Forty Days of Quizmaking


In the past 40 days, I've made around three dozen quizzes, including some that, in my opinion, are creative, interesting, and fun. There's something for everyone, so make sure you read through the whole thing!

I've had a Jetpunk account for several years and made a handful of mostly-uninteresting quizzes (one of which Paramount Leaders of China, did end up getting featured). The only other quiz that was really much of a good idea was my Alphabets on the Wikipedia Logo Picture Quiz. Since I've been home for the summer with lots of time on my hands, I decided to spend some time on this website. Soon, I had a number of quiz ideas bouncing around in my head and started making them at a rate of nearly one per day. I hope you might find some of these to be an enjoyable and educational challenge!

(American) History Quizzes

My first area of quizmaking was history quizzes, and more specifically, quizzes about the U.S. presidents. The process of making these quizzes led to me reading a lot about the history of politics and government in the United States and becoming better-educated about America's presidents (and to a lesser extent, vice presidents and losing presidential candidates). Here's some quizzes on this topic:

I also made a few non-presidential quizzes, including: Eventually I got tired of making these presidential quizzes, although I still have a few ideas that I have yet to implement. At this point, I completely shifted my focus....

Sports Teams Emoji Quizzes

These quizzes were pretty popular and require you to guess the names of sports teams in each of North America's Big 4 sports leagues from a set of emoji clues.

Whether you're a sports fan or not, I think these quizzes pose a fun challenge.

Wordplay & General Knowledge

Quizzes like the "Things that are _______" or "Answers Contain _______" are fun and popular on this site, so I decided to make a few of my own using topics that, to my knowledge, have not already been created (or well-created). For instance, Things that are:

Music Quizzes - ______ in the Name

Some words commonly appear in song titles, and I have made several quizzes to test knowledge of a wide variety of music! Whether you know a lot or a little, be sure to check out:

These quizzes are a fun way to get exposed to new music and be reminded of old hits - I even made a Spotify playlist for the first and third quiz. I have several more ideas for similar quizzes that I hope to be able to put together and release soon!


Several quizzes that I've made don't really fit into these other categories.

  • The challenging and wide-ranging People Named William W.
  • The difficult but guess-able U.S. Cities By Picture of Subway Train
  • Famous Mathematicians, which I made at the request of a friend but has received a suprising number of takes despite being exceedingly challenging for those without solid knowledge of the history of mathematics
  • And finally, a new quiz idea that I first started on today: "Jeopardy!" "Stupid Answers" Category Clues #1, in which the answer is hidden within the clue. I can easily make around a dozen more nearly identical quizzes, so if the idea proves popular, this may be the area of my focus for the next few days.
  • Thanks for checking out my quizzes, and if you like my ideas, please be sure to rate, comment, nominate, subscribe, and share with people you know who might enjoy them!

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