Dawn of the JetPunk Empires - Part V


Seoul, Korean Empire - 16 November 2021

tigerheart: My national food is now bibimbap. I will now take over the world, whether or not the countries I desire are already taken! First of all, Latvia.

tigerheart sends his army from Estonia and takes Latvia.

tigerheart: Wow, that was easy. I will not stop there. Also I will take Ghana.

tigerheart goes to Ghana and fights the QuizzerBros' army for control of Ghana. He annexes it. He then decides to invade the Second German Empire. thegoatisgoaty (leader of the Macedonian Empire) warns him that if he does so, he will be at war with him. Although tigerheart wants to stay neutral, he still wants everything under the sun, and so he invades the Second German Empire. He breezes through Poland, but doesn't invade Germany because Felix's army is too strong and would defeat him if he did so. thegoatisgoaty declares war on tigerheart.

Despite being at war with Macedonia, he goes to Bahamas and takes it. Seeing how easy that was, he continues through the Caribbean, and takes all of the island nations there.

He then returns to Europe and takes Austria from the QB's. He also annexes Italy from turnbacktwo.

His recent movements anger thegoatisgoaty, the QuizzerBros, Felix, Clutch, turnbacktwo and Yako. They are annoyed, but only thegoatisgoaty is at war, although he does nothing.

tigerheart rests back and enjoys his new land. Will that stop him from asking for more? Only time will tell.

Hobart, Great Southern Empire - 17 November 2021

Geopro: I have an alliance with the QuizzerBros, and trade partnerships with Aficionado, and McKenzieFam. I heard about the formation of the quintuple pentente but I don't know if I want to take sides yet. Instead I need more land, to extend the Great Southern Empire!

Geopro moves his troops into the Falklands, but decides not to take them because of the miserable weather. He considers invading Argentina, but he decides not to get onto MG's bad side. Instead he makes a trade agreement with the QB's and receives Tanzania in exchange for New Zealand's South Island.

Tehran, Blaze Empire - 18 November 2021

Yako: Hey Solomon. I will give you back Iraq and Syria in exchange for Turkmenistan.

Solomon: Great, that is fine with me because we are allies. Also, because I gave you Turkmenistan, can I have special access to the Space fields of Kazakhstan?

Yako: No way! Kazakhstan is mine. No one else will get my uranium.

Solomon: Ok. I will become the King of Outer Space though. I'll have to take over Russia or something instead. I don't think Afghabwe is interested in space anyway, even though he owns NASA.

Delhi, Greater Indian Empire - 19 November 2021

Aficionado: Solomon. I am interested in space as well. Maybe we could partner up in exploration. I am looking for aliens to strike against the Vampires.

McKenzieFam: Ok, you can have the aliens we find.

Yako: Aficionado. Can you annex Bhutan and give it to me please. For..... reasons.

Aficionado: Only if you give us access to the space fields in Kazakhstan.

Yako: Never mind then. I'll get Bhutan myself. thegoatisgoaty might be taking Russia though, so you can explore space from there.

Aficionado: thegoatisgoaty. Is that ok.

thegoatisgoaty: Ok. On one condition.

Aficionado: What's that?

thegoatisgoaty: I'll let you know....but it's top secret...

Belo Horizonte, Empire of the Minas Gerais - 20 November 2021

Yako: MG. Can I please have Bolivia and Uruguay?

MG: Not Uruguay, but you can have Bolivia.

Yako: Great.

MG: I will take Argentina though.

MG marches into Argentina and takes it. He meets Geopro whilst doing so, and Geopro lets him have Argentina to avoid conflict and because it's more practical and sensible.

Suva, Pacific Empire - 21 November 2021

FacterLiger: Well. I have accomplished all I set out to do. I have taken control of most of the Pacific. I will ask Afghabwe if he will give me the North Island of New Zealand. Afghabwe?

Afghabwe: Yes, you can have it and Tuvalu. I want to focus on my more important land, like Nauru.

Gaziantep, Nauru Empire - 22 November 2021

thegoatisgoaty: Hey Afghabwe. Yesterday you gave FacterLiger some land. Can you give me Turkey back please?

