Geography Snap Statistics (November)


As many of you know by now, there is a leaderboard in every game mode of Geography Snap. More precisely, the 5 fastest players per day, per week and since the beginning of Geography Snap (not really, more like since 26th October 2020). Well, the player Changedaworld invented a points system according to the rank of a player in the All-Time leaderboard. Here it is :

1st place : 7 points

2nd place : 5 points

3rd place : 3 points

4th place : 2 points

5th place : 1 point

So, here is a leaderboard for November :

Rank Player Number of Points Number of Points Evolution Rank Evolution
1st Changedaworld 289 -13 =
2nd SilverDog 249 +36 =
3rd Dagod 59 -2 =
4th Batman23 46 -4 =
5th tamara 24 -5 =
6th MarcelVos 19 -5 =
7th smirkymyjens 15 = =
8th Gumbledalf 11 -2 =
pappus1232 11 -2 =
9th anahita 9 -2 =
10th Sammyboi 8 New New
11th PowerGuiido 7 -2 -1
12th Chaddius 6 = =
hfgsy 6 -2 -1
13th backstreeben 4 = +1
pseudocraul 4 = +1
14th 123pasteque 3 -1 =
Dontforget 3 -2 -1
MarkScholten 3 = +1
merpell 3 = +1
nimbru 3 -2 -1
Transvaal 3 -1 =
15th Albmaralb 2 -1 =
boepnx77 2 New New
Dankxiety 2 = +1
Drenalasso 2 = +1
Jato 2 = +1
Jikinena 2 -2 -1
manuelordonezf 2 = =
Stewart 2 = +1
WinterArcanine 2 = +1
16th cmoneyplays 1 = +1
Daxzz 1 New New
GameyTV 1 = +1
GMG11 1 = +1
Jilb 1 New New
MarinaMiller92 1 = +1
Tmnight 1 = +1

As you can see, there are 4 "new" players in the leaderboard : boepnx77, Daxzz, Jilb and Sammyboi. I said "new" because both Jilb and Sammyboi were already in previous leaderboards, they just came back. Also, for the first time, there is not a single ousted player !

The player who's the 1st in the most categories is... Changedaworld, being first in 32 game modes.

The player who's the 2nd in the most categories is... SilverDog, being second in 31 game modes.

The player who's the 3rd in the most categories is... Dagod, being third in 16 game modes.

The players who are the 4th in the most categories are... Batman23 and tamara, both being fourth in 6 game modes.

The player who's the 5th in the most categories is... Batman23, being fifth in 10 game modes.

The greatest gap between 2 consecutive players is 6,3 seconds, between SilverDog's 11,0 seconds and Gumbledalf's 17,3 seconds, in Countries, Capitals & Shapes Medium.

The greatest gap between the 1st and the 5th is 10,4 seconds, between Changedaworld's 19,5 seconds and Dagod's 29,9 seconds, in Countries, Capitals & Shapes Hard.

The smallest gap between the 1st and the 5th is 0,5 seconds, between Changedaworld's 3,3 seconds and Batman23's 3,8 seconds, in Countries & Flags Easy.

The World Record that has been the most improved during November is the Countries, Capitals & Flags Hard game mode, where it has been improved from 18,5 seconds to 14,8 seconds ! That's 3,7 seconds that were cut off !

The game mode where the sum of every time in the All-Time top 5 has been the most improved is also Countries, Capitals & Flags Hard, where a whopping 12,6 seconds have been taken off !

If we add every time in every All-Time top 5, we get to... 2427,2 seconds, or 40 minutes and 27,2 seconds. That's 1 minute and 31,8 seconds that were cut off during November ! And if we only take the time of the 1st in every All-Time, we get to 377,5 seconds, or 6 minutes and 17,5 seconds. That's 37,9 seconds that were cut off during November !

Now, because the number of people who had at least one World Record still didn't changed at all during November, there will no be no graph for this one too.

Fun Fact : On November 16th, Sammyboi managed to break the World Record in the Countries, Capitals and Flags Hard game mode, with a 18.1s. However, since it was broken before the end of the day, it's not shown on the inexistent graph. The last time a World Record was broken by someone who's not Changedaworld or me was back on July, 12th !

In conclusion, this month has been pretty good for Geography Snap (well at least it couldn't have been worse than October). With the game being updated, I thought some of the World Records of the 45 basic game modes would be broken by other people, but no... Instead, improvements of World Records, but also new players. Now, as I said in the October Statistics blog, I will make a separate leaderboard for the 189 total game modes, because why not suffer, after all ? And for December, well I think it will be a good month, especially for the sum of all times in all 45 basic leaderboards, considering the update made players play the basic game modes too. The 40-minute barrier will definitely be broken during December, and maybe the 6-minute one for 1st places too.


Level 57
Dec 2, 2022
This leaderboard has been made with this table.
Level 59
Dec 2, 2022

I had a few records for like, a couple hours after the new update, but that was all.

Level 57
Dec 3, 2022
Well it's kinda logical, after all, everyone tried to get onto the new leaderboards.
Level 59
Dec 2, 2022
So, do you know if there are any all-time leaderboards that aren’t completely filled?
Level 68
Dec 2, 2022
Yes! According to my calculations, 296 / 315 Easy All-Time spots are taken, 280 / 315 for Medium and 285 / 315 for Hard.

An example is Capitals, Flags, Shapes and Flag-Shapes, which has only been taken 20 times total, with 2 single plays in Hard mode!

Level 59
Dec 2, 2022
Wow, that’s interesting.

Now 21!

Level 57
Dec 3, 2022
Well actually that do creates a problem for the "The greatest gap between 1st and 5th"... Even a 10000s game would still be 3rd or 4th in some game modes...