Geography Snap Statistics (June 2022)


The Points System

As many of you know by now, there is a leaderboard in every game mode of Geography Snap. More precisely, the 5 fastest players per day, per week and since the beginning of Geography Snap (not really, more like since 26th October 2020). Well, the player Changedaworld invented a points system according to the rank of a player in the All-Time leaderboard. Here it is :

1st place : 7 points

2nd place : 5 points

3rd place : 3 points

4th place : 2 points

5th place : 1 point

So, I decided to create a blog that shows a leaderboard, but with this points system. Because I took screenshots of every game mode leaderboards on 30th June, here is a leaderboard for June :

Rank Player Number of Points
1st SilverDog 212
2nd Changedaworld 87
3rd Gumbledalf 84
4th tamara 71
5th MarcelVos 52
6th backstreetben 35
7th hfgsy 27
8th anahita 21
9th smirkymyjens 19
10th 123pasteque 18
11th manuelordonezf 15
PowerGuiido 15
12th Dankxiety 10
nimbru 10
13th Jikinena 8
pseudocraul 8
Transvaal 8
WinterArcanine 8
14th Chaddius 7
MarinaMiller92 7
merpell 7
15th pappus1232 6
16th Albmaralb 5
BI 5
MarkScholten 5
17th cmoneyplays 4
Fuse 4
GMG11 4
rawe 4
18th changetheworld 3
Dontforget 3
Drenalasso 3
Jato 3
Lamarck 3
Penguinish 3
Sagaris 3
Scaro88 3
Stewart 3
zakatan 3
19th Charisse 2
cooladri 2
GameyTV 2
MikesM 2
MsChanandlerBong 2
20th activateclosure 1
luigiz 1
scambigol 1
Tomi27 1

The player who's the 1st in the most categories is... SilverDog, being first in 25 game modes.

The player who's the 2nd in the most categories is... Changedaworld, being second in 8 game modes.

The player who's the 3rd in the most categories is... Gumbledalf, being third in 9 game modes.

The player who's the 4th in the most categories is... Gumbledalf too, being fourth in 8 game modes.

The player who's the 5th in the most categories is... Gumbledalf again, being fifth in 11 game modes.

The greatest gap between 2 consecutive players is 4,4 seconds, between Gumbledalf's 29,1 seconds and backstreetben's 33,5 seconds in Countries, Capitals & Shapes Hard.

The greatest gap between the 1st and the 5th is 10,5 seconds, between SilverDog's 26,8 seconds and Penguinish's 37,3 seconds, again in Countries, Capitals and Shapes Hard.

The smallest gap between the 1st and the 5th is 0,7 seconds, in 2 game modes. The first one is between nimbru's 3,7 seconds and 123pasteque's 4,4 seconds in Countries & Flags Easy, and the second one is between Changedaworld's 5,2 seconds and tamara's 5,9 seconds in Countries & Shapes Easy.

If we add every time in every All-Time top 5, we get to... 2943,8 seconds, or 49 minutes and 3,8 seconds. And if we only take the time of the 1st in every All-Time, we get to 514,1 seconds, or 8 minutes and 34,1 seconds.

Now, let's take a look at the number of people who had at least 1 World Record in June, day by day :

As you can see, this number dropped during the beginning of June, then stagnated, went up a little and dropped a second time.

Fun Fact : During the month of June, no less than 26 world records were beaten !

So, yeah, that is pretty much everything to say. This month has been very good for Geography Snap (but bad for Gumbledalf). The number of tiles went up from 18.300.000 to 20.000.000, meaning there were more players that played more. I hope that July will be as good as June !

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Dec 30, 2023
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Feb 3, 2023
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