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I don't even know if I should be suprised with current media.

I have been gone for a while, let me explain.

I have a couple of things to share.

Mahasa Amini pased away in police custody. Now, Iran is protesting.

The Queen is dead. I cannot explain the impact.

Stephen Sanchez is one of the most blooming young artists.

Yep. I covered Stranger Things. I cannot believe it.

Trump's first wife, Ivana Trump, died.

Johnny Depp might be in court again?

Technoblade, an amazing legend, is dead. I did not know about this until a commenter on my last blog informed me.

Malaysian Flight 370 is a missing flight. Where did it go?

Back in February, some countries boycotted the olympics. But how? Why?

The Voice of Holland is canceled for the time being. I am making this very limited because of the seriousness.

Here is one of the most devistating Jetpunk tragedies. KazakhstanKitten.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine, and subsequent support by Belarus might have serious consequences. Belarusian and Russian athletes have been banned from the 2022 Winter Olympics. Lets get into the information.*Please do not send hate to Oleg Matsyin, or anyone else mensioned in this info, this is simply meant to report on the news and give insight on the current situation involving Russian and Belarusian athletes in the 2022 and 2024 Winter and Summer Olympics.*

So, the case is done! The verdict is in. And some people are going to be shocked.

Disclaimer: Not to be used as a credited source, not meant to offend anyone, and this is just my opinion. I am trying to keep this as appropriate as I can. I am not going to use insulting names for either side, nor am I going to share my "thoughts" or who I think should win. I will only share my opinion.