Good Quizmakers... But No Features?



This is not your average JetPunk-related blog. In this blog, I've ranked the top 10 quizmakers without a featured quiz in the top 1,500 of quizmakers on JetPunk. Keep in mind that the ranking is subjective, so while you are free to disagree, it remains far more important to appreciate the quality of these quizmakers with constructive critique.
DISCLAIMER: This is by no means meant to be a disparagement towards any of these quizmakers or their work. I acknowledge I could never produce anything at their level myself.
Without further ado, here is my top 10:

#10: ThomasAndersonn

Quizzes: 71

Takes: 24,970
Quizmaker Rank: #952

ThomasAndersonn has made quizzes on all of the municipalities of Italy's regions. No, I'm not kidding - and of course he's translated the series into Italian. He also has quizzes on the chapters of Harry Potter, although those are less impressive than his maps, but not bad overall! Here's a map of his:

ThomasAndersson's map of the municipalities of Calabria

#9: serpentiner

Takes: 13,733

Quizzes: 101
Quizmaker Rank: #1,459

serpentiner: a quizmaker you definitely haven't heard of. Their Merged Flags series and Road Trip series are both quite nice (although they are both copied off other ideas on the site, they are decently executed and visibly different from the original), but I also thought their Stockholm Metro Stations quiz had a good SVG. Of course, they've also translated it into Swedish.

serpentiner's SVG for their Stockholm Metro Stations quiz

#8: Nedpet

Takes: 74,293

Quizzes: 248

Quizmaker Rank: #424

Nedpet has some nice city quizzes! They have made a 1M+ cities quiz for North America (but an earlier, albeit less accurate one was made), and it is a part of their overall series, "Every 1,000,000+ City" (which you city memorizers may want to take a look at). However, their type-ins do need work and aren't lenient enough from what I can tell, none of their quizzes have been updated this year at all, and some of their quizzes have already been made by other users (although I'm not sure if they're aware of that). Overall, though, their quizzes are a good resource for learning cities.

The SVG Nedpet used for their "Every 100k+ Western European City on a Map" quiz

#7: SilverDog

Takes: 65,702

Quizzes: 407
Quizmaker Rank: #447

You may know SilverDog for his incredibly detailed, well-graphed, and explanatory blogs on Geography Snap, but he makes some good quizzes too! His Daily Country Riddles cover almost every country, and they have been translated into French as well! But not only that, he has made a 15-question quiz on trivia surrounding JetPunk. Not too complicated, but rather simple and fun.

#6: hugopernia

Quizzes: 178

Takes: 33,398
Quizmaker Rank: #778

hugopernia - another quizmaker with a focus on cities making their mark on this list! Unlike Nedpet, their type-ins appear to be fine, and they've got some good series, like "30 biggest European cities by letter (with a map)" and "Biggest cities with a blank map". Similar to Nedpet, however, not all of these quizzes aren't consistently updated, although to be fair, it's not easy to update all of them and he may not have remembered or wants to, and unlike the former, he has a decent chunk of new quizzes produced and/or updated this very year. Nevertheless, they are still good quizzes, especially for learning cities.

Here's one I didn't mention: hugopernia's SVG for his "100 Biggest Natural Lakes in Europe" quiz

#5: Insaniot

Takes: 46,466

Quizzes: 360
Quizmaker Rank: #571

Insaniot: a great blogger who you might recognize for his Quiz Creation Challenges, or QCCs. However, his quizzes are rock-solid! Not only has he made a Category Elimination Quiz for Super Smash Bros. characters, but he has also made a crossword for Super Smash Bros.! Unlike other users who stick to a specific topic, he has made SVGs, large text quizzes, and even some word quizzes apart from that! He is very skilled and versed in all of these forms of quizmaking if you ask me, which really separates him from many others here.