Afghabwe: No, sorry. I am from Turkey. But in exchange for keeping Turkey, I will give you NASA. Now you have something to trade to McKenzieFam and Aficionado. Anyway, you already have Crimea.

thegoatisgoaty: But I really want Turkey back. Hold on, if I take Eastern Europe over, then I'll have much more than I would if I had Turkey. McKenzieFam, I will give you NASA in exchange for Syria and Iraq (because of their ancient cities).

McKenzieFam: I will only give you Syria, not Iraq!

thegoatisgoaty: Ok.

Reykjavik, Imperial Union - 23 November 2021

ZooTuber3000: There is not much land left that no empire has conquered. I want my empire to be unique, so I'm gonna conquer some distinct provinces and small countries.

ZT3000 travels to Slovakia and conquers it before someone else does. He then goes to Luxembourg and takes it too. He also makes the draining hike through the Pyrenees, and he makes it to Andorra. He only just conquers it, because his army is exhausted after their long trek up the mountains.

Athens, Macedonian Empire - 24 November 2021

thegoatisgoaty: I will not stop my empire at the Balkan Peninsula. I will go further and make the Great Alexander proud!

RB1: Alexander the Great*

RB2: Even though we're not taking the same land, we will not stop expanding.

RB3: We are at war with the Korean Empire remember.

RB4: Yeah. What will we do?

RB5: thegoatisgoaty has a master plan.

thegoatisgoaty: Yes, I do. I promised to crush Korea, and crush them I will. But first we need to take Eastern Europe.

thegoatisgoaty and the RB's lead their army of little Alexanders into Ukraine, Belarus and European Russia. They also take Kalningrad and give that to Felix who begins creating a huge light missile launcher to strike against tigerheart in Poland.

Palapye, Botswanan/Palapyan Caliphate - 25 November 2021

QuizzerBro 1: We have lost some of the land we used to have to tigerheart and his Korean army.

QuizzerBro 2: What will we do in response?

QB1: thegoatisgoaty has declared war on tigerheart. Should we do the same?

thegoatisgoaty: Yes, you should. Will you join me in attacking them?

QB2: Ummm.... We'll think about it.

QB1 and QB2 huddle together and discuss the matter between themselves.

QB1: We'll let you know our decision soon. We may attack them, but we may stay neutral despite tigerhearts actions.

QB2: Should we take over Chad?

QB1: No. Miecraftman and his Veggies are going to take that. We don't want to start a war with them.

QB2: What will we do then?

QB1: I don't know. We already have heaps of land but some of it has been taken away from us. We should focus on stabilizing our economy.

QB2: We have the economy of Spain and Monaco remember?

QB1: Yes, but our other countries have extremely low GDP per capita rates. We should increase our GDP and industry now.

QB2: Ok. We should fund mining, agriculture and tourism then. And also expand our manufacturing industry.

QB1: Yes. And we should increase trade with other empires.

Miecraftman: I will trade some Veggies for some of your African land.

QB2: Ok. We will give you CAR, South Sudan and Sudan in exchange for 10 tons of magical vegetables.

Miecraftman: Deal!

Yako: Hey QB's. Can I have Equatorial Guinea and Namibia? I will give you some uranium in exchange.

QB's: You can have Equatorial Guinea. I guess you can have Namibia too considering we have heaps of coastline now anyway. How much uranium will you give us?

Yako: 2 tons! I still have masses of uranium. We recently discovered a new store of uranium in Kazakhstan!

QB's: Ok, brilliant. The land is yours!

Aficionado: Can I have Mozambique please? I need it to have a port on the African mainland, and as a way to trade with Geopro through Africa.

QB's: What's in it for us?

Aficionado: I'll give you one ton of titanium.

QB's: Yes please.

Yako: Will you still give me enough titanium for a wall around Armenia?

Aficionado: I don't have enough left. But I can give you enough for a wall around Yerevan.

Yako: Ok. That'll do then.

QB1: We should start mining at once around Lake Victoria. Legend has it that there is a small store of vibranium to be found there. We will find it and use it to manufacture unstoppable weapons of mass destruction!

