U.S. States Viewer Voting #10


Introduction to US Viewer Voting

Hi! Gekko0923 here. I'm hosting a new series called "U.S. States Viewer Voting." In this series, you viewers vote for a state based on the voting mode. There are several voting modes, including voting to eliminate and voting to save, among others. Depending on the voting mode, one of the states will be eliminated. The states have been divided into 5 groups of 10 based on alphabetical order. Last time, various states were UFE.

Last time...

In Episode 8 of this series, the following states were up for elimination. You guys voted on which state you wanted to eliminate. Let's see the results!

Vote #8 stats: A total of 11 viewers cast 33 votes!





New Hampshire

New York



West Virginia

Gekko0923: Okay, let's begin! If I call your name, you are safe with zero votes!



New York...


and West Virginia!

NY: I have no haters, because, I'm like, the best state ever!

TX: You're starting to get really annoying. We all know that the Lone Star State is the best one out there. You're not even 100,000 square miles, you puny little New York!

NY: I don't care. Since you're a red state, no one likes you.

TX: (scoffs) We'll see about that.

ME: Well, I'm glad that I'm safe, but what about my friend New Hampshire?

Gekko0923: New Hampshire is safe with three votes, all of which came from thegoatisgoaty.

NH: Phew. That was a close one.

Gekko0923: California and Florida, you are the bottom two. Who will be going now? Will it be the state of Disneyland or the state of Disney World? It's the king of the Southwest vs. the king of the Southeast!

FL: At last, both of us will know which of us is the better state! Of course, I know that it'll be me.

CA: Say that all you want, Florida, but I am certain that my fans backed me up on this one.

AL, NC, SC, LA: Go Florida!

NY, GA: Go California!

Gekko0923: It's time to announce the votes. The person safe, with 11 votes, is...


California is eliminated with 19 votes.


CA: I will be back, Florida! I will rejoin and take down your entire army of southerners!

GA: Goodbye, California! I'll miss you!

CA: Make it far in the game for me, Georgia. I'll be rejoining soon. Invite new members to the alliance so that we can defeat Florida. You've got this.

GA: All right.

All Eliminated States

States in green are still in, states in red have been eliminated.

50th: Arkansas

49th: Indiana

48th: Mississippi

47th: Nebraska

46th: Oklahoma

45th: Tennessee

44th: Delaware

43rd: Wisconsin

42nd: Ohio

41st: Rhode Island

40th: California

State Lore

GA: So California said that I have to expand the alliance somehow. Who should we invite?

NY: Well, Oregon and Washington were California's friends. Let's go ask them.
GA: That will work. Let's go.
NY: Hold on just a second there.
GA: Hmm?
NY: Georgia, I think that you should make me the leader of this alliance.
GA: But California transferred his leadership responsibilities to me!
NY: That doesn't matter. Think about it. California created this alliance against red states, such as Florida. So it would only make sense for a true blue state like me to be the leader. Although you did vote blue in 2020, you are still a swing state, Georgia.

GA; (sighs) Fine. You're the leader. Now let's go to Oregon and Washington.


MA: Louisiana, thank you for helping me get revenge on Maine.

LA: You're welcome, Massachusetts. Getting enough people to vote for her last episode was a piece of cake. I believe that we should continue being partners in this game, Massachusetts.

MA: And it's perfect as well. No one would suspect that two states that are so different would ever think about teaming up. You also mentioned that you were part of Florida's alliance?

LA: Well, not really. I said that I was part of the alliance, but I'm just pretending. That naive Florida doesn't suspect a thing.

MA: So you tricked Florida into thinking that you were part of their alliance?

LA: Correct. Anyways, I have to go. Florida called the entire alliance for a meeting. If I don't attend, Florida will suspect something. See you soon.

FL: Oh, there you are, Louisiana! We were just about to get started. Now that everyone's here, I call this meeting to order! We are gathered here today to welcome our two new members of the alliance, Louisiana and South Carolina!

NC: Hang on! South Carolina and I cannot be in the same alliance! I just hate her so much! You didn't even ask me if I was okay with this!

