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Almost every country is part of the war now. The 16th episode of DOTJE is out (finally)!

Svalbard joins the war, and now has a mess to solve. The ICC ODI World Cup has begun - being hosted by the GIE. Find out what else is happening in the DOTJE Universe!

This is a summary of the key points of my empire in the DOTJE universe - the Great Southern Empire.

A new country has emerged, and the United States may be back again. Chilefornia has joined the war, but for which side?

It's finally happened! WWIII has officially been announced by the totally-still-in-existence United Nations. Read what actually made the war escalate into a world war...

In part 12 of DOTJE, the Macedonian's have gained an ally, but also added another enemy. What is Viniga up to now, and how will Aficionado react when his empire is attacked?

It's only a matter of time before WWIII is officially declared. Countries are in civil war, the world is in disarray, Napoleon is invading Greece...

Part 10!!! The smell of war is in the air as the empires all scramble to get their hands on a magical and mysterious orb, that may unlock the secret to world domination.

Part 9 of the DOTJE series is out!

Part 8 of the series is now out! Against all odds I mustered up the motivation to finish it.

Merry Christmas! The first blog of season 2 of the series is out!

Sorry for the huge wait and thanks so much for your patience. The next episode (finally) is here!

Part 5 is here! Something big is brewing in the Age of JetPunk. Will war break out this episode? Who will be involved?

Here is a scenario of what World War 1 would be like if it were a bar fight. I got it from the internet, so this is not my own creation. I'm not sure if anyone else has seen it before and I hope you enjoy the comedic side of it.

What will happen in this episode of the story of the world during the Age of JetPunk?

Continue to follow the storyline of the world as it continues its progression through the age of JetPunk!

Here is the latest update (sorry it's so late) of the tournament that decides who our favourite JetPunk user is!

Continue the story of the empires that are beginning to form as the world enters the Age of JetPunk.

This blog is a storyline about the world as it enters the Age of JetPunk and many new Empires emerge.

I am planning on creating a new blog series about different JetPunk users creating world empires and conquering countries. I am looking for users who would like to be a part of it!

Find out who was included in the JetPunk tournament and who will progress to stage 2...

I have decided to introduce a tournament in which I will rate different JetPunkers to find out who is the greatest!

This blog will rank the top 20 best places to visit on your next Aussie holiday (post-covid).

Here is a list of places that I think have the highest chances of sparking another world war conflict.

This blog introduces you to Tasmania, and some facts and general information about the southernmost Australian state.