The QuizzerBros' employ miners to search for vibranium stores and they find a small amount. The QB's then hire the smartest geological scientist in the world to come and study the vibranium. The manufacturing industry begins work on creations involving the empires newly acquired titanium and uranium, along with the vibranium. The scientist makes a startling discovery as he creates an alloy of these three elements. He shows the QuizzerBros' and together they explore its powers. They keep the alloy a secret from the rest of the world as they test it and study its extraordinary capabilities.

Taipei, Vampire Empire - 26 November 2021

Angbo: What else starts with a V? Maybe I could try to attack the Veggies or the Vinigas? Or I could ally with them? Yes I will create an alliance like the pentente.

MiecraftMan: Yes, I will join an alliance with you Angbo.

cathlete: Me too! I need some support until my army returns.

Angbo: We will not be hostile to other empires yet though. We need to be friendly with the members of the pentente because they are extremely powerful!

Afghabwe: Can I join the alliance?

Angbo: Yup. What should we call the alliance?

Miecraftman: Veggie Powers?

cathlete: Vampire/Veggie/Imperium/Nauru Alliance?

Afghabwe: The quadralliance?

Angbo: I like quadralliance, but is it too close to the quadruple alliance? Their members might get too angry.

Afghabwe: How about the quadfederation? Or the Quadruple Union? Or the quadrapact? Or the Quadrabloc? Or the Quadalition? Or the Quadtente? Or the Quadtreaty? Or the Quadraleague?

Angbo: Wow. So many great options! Maybe we should make a placeholder name in case more empires join?

cathlete: Who else should we ask to join?

Miecraftman: I think we should ask the QuizzerBros to join. They are very powerful and rich. And we should ask MG too, before he joins the pentente. Also, the Pacific Empire and the Imperial Union would be good. Geopro wants to stay neutral for now, so the Great Southern Empire won't join an alliance.

Angbo: QuizzerBros, MG, FacterLiger, ZooTuber: Would you like to join our group?

QuizzerBros: Sorry. We're too busy at the moment doing some secret stuff.

MG: Idk. Not yet. I'll wait to see who I should join.

FacterLiger: Yes, I would like that. Especially if I can ally with Nauru.

ZooTuber: Join an alliance with cathlete? I'd like to, but he doesn't like me that much after the whole Tibet thing.

Angbo: FacterLiger joined us! It's not quad anymore.

FacterLiger: How about we call the alliance the Infinity League? Then it doesn't matter how many empires join us.

Angbo: All in favour of Infinity League say "Aye".

Miecraftman: Aye

cathlete: Aye

Afghabwe: Aye

FL: Aye

Angbo: Aye. All against say "Nay".

cathlete: Nay

Angbo: But you already said Aye. I think it's decided. The Infinity League! That sounds pretty cool...

Angbo then takes unclaimed Burundi and trades Maracaibo for Veracruz with TNT.

Nuuk, GrandOldLand - 27 November 2021

Clutch: I will send some spies into my neighbour empires to check that they aren't doing anything suspicious.

Clutch sends 3 spies into Chilefornia, 3 into Minas Gerais, 3 into Korea, and 3 into Nauru.

All of the spies return and report to Clutch that nothing suspicious is going on in any of these empires except that the STF of Brazil are currently involved in a jail-break and are escaping prison to their secret hide-out in the Amazon. They are plotting to destroy MG and his empire.

San Francisco, Chilefornia - 28 November 2021

TheNatureThread: I must stabilize my trade with Aficionado for his Dhokla and Dabeli. I also will trade with him for sulfuric acid. I will trade with the QuizzerBros for their nitric acid from Belgium.

TNT uses these acids to combine with his natural toluene and create TNT. He decides to stack up his TNT stores in case he needs to use them in the future.

TNT uses his TNT stocks to invade and conquer Sao Tome and Principe.

Juneau, Empire's Empire - 29 November 2021

Jetpunker180: Should I join one of the alliances? Hmm. I might let it sit for now. I don't want to anger the alliance that I don't join. I'm going to spend some money on a bridge to connect Alaska and Siberia for when the sea isn't frozen. Then I can visit my Russian territories by the bullet train network I'm going to build.