AL: Well, there were only three of us original members. Florida and I both agreed to let South Carolina in. That creates a 2-1 acceptance vote for her, so she can join.

SC: You know what, North Carolina? I'm so tired of you always rejecting me! You should be thankful for yourself. You were a state that prospered while I was envious of your success. And yet, you are the one who continues to bother me! It's getting so annoying! I hate you more than you hate me!

NC: Well, in that case, since I can't be in the same alliance as South Carolina, I am just going to leave this stupid alliance!

FL: So what, North Carolina? You're going to join the blue states? California was already eliminated. If you leave, you're instantly going to regret it.

NC: I. Don't. Care. Goodbye! (leaves)

LA: Well, that was eventful. Anyways, do South Carolina and I still get to join the alliance?

FL: Yes. As the leader of the alliance, I hereby admit the states of Louisiana and South Carolina into the Anti-Californian Organization!

SC: Hooray! Thanks, Florida!

(North Carolina runs to New York and Georgia!

GA: Hi, North Carolina! Where were you? New York and I were just about to talk to Washington and Oregon.

NC: Oh, I wasn't doing anything. Can I accompany you guys there?

GA: Sure.

A few minutes later...

NY: All right! Let's get to it! (knocks on Oregon's door)

NY: Hey, Oregon, since California was eliminated, I wanted to know whether you and Washington would be interested in helping him fight for his cause by joining this alliance!

OR: I mean, why not? I'm in, and I'm pretty sure that Washington would agree as well. Thank you!

NC: Well, that was a success.

Out in the Pacific...

(Hawaii uses binoculars to spy on everyone)

HI: (to himself) North Carolina allying with New York? Louisiana pretending to be in Florida's alliance? Interesting. I wonder what will happen next.

AK: Hey, Hawaii! What are you up to?

HI: (shocked) Oh, Alaska! You scared me there. I was just spying on the other states. Honestly, it gets a little lonely, being out all alone in the Pacific, with no friends or allies. Unlike the other states, I have to use binoculars just to know what they're doing. Being isolated is no fun. (starts to cry)

AK: Hey. Calm down. Hawaii, I would love to be your first friend.

HI: You don't understand. At least you're connected to the mainland. And unlike me, you're the largest state in the whole nation! You're so cool, you could easily make some friends over there. I'm literally smaller than at least 40 of them.

AK: I've been through some rough times as well. When Russia took control of me...

I was so scared. But then the other states welcomed me with open arms, and then they welcomed you a few months later. But now, I think the problem is that people have... forgotten about us. But I'm sure we'll be fine if we stay together.

HI: Thank you, Alaska.

ND: So, I've heard that North and South Carolina had a little argument again. South Dakota, this is becoming a real problem. I want them to get along, but it hasn't been working out so far. Can you help me enable them to see past their differences?

SD: Honestly, I don't think that's a really good idea. Their rivalry has been ensuing before we were even born. Besides, we shouldn't meddle with other people's lives. That's just not right.

ND: But it's just ... really sad that they can't get along.

SD: I understand. But maybe they'll learn to forgive each other on their own.

ID: Hey, Nevada! Have you ever wondered where all the eliminated contestants go?

NV: I have. Maybe it's a devious place where they are slaves of a foreign power. Or maybe they go to a paradise where they can enjoy themselves for hours. Or maybe they get banished to the shadow realm. Who knows?

ID: Well, I'm determined to figure out the answer. What if they're in danger and they need our help? I won't hesitate to lend a hand to my fellow Americans.

NV: How are we going to find the eliminated contestants? The only way to do that is to get eliminated ourselves.

ID: I don't wanna go there. But maybe if we explore our surroundings, perhaps we can find a secret door, a hidden pathway, anything that could lead us to them! Let's go!

NV: Alright. But remember, Idaho, this was your idea.