#4: MaxStickies

Quizzes: 485

Takes: 27,243
Quizmaker Rank: #899

MaxStickies has some pretty damn good maps! Just click on his second most popular quiz, and you'll see this excellent map (the first image). Not only that, but his Former Nations and Civilisations on a Map is really good - and I do mean really good, he brings history to life on this site despite not having any features.

MaxStickies' map on his "Former Nations and Civilizations on a World Map #1" quiz
Here's another one from his "Former Nations and Civilisations on a Map of Asia #2" quiz

#3: Syhill

Quizzes: 82

Takes: 22,284

Quizmaker Rank: #1,035

Syhill possibly has some of the most ingenious quizzes in this blog. For one, look at his Minesweeper series - the maps are excellent, and the CSS is well-drawn. The only two criticisms I really have of this quizmaker is that the time allotted allows for people to spam random countries in that series, as well as in a decent chunk of their other quizzes. But most are incredibly creative, and I found this other quiz series of his to be very enjoyable as well.

Here's a tutorial on how to play (but I'm too stupid to get it).
Wanna learn how to play "Map Minesweeper"? Well, use the tutorial linked above!

#2: Dimby

Takes: 36,327

Quizzes: 495
Quizmaker Rank: #718

Dimby has some incredibly creative quizzes! I love his Click Chain series (seriously, go play all of them - they're all fantastic), they kept me on my toes as I was taking it to not miss any of the questions. Not only that, but he has some great word quizzes too, especially his SAT Words Click Quiz series! But I'd argue his pièce de résistance is his Hack the Quiz series, where you must mash the numbers on your keyboard to work your way to the answer - all within a minute! He may not have the most fancy or breathtaking SVG maps, but these sure as heck are fun to play!

#1: Fuse

Takes: 36,697

Quizzes: 62
Quizmaker Rank: #711

You may have played Fuse's crossword series before, and although not unique to him (not to knock him off or anything), they are quite fun for a reason and much better-excecuted than any other crossword I've seen on the site (yes, play them all too)! Not only are those crosswords good, but they are in a nice Goldilocks zone - most are not too easy nor too hard, and depend on your real level of knowledge, like your average good JetPunk quiz. Plus, their design is smooth, the style is nice, what more could you ask for? But he has also made some incredible SVGs! I mean, just look at these... they're beautiful!

Fuse's SVG for his "British Members of Parliament" quiz
Fuse's SVG for his "Blackpool Tram Stops" quiz

Hence, not only is Fuse an underrated quizmaker, but you can tell that most of his quizzes have great quality - and I can still tell you you're going to like his crosswords just as much as his wonderful designs!


Many quizmakers don't get the takes they deserve. So I encourage you to go out there and take some of their quizzes - for all you know, your takes could make the day of any one of these people - or a potential feature that has evaded them for far too long. Thank you for reading, and always, and I do mean always - have fun quizzing.

Level 77
Oct 16, 2023
I am so sorry, I accidentally deleted the original version of this after a title error. Did not mean to do that.

I am also aware that this blog is outdated now, as SilverDog and Dimby both have features now. Either way, I'll leave it up in its original form, as I'm not going to edit the thing now.

Thanks for the understanding!

Level 63
Oct 16, 2023
Fuse doesn't have a feature? That's ridiculous!
Level 77
Oct 29, 2023
I know, right? I hope he gets one soon, he absolutely deserves it.
Level 67
Oct 17, 2023
Great quizmaker list, I'll be sure to get around to taking some of these and showing my support!
Level 77
Oct 29, 2023
Thank you! I'm glad that you've enjoyed some of these quizmakers.
Level 59
Oct 19, 2023
i made a blog like this once and the backlash was so bad that i deleted it :(
Level 77
Oct 29, 2023
Hey, I feel your frustration! Don't let this drag you down though, it's always possible to make a blog like this written better than you did before.
Level 59
Nov 2, 2023
and adding onto this, i kinda feel that nowadays you have to be an svg whiz to even have a chance to get featured
Level 47
Dec 2, 2023
"less accurate" :(