London, British Isles Empire - 30 November 2021

BGG: I will send my troops to the Falklands and capture them. Their weather is very miserable, but I'm used to that here in the UK.

BGG's army easily captures the Falklands because Argentina is controlled by MG now.

NiobiumVoid: Can I control the whole British Isles under you, and you can focus on the exploration of the poles?

BGG: That's fine with me.

BGG heads to Antarctica but meets the leaders of many other empires there. Everyone wants a piece of the unclaimed icy continent. In a treaty of compromise, the following territories are ceded to the following empires:

Australian Antarctic territory - Great Southern Empire

United Kingdom's claims - British Isles Empire

Chilean Antarctic Territory and Marie Byrd Land - Chilefornia

Norway's claims - Greater Indian Empire

France's clams - Veggie Caliphate

Argentina's claims - Macedonian Empire

New Zealand's claims - Blaze Empire

MiecraftMan: QB's, do you want to exchange some land in northern Africa for France's claims in Antarctica?

QB's: You can have Eritrea.

MCM: Ok. Deal.

Tangier, Med-Atlantic Empire - 1 December 2021

turnbacktwo heads to Azores and takes them for his empire. He also takes the Balearic Islands and Corsica.

Beijing, Imperium Sanctus - 2 December 2021

cathlete waits patiently in his mansion in Beijing for his army to return from the Siberian winter. He ponders what his actions will be when they return. Who will he conquer? What alliances and trade agreements will he make? He prepares himself for action.

Abuja, Veggie Caliphate - 3 December 2021

MiecraftMan: Chad is left unclaimed. I will be quick to claim it before anyone else does. I will create more factories for the production of more Veggies.

MiecraftMan builds an enormous cannon and fills it with tons and tons of fertilizer that he got as part of the trade agreement from QuizzerBros' holdings in Togo. He fires them into the sky over Chad and Niger, and the fertilizer spreads, causing the sandy desert to become nutritional soil to grow more Veggies. The only problem is that the soil is sandy, and it is hot and sunny, so he can only grow tropical fruit.

MCM sends his army to the Viniga Sultanate and proposes that their empires should be joined. Sultan Viniga agrees, as long as he can keep Yemen. MCM says he needs Yemen, and so it has to be part of the joint empire. Viniga refuses to give it up, and after a prolonged argument, MCM decides to invade the Sultanate, and take it by force instead. thgoatisgoaty also helps MCM in the resistance of Vinigan revolt, and in exchange is given Israel, Palestine and Egypt for their ancient cities.

Jerusalem, Macedonian Empire - 4 December 2021

Viniga: Oh well. It is what it is. I should never have messed with the powerful army of the Veggies. It was all a bit of fun anyway, no matter how short my empire lasted.

Viniga immediately begins plotting his return to power and strength, and his plan of revenge against the Veggie Caliphate and MCM.

Berlin, Second German Empire - 5 December 2021

Felix: Darn those filthy Koreans. I need Poland back. There's no point in having an empire, if it's only one country anyway!

thegoatisgoaty: Hey Felix! I've got a plan and I need your help.

Felix: Ok, can you explain your plan then?

thegoatisgoaty: Sure. But remember, it's top secret.

Middle Earth Empire - 6 December 2021

ducklingpanda continues to wreck havoc on his foes in Middle Earth, and is able to film a new LOTR movie, with him as a new main character in his downtime. He sends his finished product back to earth, and it breaks box office records within minutes of its release.

Yerevan, Apostolic Armenian Empire - 7 December 2021

Yako: I now have Turkmenistan, Bolivia, Equatorial Guinea, Namibia and enough titanium to build a protective wall around Yerevan.

Yako forces the whole population of Azerbaijan to begin construction on the wall immediately. He then sends his Armenian troops into Uzbekistan to connect Kazakhstan to Turkmenistan. The Uzbeks fight hard, but are no match for the giant crashing in on them. Yako smiles to himself: His plans are continuing in the right direction.