Gekko0923: Now that all of that is taken care of, let's start the challenge to see who will be up for elimination! Each episode, there will be a challenge that each group will compete in. Whoever loses is up for elimination! The challenge for this episode is trivia! Each group will be asked a question. If they answer it correctly, they'll be safe. Let's begin with Group 1!

Q:Group 1, if there are 39 states remaining out of 50, what percentage of states are still in the game?

FL: That's an easy one! The answer is 39%!

GA: NO, Florida, it's not. It's 78%.

FL: Oh, really? I bet you're just saying that to annoy me.

AZ: Florida, Georgia is correct. If you set the problem up in a proportional relationship and solve, you get 78%!

FL: Well, I didn't need an explanation, you nerd.

AK: So our final answer is 78%!

Gekko0923: Correct! Group 1 is safe! Now on to Group 2!

Q: Which of the members in Group 2 has the largest land area?

KS: Guys, I think I'm the answer to the question.

IA: I agree with Kansas.

ME: Hang on, Idaho is also a big state as well. Wait, where is she?

IL: That doesn't matter, because I am the biggest one here! Kansas, you don't even have 10 million people!

KS: This is a test of land area, not population! Illinois, let go of your ego! It's either me or Idaho, alright?

IL: Iowa, back me up here! I'm the largest, right?

IA: No, you're not, so just please stop being such a jerk!

IL: You traitor.

KS: The answer is me, Kansas.

Gekko0923: Nope! The answer was Idaho, just barely. Anyways, where is she?

HI: That's a good question. Where is Idaho? Maybe I can use my binoculars to find her.

Gekko0923: Group 3, you're up next.

Q: How many states lie along the Mississippi River?

MI: Mississippi would be really useful right about now.

MA: That's true, but I already know the answer.

NH: What is it?

MA: Ten.

MN: I agree. The states along the Mississippi River are Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee, Missouri, Kentucky, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, and me, Minnesota.

MI: Massachusetts, Minnesota, you guys are awesome. Wanna be friends? We're basically the three best states in this group.

MN: Yeah!

MA: I'm also friends with New Jersey.

MN: That's fine! We'll be called the Fantastic Four!

NH: Seriously? You guys are leaving me out, again? Also, where are Nevada and Montana? They've both been gone for quite a while now.

Gekko0923: I really don't know why everybody is disappearing. But the good news is, Group 3 is safe! The answer was ten! Now it's Group 4's turn!

Q: Which state in Group 4 has the highest POPULATION DENSITY?

NY: Since I have the largest population here, I am certain that it's me.

PA: Are you so sure about that? You are pretty decently siz-

NY: Quiet! My word is final.

NM: I'm tired of you bossing this whole team around, New York! We have seven people left. we can't afford to lose again.

NY: You're one to talk, New Mexico. You're one of the worst states in the entire country.

NM: (Shocked)

OR: Hey guys, let's not forget that Rhode Island is a possible answer as well.

NY: But he doesn't have enough people.

NC: No. He's literally tiny. I agree with Oregon, he is definitely the answer to this one.

OR: Our final answer is Rhode Island.

Gekko0923: Very good! That's correct. Finally, we have Group 5! If they answer this correctly, Group 2 will be UFE!

Q:  Is there any state that is shaped like a PERFECT rectangle?

WA: Well, there's Colorado.

UT: That would be a valid answer, but Colorado is not a perfect rectangle. It actually has 697 sides.

VA: But what about Wyoming, though?

TX: Who's Wyoming?

SD: Yeah, I've never heard of a Wyoming around here.

UT: .Pretending that Wyoming doesn't exist just because of a stupid meme is really unreasonable, you guys should consider your actions next time. Just let her be. She DOES exist.

TX: Whatever.

VT: Anyways, our final answer is yes! Wyoming is a perfect rectangle.

Gekko0923: Actually... that's incorrect because the Earth is shaped like a sphere, so in theory, from space, Wyoming would appear to be a trapezoid.

VA: Dang it! West Virginia, you didn't even help us! And where in the world is Wyoming?

WV: Hey, stop accusing me! You weren't very much help either!

UT: Guys, stop arguing. We still have a chance to be safe.

