Dawn of the JetPunk Empires - Part IV


Seoul, South Korea - 25 October 2021

Tigerheart1919: Hmmm. I wonder if there's room for one more final empire? Well, considering we're still technically at war with the North, we may as well make it worth our while! I'll lead an army an make the Korean Empire!

Tigerheart takes a while to find enough people who are willing to make up an army. He then leads his small army into Pyongyang, but instead of fighting back, Kim Jong-un just agrees to making an empire, as long as he is the co-leader. Tigerheart agrees but secretly plots to overthrow him. Then, because tigerheart likes the Baltic states, he takes over Estonia.

Jerusalem, Viniga Sultanate - 27 October 2021

Sultan Viniga leads his army into Saudi Arabia, and Yemen and takes them over, fearing that their Islamic population will react in opposition to the Sultanate's previous actions. They also create blockade on their border with the Blaze Empire.

Middle Earth - 29 October 2021

ducklingpanda continues to fight for riches in middle earth.

Belo Horizonte, Empire of the Minas Gerais - 31 October 2021

MG: It's halloween! To celebrate I will invade  trick-or-treat in my neighbouring countries!

MG leads his army into Bolivia, and Uruguay and takes them for his own. Then he goes back home and counts the money lollies he plundered from them. His new riches are put away, to help fund any more military campaigns that he might lead.

Hobart, Great Southern Empire - 1 November 2021

Geopro: Hmm... I can't really expand any further through Asia. Maybe Africa? Yes, South Africa is still unclaimed, I will take that.

Geopro leads his army into South Africa and takes it. Whilst he is there, he discovers that the QuizzerBros are already there. They discuss the matter of who should have South Africa, and agree the Geopro will have South Africa as part of the GSE, but the QuizzerBros may have Lesotho. Because Geopro felt that it was a slightly unfair agreement, he offered to help the QB's lead a military campaign into northern Africa. They also establish a strong alliance together, and a trade agreement between their empires.

Gaziantep, Nauru Empire - 2 November 2021

Afghabwe: Wow! I really offended the Macedonian Empire when I took Turkey away from them. Maybe I should help them out a bit to improve relations?

Afghabwe takes over the Crimean Peninsula from Russia (and Ukraine) and gives it to thegoatisgoaty for a gift of appeasement. He also takes over the port countries of Djibouti and Kuwait, to establish a greater economy (because controlling most of the US isn't quite enough).

Kathmandu, Nepal - 3 November 2021

Bidhya Devi Bhandari makes a statement that Nepal exclusively controls the summit of Mount Everest, and the Imperial Union has no claim of it. When asked why this random statement was made, she replies that she didn't want to anger China, or the Imperium Sanctus because they were very powerful countries, but she felt safer making a statement against the weaker Imperial Union. This answer angered ZooTuber3000 to no end, and so he led an army into Nepal, and took it, as a show of his might. Nepal are highly embarrassed by this, as they don't stand a chance of defending themselves against the IU.

Athens, Macedonian Empire - 4 November 2021

thegoatisgoaty: Well, that was really nice of Afghabwe to give me Crimea, although it doesn't compare to him taking over Turkey. I don't really have a way of getting Turkey back though because Nauru are too strong! Instead I will take over the Balkan Peninsula, and go from there.

thgoatisgoaty and the RB's lead the Macedonian army into Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Romania and Moldova.

thegoatisgoaty: That was great! We'll continue to grow and do Alexander proud!

RB1: Yes!

RB2: Yep!

RB3: Yup!

RB4: Yeah!

RB5: Yessaree!

thegoatisgoaty asks Miecraftman for Crete back, but is rejected. thegoatisgoaty and the RB's send their army to Crete, and retake it by force.

Palapye, Palapyan/Botswanan Caliphate - 5 November 2021

QB1: Hey QB2, with Geopro's help, do you think we could expand outside of Africa?

QB2: Definately. Africa is good and all, but once you get a taste of the outside world (Barbados), now you just want more!

Geopro: I'll help you with northern Africa, but after that, I'll only support you with resources.

