Geography Snap Statistics (December 2022)


As many of you know by now, there is a leaderboard in every game mode of Geography Snap. More precisely, the 5 fastest players per day, per week and since the beginning of Geography Snap (not really, more like since 26th October 2020). Well, the player Changedaworld invented a points system according to the rank of a player in the All-Time leaderboard. Here it is :

1st place : 7 points

2nd place : 5 points

3rd place : 3 points

4th place : 2 points

5th place : 1 point

So, here is a leaderboard for December:

Rank Player Number of Points Number of Points Evolution Rank Evolution
1st Changedaworld 285 -4 =
2nd SilverDog 252 +3 =
3rd Dagod 94 +35 =
4th Batman23 40 -6 =
5th Sammyboi 38 +30 +5
6th tamara 18 -6 -1
7th MarcelVos 12 -7 -1
8th KonevRokossovsky 9 New New
pappus1232 9 -2 =
smirkymyjens 9 -6 -1
9th anahita 7 -2 =
10th hfgsy 4 -2 +2
11th merpell 3 = +3
nimbru 3 = +3
PowerGuiido 3 -4 =
pseudocraul 3 -1 +2
12th Albmaralb 2 = +3
backstreetben 2 -2 =
Chaddius 2 -4 =
Hageball 2 New New
MarkScholten 2 -1 +2
WinterArcanine 2 = +3
13th Daxzz 1 = +3
Dontforget 1 -2 +1
GameyTV 1 = +3
Jato 1 -1 +2
Jikinena 1 -1 +2
manuelordonezf 1 -1 +2
Stewart 1 -1 +2
Tmnight 1 -2 +1
Transvaal 1 = +3

As you can see, there are 2 new players in the leaderboard : Hageball and KonevRokossovsky. But a whopping 9 players also got out : 123pasteque, boepnx77, cmoneyplays, Dankxiety, Drenalasso, GMG11, Gumbledalf, Jilb and MarinaMiller92.

The player who's the 1st in the most categories is... Changedaworld, being first in 30 game modes.

The player who's the 2nd in the most categories is... SilverDog, being second in 29 game modes.

The player who's the 3rd in the most categories is... Dagod, being third in 27 game modes.

The player who's the 4th in the most categories is... Sammyboi, being fourth in 10 game modes.

The player who's the 5th in the most categories is... Sammyboi too, being fifth in 15 game modes.

The greatest gap between 2 consecutive players is 6,1 seconds, between Changedaworld's 12,6 seconds and Dagod's 18,7 seconds, in Countries Hard.

The greatest gap between the 1st and the 5th is 7,7 seconds, between Changedaworld's 13,1 seconds and manuelordonezf's 20,8 seconds, in Capitals & Shapes Hard.

The smallest gap between the 1st and the 5th is 0,5 seconds, between Changedaworld's 3,3 seconds and Batman23's 3,8 seconds, in Countries & Flags Easy.

The World Record that has been the most improved during December is the Countries & Capitals Hard game mode, where it has been improved from 21,9 seconds to 18,9 seconds ! That's 3 seconds that were cut off !

The game mode where the sum of every time in the All-Time top 5 has been the most improved is also Countries, Capitals & Shapes Hard, where a whopping 17,3 seconds have been taken off !

If we add every time in every All-Time top 5, we get to... 2273 seconds, or 37 minutes and 53 seconds. That's 2 minutes and 34,2 seconds that were cut off during December ! And if we only take the time of the 1st in every All-Time, we get to 349,7 seconds, or 5 minutes and 49,7 seconds. That's 27,8 seconds that were cut off during December !

Now, here is a chart showing the Evolution of the Sum of World Records during December :

Fun Fact : On December, 27th, more than 5000 games were played ! This put this day 2nd in terms of games played, just behind July 28th, which was because a YouTuber made a video on Snap.

In conclusion, this month has been amazing for Geography Snap ! As I predicted, the 40 minutes barrier has been broken, but I really did not expect it would be broken by that much. Same for the 6 minutes barrier. It has been broken, but the 350 seconds one, wasn't even a dream. You may wonder why so many people were ousted of the leaderboard, and that is because Dagod and Sammyboi grinded a lot to get many leaderboard spots. The one-category and text-only game modes were improved a lot during December, and I can say for sure some World Records did not reach their limits. As for January, I don't think it will be the same as December, and I even think it will be a chill month for Snap. However I do think the 340 seconds barrier will be broken in January. Anyways, see ya on the 189-game modes blog !


Level 57
Dec 30, 2023
This Statistics blog has been made with this spreadsheet.
Level 60
Jan 6, 2023
NOOOOOOO. 8 records, all gone within a month ;-;
Level 57
Jan 6, 2023
Uhm, what records are you talking about ? xD
Level 60
Jan 6, 2023
A lot of 5th places, looking for empty spots. Still, they weren’t bad times… nonexistent now.
Level 57
Jan 7, 2023
Oh, ok, I understand what you said. Don't worry, you will be on the leaderboard ;) The thing is, this blog is showing statistics for the 45 "old" game modes, which are the game modes that were already there before the November update. I'll make another blog with date from the 189 game modes soon, and, don't worry, you will be in that leaderboard, since I see your name on some game modes All-Time top-5s on the screenshots I've done to get data to make the blog :)
Level 77
Jan 6, 2023
This is quite interesting! The colours of the table make the numbers quite difficult to see for me, though. Neat to see a speedrunning community here!
Level 57
Jan 7, 2023
Thanks ! I guess you are using the dark mode, and I can agree it's difficult to read. On the light mode though, it's easier. And yes I think it can be called a speedrunning community now :D
Level 68
Jan 14, 2023
Level 57
Jan 14, 2023
Thank you !