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And a g'day to all of ya mates out there. I know I've been gone for a while, but here is a list of all the dumbest laws in your home country.

I know it's super annoying that America is like one of the only countries that uses the Imperial System. In this blog, I'm going to explain why we use it, and what is it, and that sort of stuff.

America has some interesting geography...doesn't it?

You may have remembered my "Every Countries In The World Described In One Word" blog. If you don't, well too bad, but if you have, I'm happy to present the US states version.

We all know the United States is a giant country, but have we ever visualized it?



My Brain

You're prolly going like.....what.....???

Source: Google

Turns out I'm not the only one with insomnia.

Here is a list of the stupidest Canadian laws (I'm bringing these blogs back).

Do you want to improve your geography? If yes, be sure to read this blog to find out my tips on getting better at the subject!

So basically this blog is about every useless map I can find, lmao. They're so horrible, they're funny. That's what makes it interesting.

Source: Terrible Maps

Maps Uploaded To Wikimedia Commons.

No blurb in this blog, so go straight to the introduction.

(I feel like I never have blurbs in blogs though 💀).

Oh, and also, thanks to User Bonk for giving me a couple ideas.

These names will leave you questioning the parents...

If you've ever been curious about the United States, you've just hit some luck.

So you remember that time where I uploaded the "How To Roast Your Teacher" blog?

Well, here's part II.

Here is the world version of the Funniest Place Names Blogs.

Hope you enjoy!

Special thanks to User Fuse for helping me make this blog!

As popularly requested, here's the British edition of the Stupid Laws Blogs. Hope you enjoy!

Just a bit of side info: Most of these aren't actually followed. So if you're a Brit, and you know you've done some of these, don't worry, there's a 99.9% you're not a felon.

We think Americans are stupid, but what about the country itself?


Are you sick of classes at school? If yes, maybe it's time to spice things up.

I know I haven't made a blog in a while, but that will now change. I finally found a decent idea.

We all know what today is.

Here are the answers from my last blog.

I'm sorry I haven't been making more blogs, things happened, and I sorta lost track.

Anyways, here's my new blog, but it's a bit different. I've seen tons of these blogs on this site, so I'm like why not?

Part II.

Hope you enjoy!

This is just my opinion, but here are the weirdest town names (in my opinion) of American states. This is Part I. Part II will be uploaded later.

Hope you enjoy!

America is a great country...but it's weird too.

Btw, huge thanks to the Jetpunk Discord Server (in particular- User Abby) for helping me out with this blog.

We all love Taco Bell, right? Because it's fast food? Well, what I can say from first glance is that Taco Bell is the most American Mexican food ever. If that makes sense. However, here's a view of a few items on the Taco Bell Menu that are not that popular.

Do you love Starbucks? Can you not go without ur macchiato or Frappuccino? Well, here are a few orders of Starbucks that are really unknown which you do not wanna miss out on!

What would have happened if Earth was as big as the sun?!?!?! Read this blog to find out!!

When the world is sus..

In this blog, I'm going to answer these 5 random why questions.

This world fascinates me. From the oceans to numerous different mountains visible, there is so much diversity in this universe. When I look at the world map though, I didn't realize that it can actually be quite deceiving. For example, did you know that the tiny state of Delaware has more people than Alaska? Or that the UK has more people than Canada?

Here is a list of places in the world that are actually much bigger than you think.

I've always wondered...what makes you truly happy? Read this blog to find out my personal opinions.

Are you ever curious about the presidents of the United States?? Well here they are, in one sentence!!

In case you want a laugh....

Australia is such a famous country, right? If not one of the most famous, then it's definitely up there. But there are soooo many misconceptions or lies you may have been told; and here I am, exposing them. 👀

This blog is made for the info of Americans; but please feel free to read.

You thought your country was weird? Check out America! Here are 9 things you'd only find in this country or would be weird to find anywhere else.

What is the real America actually like? Read this blog to find out.

Ahh, two very well known countries. Australia and America. So basically, I just wanna dedicate this blog to like the "general information", or things you may not have known about. If you wanna go into more specific topics, check the quick links! Hope you enjoy!

Also, since I am an American, you will see that I am doing this from an American point of view. If you're confused, you'll see!

PS: I'm sorry, but no images/pictures in this blog. But I'll try to be as sarcastic or comedic as possible. :(

I have finally reached the milestone of 2000 takes!!

New Jersey's been my home state for 13 years now, and I think it has tons to offer! That's why I've made this blog, so if you're interested in this state, read this blog to find out more!

Inspired by Fuse's Worcestershire - More than just the Sauce! blog.

Need a vacation? Stuck between New York and London? Read this blog to find out which one is for you. Just to clear this up, I am American and have been living in America for my entire life.