War of the States #3: Michigan Madness and the Texan Empire


The following story is fiction and not based on real events. I apologize in advance if this offends anyone.

This story takes place in 2021. COVID-19 doesn't exist. Every state is independent and the U.S. government doesn't exist. Each state is it's own country.

Wisconsin declares war on Michigan

Wisconsin begins ground invasion onto the peninsula while also making naval landings on the peninsula from lake Michigan and Superior. 

Michigan: I could use some help here! Anybody?


Michigan: Nobody? Great!

Michigan attempts naval landings in Green Bay (Wisconsin's capital), but they are repelled by air bombings. Wisconsin now controls half of the peninsula. Michigan citizens start to stand up to the invaders and they blow up a Wisconsin Port in Milwaukee. In response, Wisconsin burns all land still occupied by Michigan, crops, businesses and some homes. Wisconsin then proposes and truce. Michigan rejects the proposal and begins bombing Wisconsin army, air and naval bases. This kills nearly 10,000 people. Michigan then excepts the truce.

Wisconsin keeps all occupied land but has to pay Michigan for all the land it destroyed (that adds up to about $987,743,732.72. 

Peninsula War

Wisconsin military causalities: 34,264                                         Michigan military causalities: 54,821

Wisconsin civilian deaths: 65,532                                                Michigan civilian deaths: 87,385

Total Length: 4 months and 16 days

Michigan: Well great, I lost 25% of my land. At least I got that money.

Wisconsin: Oh quit complaining, I lost 30% of my money paying you.

Wisconsin: This isn't great land for agriculture, I need more.

Michigan: I'll take it back!

Wisconsin: I'm not an idiot you know.

Michigan: News to me.

Wisconsin: Shut up!

Iowa: Um, Michigan, my land is great for agriculture, can we have an alliance.

Michigan: The anti-Wisconsin Alliance.

Illinois and Minnesota: I want in too!

Michigan: Great! The Anti-Wisconsin Alliance

Texas: I need more land. An Empire!

Texas changes from a Democracy to a Empire, and becomes the Texan Empire.

Texas: Now I need some land. If I invade any of my neighbors, and anyone tries to stop me, they will face destruction.

Louisiana: Okay, but why are you tel..uh-oh.

Texas declares war on Louisiana. 

Texas begins a ground invasion, and sends it largest fleet to take over New Orleans. Louisiana asks for help, but no one steps up due to Texas' threat. Texas bombs Louisiana Naval bases, but some planes accidentally bomb residential neighborhoods, killing thousands. Louisiana proposes a truce.

Louisiana wants all borders the same and nothing from Texas, while Texas wants all Louisiana land (so essentially Louisiana becomes part of Texas). Texas threatens more air raids, so Louisiana agrees. 

Louisiana becomes part of the Texan Empire. 

Louisianan War

Texan Empire military causalities: 3,634                           Texan Empire civilian deaths: 643

Louisiana military causalities: 32,731                                Louisiana civilian deaths: 54,382

Total Length: 28 days

New Mexico: Okay, that just happened.

Oklahoma: We need an alliance.

Alabama: Agreed

New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Alabama form the SAAT (Southeastern Alliance Against Texas)

Texas: SAAT? Ha! What a joke. I warned y'all, don't get in my way. If y'all invade, I'll get my nukes.

Oklahoma: Wooh, nukes? Too far. We should all get rid of those.

A representative of each state meets in San Juan (which is part of Colombia now) and agrees to not use nuclear weapons against each other.

Oklahoma: That makes me feel better!

South Dakota: I know right.

North Dakota: Hey South Dakota, can we form a union, to improve our economies?

South Dakota: Fine.

North and South Dakota form a new country, and their name changes to the United Dakotan States. 

Alaska: Hey Hawaii, maybe the Dakotas are onto something. A union might help.

Hawaii: No thanks. My tourism keeps me alive.

Alaska: Washington. Alliance?

Washington: No way man! How would you help me?

Alaska: Two words. Natural Resources. I'll let you have 5% of it

Washington: 30%

Alaska: 10%

Washington: 25%

Alaska: 15%, best offer

Washington: Deal!

Washington and Alaska form the Northwestern Alliance.

Texas: Expansion time! But who's next?

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Cool! So the capitals have completely changed?
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