Jack's Fun Facts


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Animal Fun Facts

1- Elephants can't jump.

2- Tiger's stripes go all the way down to their skin.

3- Octopuses have three hearts.

4- Cows don't have four stomachs. They have one stomach with four compartments.

5- The only mammal that can truly fly if a bat.

6- Platypuses don't have stomachs.

7- Polar Bears don't have white fur. It's see through so the light reflects off it.

8- Mosquitoes are the deadliest animal in the world (because of the diseases they carry).

9- The oldest living animal was born in 1832.

10- Humans hearts weigh 10 ounces. Blue whales hearts weigh 400 pounds.

Pop Culture Fun Facts

1- Han shot first.

2- John F. Kennedy posed for Clark Kent in a 1964 action comic.

3- Krusty the Clown was originally supposed to be Homer Simpson in disguise.

4- Bugs Bunny was named that because of a mistake.

5- Of the four current judges on America's Got Talent, none of them were born in America.

6- Wonder Woman was originally a secretary for the Justice League.

7- To this day, 945 celebrities have done voices on The Simpsons.

8- 500,000 movies currently exist.

9- Around 800,000 books are published each year.

10- WiFi isn't an acronym.

History Fun Facts

1- At one point, 100 people claimed to be the dead son of Marie Antoinette.

2- The Owner's of the Titanic never claimed the ship was "unsinkable."

3- Pope Gregory IV declared war on cats.

4- Richard Nixon was a very talented musician, and could play five instruments.

5- Abraham Lincoln is in the Wrestling Hall of Fame.

6- No witches were burned at the stake in the "Salem Witch Trials."

7- Cowboy's didn't wear Cowboy hats.

8- Iron Maidens weren't used for torture.

9- Calvin Coolidge owned a pair of lions.

10- Their was a woman in the American Congress before women could vote.

People actually did these things: 

1- In 1941, A Japanese Consul gave 6,000 Jews Japanese visas, likely saving their lives.

2- Louis Armstrong played in front of the Sphinx.

3- Winston Churchill has about 50 paintings professionally displayed.

4- Mikhail Gorbachev appeared in a Post-Soviet Russian commercial for Pizza Hut (look it up).

5- James Doohan (Star Trek's Scotty) shot two snipers on D-Day.

6- British Parliament once debated tossing bankers into the Thames.

7- RAF Pilots flipped German V1 and V2 bombs with their wings.

8- People in 1900 predicted in 2000, people would be supported by balloons when walking.

9- Claimed to be gay in Sweden in order to call in sick after homosexuality was declared an illness.

10- Voiced Yoda and Mrs. Piggie. Frank Oz.

Weird Names: American Cities

1- Popejoy

2- China

3- Rainbow City

4- Pink

5- Colon

6- Speed

7- Last Chance

8- Climax

9- Coward

10- Okay

Level 52
May 29, 2022
Interesting but I think some of the facts wouldn't suffer from elaboration.
Level 63
May 30, 2022
Interesting! I’ve only heard about a few of these facts so it was nice learning about the ones I didn’t know.
Level 77
May 30, 2022
The 1/2 million films sounds like a very conservative estimate.

Why did Pope Gregory declare war on cats ?

For anyone that wants it Here's a link to theGorbachev ad1

Level 68
May 30, 2022
Pope Gregory IV didn't like cats to begin with but he also believed cats we satanic and hence he ordered all killed to prevent them from possessing people etc.
Level 59
May 30, 2022
There was actually another one, search up “Never Gonna Give You Up” and you’ll find it :)