Palapyan-Botswanan Empire - Dovewing's Interrogation


In a securely fortified room in Gaborone...

The recently captured dovewing sits on a chair at a desk, facing a Palapyan interrogation official. The room is left dark, with a single dim light somewhat illuminating the room. Two of the Alpha soldiers guard the only door, which is firmly shut and locked, and can only be opened by a secret code.

"Mister dovewing," the official said, beginning the interrogation. "Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?"

"I wouldn't count on it," dovewing sneered in reply.

The interrogator paused, but then continued. "Very well," he said. "I have a few questions to ask you, and for your own sake, I suggest you be inclined to tell us the truth."

Dovewing rolled his eyes and tried to look as disinterested as possible.

"We have been keeping an eye on you and have discovered that you have adopted a fake identity, which you have been using in any traceable transaction you have conducted. What do you have to say about this?"

"Mind your own business," dovewing sneered.

"This attitude will get you nowhere," the official said calmly. "Now please do explain your reasoning behind this fake ID."

Dovewing hesitated - trying to think of the most annoying way to put it.

"Well," he began, "like most people who use a fake ID, I did it because I didn't want anyone to trace me. Evidently it didn't really work."

"And why would you like to keep your actions hidden so much so that you were willing to go to this extreme?"

"Get to the point. You want to know what I want to hide, don't you?"

"Just answer the questions that I ask you, and we will both be happier."

"I already answered your question. I didn't want anyone to trace me."

"You have notably been in the news because of your involvements in the Belarussian and Korean independence movements. Why do you feel that these countries' need independence from their respective empires?"

"To free the innocent people from the oppressive rule."

"Oppressive? It seems that the Macedonian and Chilefornian's are hardly oppressive. It seems that you have just stirred up patriots of the former Korean Empire in these areas, and gained popularity in the movements. What then is your motive? Is it for personal popularity, does it have something to do with the Korean Empire, or is it something completely aside from these things?"

"Like I said before, I just have strong beliefs that they deserve independence."

"A biometric scan of you has been matched with a scan of tigerheart, leader of the Korean Empire. These scans are identical, so we know that you are one and the same. Do you have anything to say about this?"

"That's a violation of my privacy," dovewing said sarcastically.

"We have also discovered your interactions with another former world leader, Sultan Viniga. What have you and him been conspiring about together?"

"Nothing. We just both miss our empires, and want them back, so we have become friends."

"The kind of friends that have false identities and travel together mysteriously around sensitive areas like Riyadh, Sana'a, and Jerusalem killing and trapping spies from other countries?"

Dovewing looked confused. "I didn't do that last part! That was him!"

"So you know about it?"

Dovewing hesitated. "He mentioned it to me," he replied sheepishly.

"Another question: Are you in any way familiar with the New World Triumvirate?"

"The what?" dovewing asked, trying to play dumb.

"Don't be foolish, we know of your collaborations with Viniga and Agent X. We know about your attempt to create a mind-controlled superhuman."

"It seems you think you know a lot about me. So why ask all these questions?"

"I'm asking the questions, and you are answering them. So, what is the reason behind all of this secrecy and your interactions with Viniga and Agent X?"

"I don't know about Agent X - she is very mysterious and doesn't say much. Viniga wants the current conflict to arouse enough confusion to create the ideal social climate for his sultanate to rise once again."

"Thank you, but that's not what I asked. I want to know why you are involved in the Triumvirate."

"I thought you'd be smarter than this. I want to rule the Korean Empire again. There you go, is that enough? Will you let me go now?"

"One more thing: I want to know everything you know about Agent X. And especially any details about her and Alexander the Great."

"I already told you; she doesn't say much. All I know is she is a capable spy, and the leader of a group called the Orange Jackets. I think she answers to a higher authority though. And I don't know about Alexander, except that she planned on 'convincing' him to attack Napoleon to help out Viniga's cause."

"Thank you for your compliance, if that's what that was. I will now have you escorted to the Supreme court to be tried there."

Aqua House, Palapye

"MiecraftMan has asked us for military access to the Vampire's exclave of Burundi," QuizzerBro1 said. "Should we grant his request?"

"Sure, why not?" QuizzerBro2 answered. "It will help stabilize our relations."

Someone knocked on the door of the emperor's private chambers.

"Who is it?" QB1 called.

"It is Nguvu sir," came the urgent reply.

"Come in" QB2 said.

Nguvu opened the door and entered the chambers.

"What is it?" QB1 asked.

"Our satellites have detected the arming of nuclear missiles in Svalbard, sirs."

"Svalbard? Since when do they have missiles?"

"It appears that the former American government has stationed themselves there and has given them control of the nuclear arsenal."

"And do you have any idea if and who they plan on attacking?"

"Not really sir. Our best guess is probably the Grandese because of their disputes over Bear Island. But we also noticed something else. A Svalbardian ship was sighted of our coast, inside of our Exclusive Economic Zone. When we approached it, it turned away and headed out into open ocean. We weren't sure at first what they were doing, but we think they were spying on us, and trying to gain intel on our top-secret scouting mission in the Black Sea. We also noticed that they officially stood opposed to the Nauruan annexation of the US, and move that we supported and funded. Since they have recently opened up about their independence, we think they may have something planned. Although we hope we are wrong, they may have discovered our influence in the fall of America and are thus considering a surprise attack."

The QB's looked to each other with worried expressions.

"I think we should sound the alarms. Code White. Prepare SkyPod ZFH-17, and we will pay Svalbard a visit."

Nguvu nodded. He removed a two-way radio and relayed the QB's orders.

"Prepare SkyPod Zulu, Foxtrot, Hotel, Seventeen. This is a code white, I repeat, code white! Everyone get to your stations. We are going to visit Svalbard, and we must do it undetected."

Level 68
Oct 4, 2022

Wait, you were behind the Nauruan annexation of the US?

Level 63
Oct 4, 2022

Well we definately would have funded it, but I just made that up...

Level 60
Oct 4, 2022
Now this is difficult… I'm already at war with the Veggies, not sure if I can fight on another front. Good blog nonetheless.
Level 63
Oct 4, 2022
That's fine, I made this up so it's not necessarily canon. Even if it is though, I plan on revealing it as a big misunderstanding, and that the ship was actually spying on Equatorial Guinea or something.
Level 60
Oct 6, 2022
Good thing I saw this!
Level 63
Oct 6, 2022
Sure was!
Level 59
Oct 4, 2022
Oh, Svalbard
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Nov 16, 2022
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Nov 26, 2022
Hey QB's join the Pentete Alliance ! Its war and we need you! PS the Veggies are in it to if that's convincing enough to join.

i think goaty send you and invite to the group