Gekko0923: Yep. Group 2 and Group 5, I will give one final question. Whoever shouts out the answer first wins safety for their team! The other team will be UFE. Here's the question:

Q: Which US city has the most Spanish-speaking people?

TX: Houston!

IL: Chicago!

UT: Los Angeles!

IN: Phoenix!

VA: New York!

Gekko0923: Virginia got it right! Group 5 is safe, and Group 2 is UFE!

VA: See, West Virginia? I am useful around here, unlike you.

WV: (scoffs) I will prove that I am better than you, Virginia! One of these days, I will!

Gekko0923: So there were a few states "missing" during the challenge today. I made a list of those states so we know who to find.






Gekko0923: Audience, if you have any theories as to why these particular five went missing, please write them in the comments below! Thanks!

Info About the Next Vote

Vote #: 10

Group UFE: 2

States remaining: 39

States UFE: 9

Voting begins: Thursday, 09/21/2023, 5:00 PM PT

Voting ends: Sunday, 09/24/2023, 5:00 PM PT

Voting mode: RATE THE STATES

The next part will be posted sometime next week.

The Candidates

All states in Group 2 are up for elimination! Here are your candidates. For this particular voting method you will rate the states on a scale from 1-10. Instructions are listed below.










Notes About Voting

1. All votes go in the comments.

2. Be careful about how you vote.

To vote, rate each state from a scale from 1 to 10. One is the worst and ten is the best. Here is an example:

Arkansas: 3/10

Indiana: 7/10

Mississippi: 1/10

Nebraska: 4/10

3. Make sure to include all nine states in Group 2, or your vote won't count.

4. You cannot give a state a rating of 0/10, 3.5/10, or 11/10. All ratings must be a whole number from 1-10.

5. Spam, rude comments about a particular state, and anything similar will not be tolerated. Any inappropriate behavior will be deleted.

6. The comments are not reserved for voting. If you have any other comments, you may post them.  Just avoid sending rude comments or spam.

7. You must vote before the deadline on Sunday, September 24th at 3:00 PM PT.

8. I, Gekko0923, hereby swear to not alter the outcome of the votes in any way. I will only eradicate spam comments or rude comments.

9. Please tell your friends about this series. If there are more voters, it will be more fun!

10. Have fun! Good luck to your state!

Please Publicize This Series!

If you have any friends that would be interested in voting, please tell them about this series! It will be more fun if there are more voters participating!

Level 20
Sep 21, 2023
Hawaii: 10/10

Idaho: 5/10

Illinois: 5/10

Iowa: 4/10

Kansas: 4/10

Kentucky: 7/10

Louisiana: 3/10

Maine: 9/10

Maryland: 8/10

Level 20
Sep 21, 2023
Theory as to why Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, and Wyoming went missing:

Idaho and Nevada talked about why they wanted to "find out where the eliminated contestants went." I think that's why they're gone. As for the other three, I don't know, but I think it has something to do with Colorado liking Wyoming, who in turn likes Montana. I also noticed that all of these states are Western states. Perhaps there was a disaster in the West affecting these five states? Maybe Yellowstone erupted or something? I don't know.

Level 62
Sep 21, 2023
Hawaii: 3 / 10

Idaho: 6 / 10

Illinois: 1 / 10

Iowa: 4 / 10

Kansas: 7 / 10

Kentucky: 9 / 10

Louisiana: 7 / 10

Maine: 9 / 10

Maryland: 2 / 10

Level 59
Sep 21, 2023
Hawaii: 10/10

Idaho: 6/10

Illinois: 7/10

Iowa: 8/10

Kansas: 7/10

Kentucky: 3/10

Louisiana: 6/10

Maine: 7/10

Maryland: 8/10

Level 62
Sep 21, 2023
Illinois and Maryland above Kentucky?

Maryland and Iowa above Maine?