QB's: Ok.

Geopro and the QB's armies are sent into Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, CAR, South Sudan, Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Ghana, Togo, Burkina Faso and Mali. All these territories are given the the Palapyan/Botswanan Caliphate. Geopro then leaves and heads home to Tasmania.

The QB's however, aren't finished their conquering. They take over the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Czechia and Hungary to stabilize their economy. They decide that is enough for now because they want to keep peace with their neighbours.

Taipei, Vampire Empire - 6 November 2021

Angbo heads to Lithuania and quickly takes it before surrounding empires get any ideas.

Angbo: Yes! Now I have Vilnius as well.

He then goes to Malta and takes it, so he has Valletta as well. He also strengthens relations with Afghabwe and the Nauru Empire, and they become strong allies. With the help of Afghabwe, he takes Vancouver, and Vladivostok.

Nuuk, GrandOldLand - 7 November 2021

Clutch: Putting my sixth things sixth, I will take over Paraguay and Suriname.

MG: But neither Paraguay nor Suriname were part of your original empire!

Clutch: Oh well, there's nothing wrong with a bit of change. You'll have to get used to me taking over stuff, there's a lot more coming! Uk bluy'nten rakboth~ (translation: I can't wait!)

San Francisco, Chilefornia - 8 November 2021

Yako: Can I have Ecuador?

TheNatureThread: Why?

Yako: For my empire. I want an outpost on every continent.

TNT: But you're still a vassal of the Veggie's.

Yako: Not for long. I'm getting independence. I have their army in my control after all. I have big things planned for the AAE.

TNT: Okay. You can absolutely have Ecuador. Can I be your ally?

Yako: Sure! I'm going to build a strong quintuple entente, that should be unstopable!

Anchorage, Empire's Empire - 9 November 2021

Jetpunker180: Cold! Cold! It's so cold in my empire! I may as well make my flag 100% white! I need somewhere warmer! Is there any warm places on offer?

Everyone else: No!

Jetpunker180: Then I'll have to find a warm place that hasn't been taken yet.

Jetpunker180 searches this map and discovers that Somalia hasn't been taken yet.

Jetpunker180: Why didn't the QB's take Somalia in their African conquest?

QB1: Civil war and pirates.

QB2: Desert and poverty.

Jetpunker180: Ooh. Good thing I love poor pirates fighting a civil war in the desert!

The Empire's Empire takes Somalia.

London, British Isles Empire - 10 November 2021

BGG: To secure the arctic even more, I will take over Severny and Baffin Islands. Some big islands would make a great inclusion to the expanded British Isles.

BGG takes over Severny Island from Russia, and Baffin Island from Canada.

Tangier, Med-Atlantic Empire - 11 November 2021

turnbacktwo leads his army into Italy and takes them in a display of superior navy. He also sends his army into Vatican City, but they are able to fight them off, and the army return without the Holy See. Also, Napoleon Bonaparte claims Elba as his own to go along with Saint Helena.

Beijing, Imperium Sanctus - 12 November 2021

cathlete: When will my troops return?

cathlete radios the general of the IS's army and is pleased to hear that the area around Lake Baikal was claimed. However, the news comes that the Russian winter caught them by surprise (as it does with every invading army) and they were forced to dig in, and wait it out. cathlete is disappointed that no more conquering will be done until the winter subsides and the army can escape.

Abuja, Veggie Caliphate - 13 November 2021

Miecraftman: (through a mouthful of his veggies) Mmff... Those were delish! I'm glad we still have a steady supply of vegetables from the GIE.

Yako: Hey, Miecraftman! Can I have independence?

Miecraftman thinks about it. He doesn't want Yako to be angry.

Miecraftman: I suppose so. But can I have my army back then?

Yako: No!

Mcm: How about you keep a quarter of the troops.

Yako: Half!

Mcm: A quarter!

Yako: You can have a quarter!

Mcm: It's MY army anyway.

Yako: But you gave it to me.

Mcm: I won't give you independence if I don't get 3 quarters of my army back!

