Each State Flag Ranked



I'm ranking the flags based on these metrics:



What the flag represents


#50 - New Jersey

I typically don't like flags with the state seal on them and a solid color as the back drop, mainly because it isn't unique and doesn't really represent the state well. But the reason New Jersey's flag ranks lowest is because of the color in the background. It's just an ugly shade of yellowy-orange and is just in general unappealing to look at.

#49 - Idaho

Idaho is also one of those flags with the state seal, except this background color is blue, like most of them. This color in the background is an ugly combination of navy blue and regular blue.

#48 - New York

Traditional flag. Seal with a blue background.

#47 - Kansas

This flag is just too much. The seal is all over the place, and "Kansas" being written on it doesn't make it much better. However, the sunflower is representative of the state.

#46 - Utah

Ah Utah. The state with the worst motto, and the fifth worst flag. The bald eagle is nice, but the seal on the blue background is just, well......

#45 - Michigan 

Traditional flag. Seal with a blue background. That, and I always get it confused with Pennsylvania. 

#44 - Delaware

The background shade is unique, but not necessarily good. However, it made it up to 44, because of the date of statehood included on the flag.

#43 - Nebraska

I do admit I like the shade of blue, but seal on backdrop...well, we know how that goes.

#42 - Oklahoma 

The shade of blue is just..no! And the seal looks, well, odd.

#41 - Maine

We all know what I'm going to say.

#40 - Pennsylvania

The reason this doesn't go closer to Michigan is because of the seal in the middle, which, in my opinion looks better.

#39 - Washington

The reason this doesn't go lower is because the green background is unique.

#38 - Alabama 

Not creative, and the flag is based on the confederacy (a regiment of the CSA in Alabama). It doesn't go lower because at least it's unique (sort of). 

#37 - Vermont

A deer head. There's a deer head.

#36 - Louisiana

The pelicans are symbolic, but everything else isn't.

#35 - New Hampshire 

The background color is cool, as is the seal, but, yeah.

#34 - Minnesota

Just no. The reason it doesn't rank lower is....I forgot the reason.

#33 - Kentucky

(Insert joke about flags here).

#32 - Wisconsin

If not for the "1848," this would be in the bottom 10.

#31 - Virginia

Someone..is dead.

#30 - North Dakota

I do like the Bald Eagle, which resembles the Coat of Arms.

#29 - Connecticut 

This isn't actually a seal, but it resembles one, so #29 for you Connecticut!

#28 - Illinois 

It's not blue, so it ranks a bit higher, but, yeah.

#27 - Massachusetts

Yeah, you know what I'm going to say.

#26 - Georgia

Take the yellow away and you have the confederate flag. 

#25 - South Dakota

The background is pretty cool, but seals and backgrounds, blah, blah, blah.

#24 - Hawaii

Great way to show that your American, have the Union Jack on it. But the stripes are pretty cool.

#23 - West Virginia

The outline sets them apart from others, but the seal and stuff.

#22 - Missouri 

The seal, but the stars on the outside, and the stripes set them apart from others (in a good way).

#21 - Arkansas

A nod the Confederacy. But a good design in general.

#20 - South Carolina 

It's unique, but a bit odd. I do like the addition of the moon though and the story behind the palm tree is quite interesting (google it).

#19 - Nevada

This is not the seal. It has the term "Battle Born" to remember it gained statehood during the civil war.

#18 - California

The flag is good in general but I feel like the star in the top left seems pretty pointless. Also, the California Grizzly is gone.

#17 - Texas

The flag design is pretty cool, but sort off simple. Good in general though.

#16 - Colorado

Don't hate me. I know lots of people like this flag, but It ranks low because others just seem better to me.

#15 - Florida

This one is complicated. Florida's flag is pretty similar to Alabama but I like it because of the symbolic reference of the red cross, similar to the Spanish flag. The background isn't solid too. 

#14 - Indiana

The 19 stars symbolizing the 19th state and the torch symbolizing liberty have the background of the UGLIEST shade of blue. If it was something else, It would easily be top 10.

#13 - Maryland

It's unique and very distinctive, which I why I love it. Does anybody else think it looks like a checkered flag.

#12 - Wyoming


#11 - Iowa

This flag is really cool mainly because of the eagle and the banner. Really cool motto too.

#10 - Alaska 

#9 - New Mexico

#8 - Arizona 

#7 - Oregon

#6 - Ohio

#5 - Tennessee 

#4 - North Carolina 

#3 - Rhode Island

#2 - Montana

Before you yell at me for being a hypocrite, This is here because of the seal on it.

#1 - Mississippi 

Before it was changed, Mississippi's flag would've been my least favorite.

Level 59
Feb 11, 2022
you have just triggered the 6 New Jerseyans that comment on blogs, and probably more lol

Also if you are going to complain about the blue backgrounds of basically half of all the flags, where are the "uniqueness" points for NJ? Delaware also has the exact same shade of yellow that is on NJ's flag, and it also even has a blue background. ive gotta defend my home state, even if its steeply increasing gas prices and exhausting rent prices are bad lol

also btw how do we know if you are ACTUALLY grading these states on the criteria you specifically stated above. I would like some more information on why you chose these in the order you did.

Level 59
Feb 12, 2022
I think that the Grizzly is on the CA Flag, because it’s gone. And just because I’ve grown up seeing that flag my whole life, the star looks pretty good.

Nice rankings though.