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The website citypopulation.de, which is commonly used as a source in JetPunk quizzes, has had its annual update of the world agglomerations with over 1 million population. Read this blog to find out about some changes that have happened.

This blog highlights the cities in the United States which have similar or the same names to settlements in the United Kingdom. One example is New York and York. Read on to learn more!

There is often drama in the Recent User Blogs section, which can get frustrating for us all. A lot of this is due to blogs which people don't agree with, or due to other disruption. This blog will showcase how we can improve the Recent User Blogs section, in a few easy steps.

There are 26 fun facts about geography in this blog. I hope you enjoy reading this blog and learn something new!

The English county of Worcestershire is probably most famous for the sauce, Worcestershire Sauce. However, there is more to Worcestershire than just its sauce. Read on to learn about this fantastic county!