Geography Snap Statistics (November) : The New Game Modes


As many of you know by now, there is a leaderboard in every game mode of Geography Snap. More precisely, the 5 fastest players per day, per week and since the beginning of Geography Snap (not really, more like since 26th October 2020 for the 45 old game modes, and since November 21st for the 144 new ones). Well, the player Changedaworld invented a points system according to the rank of a player in the All-Time leaderboard. Here it is :

1st place : 7 points

2nd place : 5 points

3rd place : 3 points

4th place : 2 points

5th place : 1 point

So, here is a leaderboard for all 189 game modes, for November :

Rank Player Number of Points
1st Changedaworld 1243
2nd SilverDog 983
3rd RoxyTheQuizzer 178
4th Sammyboi 135
5th boepnx77 123
6th Dagod 59
7th DictatorTal 47
8th Batman23 46
9th pappus1232 32
10th muskox 28
11th tamara 24
12th MarcelVos 21
13th backstreetben 20
Gumbledalf 20
14th baptistegorce 16
Dontforget 16
15th smirkymyjens 15
16th travislina 14
17th nios 11
18th anahita 9
Difluzi 9
19th Jato 7
Jilb 7
PowerGuiido 7
20th Chaddius 6
hfgsy 6
shinboy 6
21st BabyOrca 5
BishnuMcgee 5
Imthat1dude 5
izra 5
22nd jnsnmnhn 4
Lucanpc24 4
MDawg396 4
pseudocraul 4
23rd 123pasteque 3
allikate17 3
BolyaiAnna 3
CatcoolH 3
khuniizagas 3
Kvkq 3
MarkScholten 3
MedinaErmek 3
merpell 3
Nedpet 3
nimbru 3
overtired 3
Realistic 3
soupmansam 3
Stewart 3
Transvaal 3
24th aair4h 2
Abhishekt 2
Albmaralb 2
AresAnderson 2
bol 2
ClydeFevstra 2
cooladri 2
Dankxiety 2
deSnoek 2
Drenalasso 2
Funnyelephant22 2
hrsuvakas 2
Jeremy 2
Jikinena 2
juhoalander 2
Liam 2
manuelordonezf 2
plutark 2
PukkiPartyJH 2
Thijs134 2
WinterArcanine 2
Zribokuwski 2
25th Beatlesid 1
carlonian 1
cmoneyplays 1
Daxzz 1
DeBritKing 1
Doggy101 1
Ethanoridk 1
FrogLeader 1
gabyaakov 1
GameyTV 1
GMG11 1
goldn709 1
GZ11 1
HeavenlyStraits 1
jwshxedoAUK 1
kimzz 1
Kirboi 1
MarinaMiller92 1
Neodymium 1
pizzashaun 1
schnuederlue 1
Tmnight 1
TomatosRaafatos 1
Xacois 1

The player who's the 1st in the most categories is... Changedaworld, being first in 149 game modes.

The player who's the 2nd in the most categories is... SilverDog, being second in 137 game modes.

The player who's the 3rd in the most categories is... RoxyTheQuizzer, being third in 39 game modes.

The player who's the 4th in the most categories is... RoxyTheQuizzer too, being fourth in 28 game modes.

The player who's the 5th in the most categories is... boepnx77, being fifth in 15 game modes.

There are 51 game modes without a 5th place, 29 without a 4th place and 18 without a 3rd place.

The greatest gap between 2 players is 182,4 seconds, between Abhishekt's 126,0 seconds and Realistic's 308,4s seconds in Countries, Capitals, Flags, Flag-Shapes & Biggest Cities Hard.

The greatest gap between the 1st and the 5th in a game mode played by 5 players or more is 286,7 seconds, between Changedaworld's 21,7 seconds and Realistic's 308,4s seconds, again in Countries, Capitals, Flags, Flag-Shapes & Biggest Cities Hard.

The smallest gap between the 1st and the 5th is 0,5 seconds, between Changedaworld's 3,3 seconds and Batman23's 3,8 seconds, in Countries & Flags Easy.

The smallest gap between the 1st and the 5th in a new game mode played by 5 players or more is 1,9 seconds, between SilverDog's 2,5 seconds and izra's 4,4 seconds, in Flag-Shapes Easy.

