Kate Bush Saved Stranger Things


Stranger Things was saved!!

Netflix's "Stranger Things" saved Kate Bush? Maybe? You might have recently heard the song "Running up That Hill" by Kate Bush becoming more popular. Its because it was featured in Stranger Things season 4 episode 4. I don't want to spoil this episode. Seriously, how could a 1985 song save a Netflix series? Kate Bush has enjoyed herself. Her song was on top of the charts for a while!! Imagine being an artist who has lost popularity (no shame Kate, no shame) and then you are one of the most popular songwriters because of one song!!! Wow. I'm back! Fudgy at JNN, out.

Level 77
Jul 26, 2022
Kate Bush is one of the most under-rated songwriters in my opinion.

Nice reference to one of her other songs at the end of your blog.

Level 45
Jul 27, 2022
I thought no one would notice! Thank you!
Level 56
Jul 29, 2022
This is so ironic, I was literally told today that I look like Eleven.