The Basics of Each State #20- Missouri


State Flag


Population- 6,169,038

Population Density- 89.1

Median Age- 38.6


Senators- Josh Hawley and Roy Blunt

Governor- Mike Parson


Aea- 69,704

Capital City- Jefferson City

Biggest City- Kansas City

Biggest Metro Area- St. Louis


Nickname- The Show-Me State

Motto- Let the welfare of the people be the supreme law

Date of Statehood- August 10, 1821

Flower- Crataegus Punctata

Tree- Flowering Dogwood

Bird- Eastern Bluebird

Animal- Missouri Mule

Song- Missouri Waltz

In the comments, vote for which state you want to hear about next. Alabama, South Carolina or Indiana.

Level 70
Aug 15, 2021
South Carolina
Level 63
Aug 15, 2021
Alabama, please!
Level 43
Aug 15, 2021
Indiana, for be the different lol
Level 51
Sep 25, 2021