know what awaits there. In the building that I woke up in, there were another one of those maps with the reddish-brown spot in the corner. I will be going to Cluj-Napoca in Transylvania first thing tomorrow. People there may resist, I do not know. We also will be in constant danger of capture or death by Rusoslav police. May this mission go well.

Jacob: We are businessmen that have some important and urgent work we have to attend to. Could you please let us go? We cannot afford to be late.

Policeman: Thinks for a moment Yes, you may go under one circumstance: you will also return to this very airport under our surveillance.

Jacob and the men head into the city and start preparing for their liberation journey. They will first start with Cluj-Napoca and eastern Transylvania, where the Russian influence is felt the most. The next day, disguised as locals, they round up hundreds of inhabitants and march through the streets, gathering more people as they go.

Locals: Freedom from Rusoslav! Freedom from Rusoslav!

The police are notified, but it is already too late. The protestors have taken over the entire city and are starting to get violent. Jacob and the men decide to leave before things become very hairy. They take a van out to the Transylvanian countryside. As in Cluj-Napoca, they are convincing people to resist the Rusoslav occupation. They drive door to door, liberating the civilians.

Not long after, they have liberated most of Transylvania and are moving on to Moldavia. However, they encounter some resistance there.

Jacob: Would you consider joining the anti-Rusoslav rebellion?

Man: Why would I? Rusoslav has never done anything against me. I am perfectly happy with them being here. Now get out of my house!

After they persuaded all the people they could, they spend the night in Brăila. The next morning, they get in the van and drive out of the hotel. The moment they turn onto the streets, there is an explosion. The van goes airborne and flips onto its left side. Jacob and the men scramble out. Gunfire pelts the bottom of the chassis.

Jacob: Dammit, the Russians are here. Some Rusoslav sympathizer must've tipped us off.

Policeman: You all have committed treason for spreading Western propaganda! Now you must die!

One of the men has lifted up a manhole cover behind the van and motions for the group to come over. Jacob goes down first and the rest follow. They drop down into the sewers and close the cover behind them.

Jacob: Well this is one sticky situation, isn't it? Let's hope that we can escape through the sewers.

The group wades through the ankle-high waters until they reach a gate at the end of the tunnel. They cut it open and burst outside into a small park on the outskirts of Brăila. There is another van nearby and one of the men hotwires it. They drive as fast as they can out of Moldavia and into eastern Wallachia.

They don't manage to free any more cities in Moldavia, but most of Wallachia goes smoothly. The group spends the night in Bucharest.

The next day, they wake up thinking that their mission is over. Just as they are about to celebrate, a crackly voice comes on from their radio.

Man: Jacob Smith, come in. Your mission is not over yet. We have located several Rusoslav nuclear missiles being set up in southern Ukraine. You must travel there, infiltrate the facility, and disarm the missiles. Mission control, out.

Jacob: Well boys, I guess we got another mess to clean up.

They get in their van and drive through Dobruja to Constanța. From there, they board a ferry carrying them across the Black Sea to Sevastopol. They have to hide in the engine compartment to avoid the Rusoslav police searching for them.

Once they reach Sevastopol, they sneak off the ship and find a van to steal. They drive north on H06 towards Simferopol. Heading north on E105, they spot several Rusoslav police cars threading through the traffic behind them.

Jacob: Faster! We can't let them cut us off.

He opens the back door of the van and sprays nails on the road, hoping to stop the police cars. Two get flat tires, but another two still continue.

Jacob: Give me the wheel. Hold on!

He swerves across the grass divider into the southbound lanes, dodging cars. The police cars fall back. When he sees this, he turns back to the northbound lanes. They continue to drive north without interruption.

Arriving in Zaporizhzhia, the team dispatches several camera drones to find where the missiles are possibly stored. The most likely location is a gray, square building on the southeastern side of Khortytsia. They survey the building from the east bank of the Dnieper River for several hours, gathering intelligence.

Jacob: So apparently, the guards change shifts every 6 hours. In this short time, a few entrances are unguarded. We can enter the building then. Also, there are surveillance towers which make approaching by boat impossible. Therefore, we must swim across the Dnieper. It'll be dangerous, boys. Get a good night's sleep. We leave at dawn.

Diary Entry 8:

After liberating the Rusoslav puppet states, mission control has sent us a new mission. We are to disarm four nuclear missiles located on Khortytsia in Zaporizhzhia. We have to swim across the Dnieper to get there. It will be dangerous, and I'm not sure if everyone will make it. God bless us.

The next morning, the men don their wetsuits and dive into the cold waters. All of them are strong swimmers. They reach the island within ten minutes. Being careful not to be spotted, they sneak into a shed where they change and prepare their equipment.

Jacob: The guards should change shifts in about five minutes. I'll tell you when to come out.

As expected, the guards change shifts shortly after Jacob starts watching. He beckons for the men to come and they enter through a side door. The inside is a factory-like setting, crisscrossed by grated steel walkways. All four missiles are visible in the dim, morning light.

Jacob: Johnson, take half of the men and disarm the first missile. I'll take the rest and hopefully cover you guys.

The men part and Jacob leads his men to a catwalk near the ceiling. They point their guns downwards as Johnson's men work at the missile. One of the men spots a guard patrolling on the opposite side of the warehouse. They send a signal down to Johnson to hurry up and be careful.

When the first missile is disarmed, the men regroup and strategize. They plan to take out the patrolling guard first before disarming any of the other missiles. Jacob sends a few men to finish him off. Unstealthily, they approach and shoot. The guard falls, but not before sounding the alarm.

Jacob: Dammit! Everybody run for it!

The rest of the guards run out and start shooting. The men dive for cover. In the panic, control panels are touched and buttons are mashed. While running away, Jacob is shot in the leg. He screams and falls to the ground. His men drag him to a safe place while the guards approach.

Guard: Put your hands up!

The group surrenders. The guards disarm them and put on handcuffs. They are blindfolded and dumped in a van. When the blindfolds are removed, they find themselves in a police station.

Policeman: Who is your leader?

Jacob limps forward. He is forced to follow the policeman into an interrogation room. Once he sits down, the policeman starts asking questions.

Policeman: Who sent you on this mission?

Jacob: I don't know their name.

Policeman: Lies! punches Jacob in the stomach

Jacob doubles over in pain.

Policeman: I said, who sent you on this mission!

Jacob: I told you, I don't know their name!

The policeman punches Jacob again, pulls out his gun, and aims it at Jacob's head.

Policeman: Tell me now, or *impersonating Rick Astley* say goodbye.

Jacob: *yelling* I don't know!

As the policeman places his hand on the trigger, Jacob jams his hand into his pocket. His men watch in horror as the gun is fired with a bang. As if the world is moving in slow motion, Jacob presses the button in his pocket. There is a flash of bright light, then nothing.

To be continued...

We hope you enjoyed this blog!

ChineseChen and Ethaboo44

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Oct 11, 2021
Be sure to note some details about all episodes 1-7. There will be a small "puzzle" next episode (the last episode of season 1) and those details may come in handy. More hints will be out in the next episode.
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What just happened? Why was this resubmitted?
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I don't know. Maybe Ethaboo resubmitted it.
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Huh, well anyways, good blog!
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I liked the blog before I even read it, and for good reason. It just shows what high expectations I had for this, and how those expectations were met.
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Woah. Amazing! Now I wanna make a story blog, probably about India, I might start working on it soon lol!
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Finally this is back!
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Rickroll is truly the greatest meme... even people in 2050 use it!