So, I'm Back!


I'm Back, and here's the rundown of my Schedule, and some news!

So, I should've announced this before I left, but I took this time off to relax and work with mental health, and also to do school and whatnot. But, I am back! I have some important dates for you to remember!

MERRY CHRISTMAS! December 25, 2022 - I will be out for this week or so, cuz it"s Christmas!

Second week of January- I have a 3-day school trip, I won't post that week, but I might.

March and April- These dates will be a little iffy, but I have school trips, so these weeks I will be out.

June/July - School ends either in June or July, so I will be out for the week that it ends.

Onto the news portion of this post, the FIFA World Cup finals are tomorrow, Dec. 18. It is between France and Argentina. Dec. 17, (today for me writing this), is the third place battle. Who will win? Leave your predictions in the comments! My tea is spilling over the pot, I have to go! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

FudgyOreo111 @ JNN News, signing off.

Level 45
Dec 18, 2022
Croatia won third place in the World Cup!! Good Job Croatia!!