Yako: Ok. I'll keep a quarter. But I will have a ton of veggies then.

Mcm: How could you request my veggies! They are MINE!!!!!

Yako: I only need a ton. You have like millions of tons of them.

Mcm: Yeah, I guess. You can have 3 quarters of a ton then.

Yako: Great! Thanks for the independence, I'll be back...

Yerevan, Apostolic Armenian Empire - 14 November 2021

Yako: Ok, I have a quarter of the Veggie army and 3 quarters of a ton of veggies. Now to put my master plan into action! Firstly, I need allies.

Yako allies himself with thegoatisgoaty (and all of the Rb's), and Aficionado. He is already allies with theNatureThread. He also makes himself an ally of the Blaze Empire.

Yako: Now we have this quintuple entente, we need to discuss our plan for veggie destruction!

Aficionado: We should also destory the Vampires. They took Vietnam.

Yako: They stole it from the veggies too, and veggie starts with a 'v'. We'll wait for them to destroy each other first, before intervening. thegoatisgoaty, I need Serbia.

thegoatisgoaty: Sure, but why?

Yako: For my raspberries. They are my national food! I'll take over Kazakhstan, and give you some uranium bombs in exchange for Serbia. That will help you further your conquests.

Yako invades Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan, and immediately begins the production of uranium bombs. He also sends a fleet of troops to Namibia and tries to take it, but the QB's defeat him. Not all is lost though as Yako is able to steal much wildlife from the area. He loads the animals onto a boat, and takes them back to his empire.

Yako: Yes! The first stages of my plan are done. We now just have to wait for the other empires to fall into the trap that I've set for them. HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Breaking News, Worldwide - 15 November 2021

The Empires of the world have taken full advantage of the new Age of JetPunk! Many have become gargantuan superpowers and it will interesting to see what will happen next! Will a WWIII break out among the empires? What will the different sides look like? Who would win? Why are there so many questions? Here is a summary of the empires to help you keep track of them:

- The Great Southern Empire:

Capital: Hobart

Biggest city: Jakarta

Countries: Australia, New Zealand (Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin, Queenstown, Invercargill and Pavlova), Indonesia, East Timor, United States (Hawaii), Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, France (New Caledonia), South Africa.

Leader: Emperor Geopro

Population: 399 million

- The Blaze Empire:

Capital: Tehran

Biggest city: Tehran

Countries included: Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Monaco, Spain, United Kingdom (Gibraltar)

Leader: His (Great) Imperial Awesomeness, Solomon Blaze III

Population: 184 million

- Greater Indian Empire:

Capital: New Delhi

Biggest city: Delhi

Countries: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Comoros, Mauritius, France (Mayotte and Reunion), United Kingdom (BIOT), Madagascar.

Leader: Emperor Aficionado

Population: 1.946 billion

- Empire of the Minas Gerais:

Capital: Belo Horizonte

Biggest city: Sao Paulo

Countries: Brazil, Botswana (Chobe National Park), France (French Polynesia), Uruguay, Bolivia.

Leader: MG17

Population: 227 million

- The Pacific Empire:

Capital: Suva

Biggest city: Tokyo

Countries included: Samoa, Tonga, Fiji, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Solomon Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Palau, Philippines, Vanuatu, Japan

Leader: FacterLiger0804

Population: 237 million

- The Nauru Empire:

Capital: Gaziantep

Biggest city: New York

Countries: Nauru, Tuvalu, United States (Except for Hawaii, Alaska, the Carolinas, Wisconsin, California, Virginia and overseas territories), New Zealand (North Island except for Wellington), Turkey, Djibouti, Kuwait.

Leader: Afghabwe

Population: 340 million

- The Imperial Union:

Capital: Reykjavik

Biggest city: Vancouver

Countries: Iceland, Oman, Papua New Guinea, Trinidad and Tobago, Canada (British Columbia), United States (Puerto Rico), China (Tibet), Nepal.

