Random Country Facts! #3



1. Kiribati is the only country to be located in all four hemispheres.

2. The Christmas Island in Kiribati (not in the Indian Ocean) is the first place to see the sun rise every day.

3. Kiribati has an average elevation of just 2 meters, and sadly will be one of the countries to disappear due to climate change.

4. There are places in Kiribati named London, Paris, Poland and Banana.

5. Kiribati is't pronounced Kiribati, but it's pronouced Kiribas.

Sri Lanka

1. Every full moon in Sri Lanka is a holiday, because the full moon symbolizes important events in Buddha's life.

2. Sri Lanka was the first country to have a female prime minister in 1960.

3. In 288 BC, the world's oldest man-planted tree was planted in Sri Lanka.

4. Sri Lanka is the second biggest exporter of tea on the Earth.


1. 60% of all the lakes in the world is located in Canada. In fact, they have more lakes than all the other countries combined.

2. Despite having so many lakes, Canada only has the fourth place for the most islands in the world, behind Finland, Norway and Sweden.

3. In 2012, someone stole maple syrup worth over 15 million dollars in Canada.

4. Canada is the most educated country in the world.

I will be back next Friday. See you then!

Level 43
May 31, 2024
Was the maple syrup thief a moose or a beaver?
Level 65
May 31, 2024
No, it was an actual gang of robbers who planned the heist months beforehand, and carried it out Ocean's 11 style. Super interesting, look it up.

I appreciate the humor though

Level 59
May 31, 2024
they filled them back w water but eventually stopped filking them again. they found out when an unfilled can fell over
Level 59
May 31, 2024
ti = s in Kiribati

so Kiritibati (earliest or latest gmt i forgor) is Christmas Island

Kiribati comes from the former name, Gilbert Islands

counting overseas places, uk and france are also in all 4 hemispheres

Level 78
Jun 1, 2024
A friend of mine brought some tea back from Sri Lanka, it was by far better than any other tea I have tasted.