Level 20
Sep 21, 2023
I agree with you on Kentucky, they deserve a high score. However, your rating of Hawaii is way too low, especially given their current situation.
Level 63
Sep 21, 2023
as of now it won't matter too much as Hawaii still has an average of 8.6 which will probably keep them safe unless more people give Hawaii a low score.
Level 63
Sep 28, 2023
Level 59
Sep 21, 2023
You can see how I might not be too inclined to give the home of friend chicken a good score, me being a vegetarian and all
Level 61
Sep 22, 2023
One military dictator of fried chicken is very interested in you
Level 62
Sep 22, 2023
Fun fact: Colonel Sanders wasn't an actual army colonel. He did, however, enlist as a private during WWI.
Level 63
Sep 28, 2023
Yes? Everything above Kentucky.
Level 70
Sep 21, 2023
Hawaii: 10/10

Idaho: 8/10

Illinois: 3/10

Iowa: 4/10


Kentucky: 7/10

Louisiana: 1/10

Maine: 8/10

Maryland: 2/10

Level 63
Sep 21, 2023
Hawaii 10/10

Idaho 7/10

Illinois 2/10

Iowa 1/10

Kansas 6/10

Kentucky 8/10

Louisiana 5/10

Maine 5/10

Maryland 3/10

Level 61
Sep 21, 2023
Hawaii (9/10)

Idaho (7/10)

Illinois (6/10)

Iowa (5/10)

Kansas (3/10)

Kentucky (3/10)

Louisiana (6/10)

Maine (8/10)

Maryland (6/10)

Level 43
Sep 22, 2023
Current scores:

Hawaii (59)

Maine (53)

Idaho (44)

Kentucky (38)

Kansas (37)

Maryland (35)

Iowa (32)

Illinois (29)

Louisiana (29)

Level 63
Sep 22, 2023
Hawaii (10/10)

Idaho (10/10)

Illinois (10/10)

Iowa (10/10)

Kansas (2/10)

Kentucky (1/10)

Louisiana (1/10)

Maine (10/10)

Maryland (10/10)


Level 65
Sep 22, 2023
Uh I had voted for Texas.
Level 65
Sep 22, 2023
Hawaii 10/10

Idaho 4/10

Illinois 6/10

Iowa 3/10

Kansas 1/10

Kentucky 8/10

Maine 2/10

Maryland 4/10

Level 70
Sep 22, 2023
Hawaii 8/10

Idaho 6/10

Illinois 6/10

Iowa 2/10

Kansas 5/10

Kentucky 3/10

Louisiana 1/10

Maine 8/10

Maryland 4/20

Level 70
Sep 22, 2023
For Maryland 4/10
Level 58
Sep 23, 2023
Hawaii 8/10

Idaho 7/10

Illinois 8/10

Iowa 8/10

Kansas 8/10

Kentucky 5/10

Louisiana 9/10

Maine 6/10

Maryland 6/10

Level 50
Sep 24, 2023
Hawaii: 7/10

Idaho: 9/10

Illinois: 1/10

Iowa: 2/10

Kansas: 4/10

Kentucky: 10/10

Louisiana: 9/10

Maine: 9/10

Maryland: 4/10

Level 63
Sep 28, 2023

Hawaii: 115

Idaho: 82

Illinois: 61

Iowa: 55

Kansas: 59

Kentucky: 63

Louisiana: 50

Maine: 90

Maryland: 62

Level 43
Sep 28, 2023
That's the final result, since voting is over.
Level 43
Sep 28, 2023
A relatively close vote, relative to the Delaware blowout.
Level 63
Sep 29, 2023
Level 62
Oct 3, 2023
Dang. I still love Louisiana.
Level 43
Oct 8, 2023
Oh. Nevermind. KilwaAfarCheese8 forgot to cast a rating for Louisiana, so his vote shouldn't count. But that still leaves Iowa with a rating of 52, which is higher than Louisiana's 50.

Also, part 11 comes out tomorrow!

Level 43
Oct 8, 2023
Final results:

Hawaii (95)

Maine (88)

Idaho (80)

Kentucky (62)

Maryland (62)

Kansas (58)

Illinois (55)

Iowa (52)

Louisiana (50)