Leader: ZooTuber3000

Population: 52 million

- The Macedonian Empire:

Capital: Athens

Biggest city: Athens

Countries: Greece, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Albania, Georgia, Kosovo, Romania, Moldova, Russia (Crimea), Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Turkey.

Leader: thegoatisgoaty

Population: 74 million

- The Palapyan/Botswanan Caliphate:

Capital: Palapye/Gaborone

Biggest City: Kinshasa

Countries included: Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Malawi, Congo, D.R. Congo, Gabon, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Eswatini, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Barbados, Lesotho, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Central African Republic, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan, Togo, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Mali, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic.

Leader: The QuizzerBros

Population: 705 million

- The Vampire Empire:

Capital: Taipei

Biggest city: Ho Chi Minh City

Countries: Taiwan, United States (overseas territories and Virginia), Vietnam, Vanuatu, Venezuela, Vatican City, Spain (Valencia), Lithuania, Malta, Russia (Vladivostok), Canada (Vancouver).

Leader: Angbo

Population: 166 million

- GrandOldLand:

Capital: Nuuk

Biggest city: Luanda

Countries: Canada (Newfoundland, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba), Denmark (Greenland), Angola, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Belize, United States (Wisconsin), Suriname, Paraguay.

Leader: ClutchNferno

Population: 116 million

- Chilefornia:

Capital: San Francisco

Biggest city: Mexico City

Countries: United States (California), Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile (besides Southern part)

Leader: TheNatureThread

Population: 316 million

National food: Dhokla, Dabeli, Burritos and Tacos

- Republic of Carolina:

Capital: Charlotte

Biggest city: Charlotte

Countries: United States (Carolinas), United Kingdom (Bermuda)

Leader: JackQuizzer

Population: 15 million

- The Empire's Empire:

Capital: Juneau

Biggest city: Anchorage

Countries: United States (Alaska), Russia (Siberia), Somalia

Leader: Jetpunker180

Population: 49 million

- British Isles Empire:

Capital: London

Biggest city: London

Countries: United Kingdom, Ireland, Iceland, Russia (Severny Island), Canada (Baffin Island).

Leader: BigGeographyGuy

Population: 72 million

Vassals: Duchy of Wyvernia (Leader: NiobiumVoid)

- Med-Atlantic Empire:

Capital: Tangier

Biggest city: Casablanca

Countries: Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal, Gambia, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Cape Verde, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Cyprus, France, Portugal, Guyana, Grenada, Ivory Coast, Benin, Italy (except for Elba).

Leader: turnbacktwo

Population: 371 million

- Imperium Sanctus:

Capital: Beijing

Biggest city: Guangzhou

Countries: China (minus southern Tibet), Mongolia, Russia (around Lake Baikal)

Leader: cathlete

Population: 1.402 billion

- Veggie Caliphate:

Capital: Abuja

Biggest city: Lagos

Countries: Nigeria, Armenia, Niger, Greece (Crete), Iraq, Syria

Leader: MiecraftMan

Population: 223 million

Vassals: Apostolic Armenian Empire (Leader: YakosaysBOT5WANA)

Viniga Sultanate:

Capital: Jerusalem

Biggest City: Cairo

Countries: Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Yemen

Leader: Sultan Viniga

Population: 196 million

National Food: Salt and Vinegar Chips

Second German Empire:

Capital: Berlin

Biggest City: The Ruhr, Cologne/Dusseldorf or Berlin

Countries: Germany, Poland

Leader: Felix1958

Population: 121 million

Middle Earth Empire:

Capital: Unknown

Biggest City: Unknown

Countries: Unknown

Leader: ducklingpanda1245

Population: Unknown

Korean Empire:

Capital: Seoul

Biggest City: Seoul

Countries: North Korea, South Korea, Estonia

Leader: Tigerheart1919

Population: 79 million

Apostolic Armenian Empire:

Capital: Yerevan

Biggest City: Baghdad

Countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Ecuador, Iraq, Syria, Serbia.

Leader: YakosaysBOT5WANA

Population: 114 million

National Food: Raspberry tarts with rose oil

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