Countries of the EU - in Song!


Here are the lyrics to the song. I hope you enjoy it.

Verse 1

Ireland has Dublin, Finland has Helsinki, Austria,

That would be Vienna, Sofia is in Bulgaria.

Belgium, Brussels. France? It has Paris,

Greece? It has Athens. Hungary,

It has Budapest, and you will find that Rome's in Italy!

Verse 2

Latvia, it has Ri-ga, Estoni-a, it has Tallinn,

Cyprus has Nicosia, in Portugal, you'll see Lisbon.

Malta has Valletta, and then the Netherlands, it has Amsterdam,

Spain? Madrid, and Sweden is Stockholm, then in Croatia, there's Zagreb.

Denmark, Copenhagen, we've got 19 countries out of bed!

Verse 3 (Ending)

Poland, it has Warsaw, and then the Czech Republic, it has its Prague,

Germany, it has Berlin, and Luxembourg is Luxembourg!
Romania has Bucharest, and Lithuania, Vilnius,
Slovakia, Bratislava, Slovenia, Ljubljana for us!
Level 32
Aug 16, 2021
Impressive nice lyrics although the beat is a bit stiff.
Level 51
Aug 17, 2021