The Underrepresented Hero - The Story of my First Quiz

My experiences with Jetpunk go all the way back to the sixth grade. We had this in-class project we had to do called Genius Hour, in which we would spend an hour each day working on something that we were passionate about. My friend, being the geography nerd that he is, wondered how many countries our class could name. I think I got something like 20 or 30 the first time around, but I kept practicing and practicing until I could over 100.

I had totally forgotten about Jetpunk until the ninth grade, when my school was handing iPads for "educational" purposes (imagine actually using it for school). Anyway, my mind came back to that moment in the sixth grade, and I had found Jetpunk again after days of struggling to remember the name.

I had taken a couple of quizzes, but eventually I worked up the courage to write my own. It was about The Legendary Hero, Link. More specifically, it was about how his name rarely appeared in the title of the games, always overshadowed by the princess Zelda. The quiz was inspired by a little blurb in Super Smash Bros, where it mentions how his name has only been in the title of five games - but I managed to find six. Silly Nintendo.

The quiz itself isn't anything too remarkable or grand. Here, try it yourself, you'll see. I just think that, over the course of the last two years making quizzes, it was inevitable that the first quiz I ever made was going to end up being one of my most popular. And recently it managed to get 100 takes, which, for a video game quiz made over two years ago, is quite impressive considering how geography oriented Jetpunk is.

This is important to me. It was my first step into finding one of favorite hobbies. I've learned a lot of neat things, met some cool people and I owe a lot of it to this quiz. I've made it a bit of a tradition to celebrate milestones by creating some kind of spin on this formula. For my 150 quiz special I threw a little easter egg into one of my Super Smash Bros. quizzes, and for my 2-year/200 quiz special I made a quiz about the Zelda games that don't have Zelda in the title. And, of course, any and all future milestones that I will reach while on Jetpunk.

That's all for now! ©Me
Level 48
Jul 17, 2020
Good story! How am I the first comment on this?
Level 56
Jul 17, 2020
Video games, I suppose. I’m a little surprised you found this, considering how old it is.