Random Country Facts! #2



1. The world's largest restaurant is located in Damascus, the capital of Syria.

2. Damascus is also the oldest continuously inhabited capital in the world, being inhabited since 2,500 BC.

3.  In 3,000 BC, the world's oldest library was built in Syria.

4. Syria is unfortunately one of the least safe country in the world, since there has been a civil war there since 2011.


1. Montenegro has the highest smoking rate in the world.

2. When Montenegro gained independence from Yugoslavia, its internet domain changed from .yu to .me

3. Montenegro is the third newest country in the world. (Including Kosovo)

4. Montenegro's name means ''Black Mountain''.

Saint Kitts And Nevis

1. St Kitts and Nevis is only 260 square kilometers big, and only has a population of 52,000.

2. This is the flag of Nevis:

Flag of Nevis, the second biggest island in the country.

3. St Kitts is the newest country in the Americas, gaining independence in 1983.

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