Quiz Creation Challenge #07R: The Most Cinematic Quizzes on JetPunk!


In a previous blog I held a contest where I challenged JetPunk to make a quiz related to a specific theme. This time around, the theme was: movies! I've selected what I feel are the best quizzes to come out of this contest and have put them here in this blog post so that everyone can see them! Hooray! Also I'd think it'd be super cool it if you would play these quizzes for yourself, cuz they're real good :)

Quiz #1

1980s Movie Silhouettes by overtired

This is a very good, very fun, high-quality quiz created by the one and only overtired. In this quiz they made you will be shown silhouettes of various iconography from classic 80s movies. Now that alone would already make for a good quiz, however the aesthetics kick it up to 11. Every time you get an answer correct the silhouettes are animated to slowly light up green which is a really cool effect. I feel like I should also mention that this quiz was featured. By JetPunk. So if you won’t take my word for how good this quiz is, take JetPunk’s.

Quiz #2

Movie Characters by Picture by PharaohsofAthens

Disclaimer: This quiz has been taken down. Much sadness. Most of this was written after the quiz was deleted, so it may be vague at times.

This quiz shows you pictures of various iconic movie characters. You have to name each one. Some characters are completely original to movies while others simply just have movie adaptations, but I don’t think that characters like Harry Potter and Iron Man are out of place on a movie characters quiz like this. There are only 1 or 2 oddballs that stuck out to me (Peppa Pig? Really? I’m a big boy, 2 cool for baby shows), but aside from that they’re all mostly really solid answers. If you played it when it was up then it was a pretty good quiz.

Quiz #3

MCU Decoder by ZooTuber3000

In this quiz you will have your MCU knowledge tested. And I used to be a HUGE MCU fan! Bonus points for this quiz :)

That wasn't the only reason I picked this quiz as part of the top 3, though. As a whole the questions were really good with a nice mix of common knowledge and obscure trivia. They all fall on a sliding scale between "who ate the Tesseract" to "who was bitten by a radioactive spider", and while that last type may seem redundant or too easy it's thanks to these questions that let you get the secret answer oooohhh. The first letter of each answer spells out a quote from the MCU. This isn't anything new, not even for JetPunk, but that doesn't change the fact that it's fun. There's a reason it's so popular.

Overall, good quiz! Bold choice going with the bright, neon green background, but good quiz!

Other Quizzes

As per usual, I’m going to list all of the other participants so you can check out their quizzes. This was an especially popular QCC and it was tough to just narrow it down to 3! Probably the best showing I've ever seen. Please check out the rest of the quizzes people submitted :)

Sorry for the really, really long wait for these results. The QCC has been pretty low priority for me these past few years but I've had a sudden burst in productivity and I've been finishing these up.

See you soon. Bye!


Level 43
Dec 25, 2022
Two QCCs in 3 weeks? That must be a record 🍷🗿
Level 60
Dec 25, 2022
Level 54
Dec 25, 2022
Excellent! Thanks for these feedbacks, and congrats to the winners. And obviously, glad to read that you finally found time for the QCCs. I can't wait for the next ones.
Level 55
Dec 28, 2022
Oh I used to be PharaohsofAthens. Thanks for reviewing the quiz though :)