He collects animals from the Galapagos Archipelago in Ecuador and brings them to Azerbaijan. He lets them graze in the vast pastures near his brand new nuclear reactor outside Baku.

thegoatisgoaty: Hey Yako. I need your help with a top secret mission.

Yako: Ok, what do you want me to do?

thegoatisgoaty: It's top secret....

Saint Helena, United Kingdom - 8 December 2021

Napoleon: I have my own empire again! Emperor Napoleon is back!

Breaking News, Worldwide - 9 December 2021

Wow! The Empire's have certainly made some newsworthy changes lately! A new and powerful alliance called the Infinity League has formed. Will they oppose the Quintuple Pentente? YakosaysBOT5WANA has made some progress on his mysterious plans, and thegoatisgoaty has been sighted visiting different leaders and the suspicious behaviour is still a mystery to us. The QuizzerBros' have become the richest empire in the world, but the source of their profits are still mostly undisclosed. And a new movie has been released which broke box office records in 10 minutes after its release! The movie is called The Lord of the Rings: The Conquests of Mighty Ducklingpanda. I can't wait to see it! And lastly, Napoleon Bonaparte has returned from the dead, and now leads his own empire. Here is a summary of the empires:

- The Great Southern Empire:

Capital: Hobart

Biggest city: Jakarta

Countries: Australia, New Zealand (Wellington, South Island and Pavlova), Indonesia, East Timor, United States (Hawaii), Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, France (New Caledonia), South Africa, Tanzania.

Leader: Emperor Geopro

Population: 459 million

- The Blaze Empire:

Capital: Tehran

Biggest city: Tehran

Countries included: Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Monaco, Spain, United Kingdom (Gibraltar), Syria, Iraq, New Zealand (Antarctica), Turkmenistan.

Leader: His (Great) Imperial Awesomeness, Solomon Blaze III

Population: 234 million

- Greater Indian Empire:

Capital: New Delhi

Biggest city: Delhi

Countries: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Comoros, Mauritius, France (Mayotte and Reunion), United Kingdom (BIOT), Madagascar, Norway (Antarctica), Mozambique.

Leader: Emperor Aficionado

Population: 1.977 billion

- Empire of the Minas Gerais:

Capital: Belo Horizonte

Biggest city: Sao Paulo

Countries: Brazil, Botswana (Chobe National Park), France (French Polynesia), Uruguay, Bolivia, Argentina.

Leader: MG17

Population: 260 million

- The Pacific Empire:

Capital: Suva

Biggest city: Tokyo

Countries included: Samoa, Tonga, Fiji, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Solomon Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Palau, Philippines, Vanuatu, Japan, Tuvalu, New Zealand (North Island except for Wellington).

Leader: FacterLiger0804

Population: 241 million

- The Nauru Empire:

Capital: Gaziantep

Biggest city: New York

Countries: Nauru, Tuvalu, United States (Except for Hawaii, Alaska, the Carolinas, Wisconsin, California, Virginia and overseas territories), New Zealand (North Island except for Wellington), Turkey, Djibouti, Kuwait.

Leader: Afghabwe

Population: 340 million

- The Imperial Union:

Capital: Reykjavik

Biggest city: Kathmandu

Countries: Iceland, Oman, Papua New Guinea, Trinidad and Tobago, Canada (British Columbia), United States (Puerto Rico), China (Tibet), Nepal, Slovakia, Luxembourg, Andorra.

Leader: ZooTuber3000

Population: 58 million

- The Macedonian Empire:

Capital: Athens

Biggest city: Moscow

Countries: Greece, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Albania, Georgia, Kosovo, Romania, Moldova, Russia (European part), Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine, Belarus, Israel (Jerusalem), Egypt, Syria.

Leader: thegoatisgoaty

Population: 355 million

- The Palapyan/Botswanan Caliphate:

Capital: Palapye/Gaborone

Biggest City: Kinshasa

Countries included: Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Malawi, Congo, D.R. Congo, Gabon, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Eswatini, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Barbados, Lesotho, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Central African Republic, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan, Togo, ~, Burkina Faso, Mali, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, New Zealand (South Island), France (Antarctica).