If we add every time in every All-Time top 5, we get to... 15592,5 seconds, or 4 hours, 19 minutes and 52,5 seconds. And if we only take the time of the first in every All-Time, we get to 2069,9 seconds, or 34 minutes and 29,9 seconds.

Now, as you can imagine, there will be no graph for the 189 game modes version of Geography Snap Statistics, as keeping track of the number of people with at least one World Record every day is nearly impossible.

Fun Fact : To achieve a sub-3s on Flags Easy, it took 1 year, 6 months and 24 days. To achieve a sub-3s on Flag-Shapes Easy, it took 26 minutes.

In conclusion, the new game modes made new players come play Snap, and that's a good thing ! Now, optimizing these new game modes will take more time than the 45 old ones, of course. Yes, that Statistics blog might not be very long, and that's because I can't compare to anything, as the 2 new categories were added on November 21st. I wonder if some people will be able to get good amount of World Records during December...


Level 57
Dec 4, 2022
This leaderboard has been made with this table.
Level 51
Dec 4, 2022
Thank you for these statistics which certainly took a lot of work and time!

Just a question, that I have in mind for several months, about this ranking: why 1, 2, 3, 5, 7 and not 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, for the points earned for each place...?

Level 57
Dec 4, 2022
Thanks :)

Well, as Changedaworld said, "it's much harder now to be 1st or 2nd, so you should get more points by getting 1st or 2nd".

Level 57
Dec 4, 2022
And also this statistics didn't took that long, what will take some time is the January one, because I'll have to compare every score, every place, every time...
Level 42
Dec 4, 2022
puff you added me
Level 57
Jan 8, 2023
Eh, did you changed your name since this blog came out ?
Level 59
Dec 4, 2022
I have going around and taking slots that haven’t been filled, so I may just be on the December one!
Level 57
Dec 4, 2022
Well, if the times you done don't get beaten, yeah !
Level 59
Dec 4, 2022
I think I’ve made enough spots that it is practically impossible for me to not have at least 1 by the end of the month, but then again I’m not a Geography Snapper.
Level 57
Dec 5, 2022
Considering some game modes are really obscure, sure you would !
Level 58
Dec 5, 2022
I'm finally on this! Granted, it is at #25 but still!
Level 57
Dec 5, 2022
But still, yeah ! Congrats !
Level 58
Dec 5, 2022
Level 58
Dec 8, 2022
So.....I've got an idea.....

This would allow those who get weekly and daily ranks to get points.

Weekly ranks would get 1/10 of the points of the monthly leaderboard holder.

Daily Leaderboard Winners get 1/100 (0.07 for first).

These would be counted at the end of every week and at the end of everyday.

Now this may have a few problems, so I'd like to address them.

First it would require a lot more monitoring or however you do this. I think it would be worth it if you got some automatic system.

Second you may say this helps those who play more often too much. First of all, the most someone can get for only weekly is .7x4, or 3.6. For setting the #1 score 4 times a month, I don't think this is too bad. If you still think it's too much, do 1/20 or 1/40. (You can also increase Monthly Winner payouts)

Most possible for daily is 2.17 (0.07x31). For setting the record 31 times this ain't too bad.

The reason this would be beneficial at all is that it encourages people to play more often.

Level 58
Dec 8, 2022
If you still think that the Weekly and Daily payouts are too much, than either get rid of the Daily, or make these payouts lower. It would encourage more play.

I also belive that those who hold the record for longer should get a bonus of up to 1 point per #1st place record per category per month. I also believe up to 1 bonus point be allotted for how much of an increase it is, in percent.

Maybe 3-5 shouldn't be given points in daily.

Level 57
Dec 24, 2022
Alright, so, first, sorry for my late response, I just didn't know what to say.

So first, the big problem is that keeping track of the top-5 in every game mode every day is impossible for me, as it would be too tedious. And creating a bot to do that is impossible too.

Also, the week points would be kind of weird. A month has 30-31 days almost everytime, so it can have 4 or 5 Sundays in it, so the number of points won each month could vary a little bit.

Although a new system of points like this would be good and would allow some more people to get points, as of today, it's not quite possible to create something like that.