British Indian Crop Percentage by Region

From the 1901 Census. See Thumbnail for Region map.
Why do they not add to 100%? Likely other crops or not all cultivated lands were surveyed.
Cholum=Sorghum Valgare, Bajra= Penicillaria Spicata, Ragi=Ebusin Corocana
Statistics for Baluchistan unknown, but "Wheat, jowar, rice" were grown.
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Level 59
May 7, 2023
Total Percentage Points: 1771

Rice: 766

Wheat: 133

Pulses: 270

Other Millets: 236

Maize: 12

Oilseed: 107

Sugar/Tea/Drugs/Cotton: 44

Millets: 199

Coffee: 3

Of course you can't really add percentage for different areas of different sizes and cultivation (not to mention they don't add up to 100).

Level 69
May 8, 2023
Something fishy is going on in the eastern Himalayas.
Level 59
May 8, 2023
My guess: Areas got counted twice, or a crop was assigned to two groups. Also none of percents have decimals so they are likely rounded up. Also these censuses can't be greatly relied on.