Leader: The QuizzerBros

Population: 512 million

- The Vampire Empire:

Capital: Taipei

Biggest city: Ho Chi Minh City

Countries: Taiwan, United States (overseas territories and Virginia), Vietnam, Vanuatu, Venezuela (except Maracaibo), Vatican City, Spain (Valencia), Lithuania, Malta, Russia (Vladivostok), Canada (Vancouver), Mexico (Veracruz), Burundi.

Leader: Angbo

Population: 183 million

- GrandOldLand:

Capital: Nuuk

Biggest city: Luanda

Countries: Canada (Newfoundland, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba), Denmark (Greenland), Angola, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Belize, United States (Wisconsin), Suriname, Paraguay.

Leader: ClutchNferno

Population: 116 million

- Chilefornia:

Capital: San Francisco

Biggest city: Mexico City

Countries: United States (California), Mexico (except for Veracruz), Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile (besides Southern part), Venezuela (Maracaibo), Sao Tome and Principe.

Leader: TheNatureThread

Population: 311 million

National food: Dhokla, Dabeli, Burritos and Tacos

- Republic of Carolina:

Capital: Charlotte

Biggest city: Charlotte

Countries: United States (Carolinas), United Kingdom (Bermuda)

Leader: JackQuizzer

Population: 15 million

- The Empire's Empire:

Capital: Juneau

Biggest city: Anchorage

Countries: United States (Alaska), Russia (Siberia), Somalia

Leader: Jetpunker180

Population: 49 million

- British Isles Empire:

Capital: London

Biggest city: London

Countries: United Kingdom, Ireland, Iceland, Russia (Severny Island), Canada (Baffin Island).

Leader: BigGeographyGuy

Population: 72 million

Vassals: Duchy of Wyvernia (Leader: NiobiumVoid)

- Med-Atlantic Empire:

Capital: Tangier

Biggest city: Milan

Countries: Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal, Gambia, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Cape Verde, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Cyprus, France, Portugal, Guyana, Grenada, Ivory Coast, Benin, Italy (except for Elba), Spain (Balearic Islands).

Leader: turnbacktwo

Population: 312 million

- Imperium Sanctus:

Capital: Beijing

Biggest city: Guangzhou

Countries: China (minus southern Tibet), Mongolia, Russia (around Lake Baikal)

Leader: cathlete

Population: 1.402 billion

- Veggie Caliphate:

Capital: Abuja

Biggest city: Lagos

Countries: Nigeria, Armenia, Niger, Greece (Crete), Iraq, Syria, Chad, Eritrea, Central African Republic, South Sudan, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel (besides Jerusalem).

Leader: MiecraftMan

Population: 392 million

Vassals: Apostolic Armenian Empire (Leader: YakosaysBOT5WANA)

Viniga Sultanate:

Capital: Jerusalem

Biggest City: Cairo

Countries: Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Yemen

Leader: Sultan Viniga

Population: 0 million

National Food: Salt and Vinegar Chips

Second German Empire:

Capital: Berlin

Biggest City: The Ruhr, Cologne/Dusseldorf or Berlin

Countries: Germany, Russia (Kaliningrad), Poland

Leader: Felix1958

Population: 84 million

Middle Earth Empire:

Capital: Unknown

Biggest City: Unknown

Countries: Unknown

Leader: ducklingpanda1245

Population: Unknown

Korean Empire:

Capital: Seoul

Biggest City: Seoul

Countries: North Korea, South Korea, Estonia, Latvia, Ghana, Austria, Poland, Bahamas, Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Saint Lucia, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Grenada, Dominica, Barbados, Italy (except for Elba).

Leader: Tigerheart1919

Population: 225 million

Apostolic Armenian Empire:

Capital: Yerevan

Biggest City: Tashkent

Countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Ecuador, Iraq, Syria, Serbia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Equatorial Guinea, Namibia, Bhutan, Bolivia.

Leader: YakosaysBOT5WANA

Population: 113 million

National Food: Raspberry tarts with rose oil

Grande Empire:

Capital: Half Tree Hollow

Biggest city: Portoferraio

Countries: United Kingdom (Saint Helena), Italy (Elba)

Leader: Napoleon Bonaparte

Population: 35 thousand

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