TechnoBlade: Dead


He's Gone

Technoblade, real name Alexander, died in June of cancer. Heart breaking news, even though I never really watched him. The man was just 23. June 30, 2022. Hes gone. Devastating. He had a channel with 11.3 million subscribers. The saying, emphasized my many in the gaming community, F cancer. 23 is too young. Tommyinit, Mrbeast, Pokimane, Charlie (penguinz0), Jacksepticeye, and more have tweeted their thoughts. To Alexander's family, we are all heartbroken over the loss of Alexander. May he Rest In Peace.

Level 43
Jul 1, 2022
Never watched him, but he looked like an amazing person...
Level 63
Jul 2, 2022
RIP Technoblade, he shall be missed by all of us.
Level 39
Jul 3, 2022
he left our planet too soon :(

he will be missed

Level 50
Jul 6, 2022
F*ck cancer, it killed many people, too many people, and then killed the legend Technoblade…