The Basics of Each State #17- Minnesota


State Flag


Population- 5,706,398

Population Density- 70.5

Median Age- 38


Senators- Tina Smith and Amy Klobuchar

Governor- Tim Walz


Area- 86,943

Capital City- St. Paul

Biggest City- Minneapolis

Biggest Metro Area- Minneapolis


Nickname- The North Star State

Motto- Star of the North

Date of Statehood- May 11, 1858

Flower- Showy Lady's Slippers

Tree- Red Pine

Bird- Loon

Animal- Northern Leopard Frog

Song- Minnesota

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Level 43
Jul 25, 2021
I WISh you do CONSIN in next blog.
Level 65
Jul 25, 2021
Level 63
Jul 26, 2021
Wishing Cousin, please. (Wisconsin)