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This is the final blog in my series about each of the 13 provinces and territories that make up the country of Canada. We have already covered all of the provinces, leaving the three territories - the last frontier - left on this little trip.

On the third installment of this series, we head out east to Canada's Atlantic provinces, known for their fishing and stunning seaside views. Join me as I explore some of the first European settlements in what is now Canada.

Last time we were began on a voyage through the heart of Canada, exploring each of the Canadian provinces and what they have to offer. Tune in for a expedition through one of the most naturally beautiful regions of the country as I explain each of Canada's Western provinces!

Canada is a massive country. In order to break down the sheer size and regional differences of this behemoth parcel of land, the country is divided into 10 provinces and 3 territories. Today, I'm going to discuss each one, starting with the heart of Canada - Ontario and Quebec, and I will try to explain each of these wonderful places in detail!

For a while now, I have been fascinated by the possibilities that maps give us when describing trends and patterns. This extends to my home country of Canada. While I have been making map-quizzes on Canada for years, not every map or map idea has fit with the formulaic nature of quizzes. Therefore, I have decided to compile some of the most interesting maps into one blog and talk about them!

Planning your next holiday, but don't feel like Amsterdam or New York? These four destinations might inspire you, should you wish to avoid the crowds. Just don't be afraid of the journey to get there!

While learning any language is a tricky endeavour, not all languages are equally easy to learn. But which language is the easiest to learn, from the perspective of an English speaker? Which language will take the least amount of time? This blog will take you on a journey to find out.

A personal account of a long-time language learner, my take of different language difficulties and why I will never be a polyglot.

In September of 2019 I visited Nepal for a month. I spent the majority of the time in a small village in the middle of the towering foothills of the Himalayas. This is my experience on how life is lived from the point of view of a Westerner, in a world so distant from my home in Canada--told through a small collection of photographs I took during my trip.

So, a while back the Quizmaster wrote a blog in which he ranked every US state flag from best to worst. I really liked it, but since American state flags are a bit dull anyways (sorry), I decided to rank the 13 flags of our provinces and territories.

So, this is a feature. Planning on writing more in the days to come.