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In this blog I will talk about my favorite geography-themed websites.

In this blog I will talk about the differences between Swiss German and Standard German.

In this blog I will be telling you a little about myself because it is my borthday.

In this blog I will be sharing some of my personal opinions on ideas I think Jetpunk should consider.

This is about the unrecognized country of Liberland. Wonder what I'm talking about? Read more and find out!

I will talk about the best geography related accounts on Youtube from my experience. Hope you enjoy! (Youtubers are not in any particular order)

If you enjoy my quizzes or just have a question about a specific quiz, you’ve come to the right place.

Ich habe dies über einen Mann namens Gregor MacGregor geschrieben. Er schuf ein falsches Land namens Poyais und verdiente Unmengen an Einwanderung. Ich wurde von einer Episode von Geography Now inspiriert! und ich habe die meisten meiner Informationen aus Wikipedia und anderen kleinen Google-Quellen gefunden. Vielen Dank und lassen Sie es mich wissen, wenn es falsche Informationen gibt.

I wrote this about a man named Gregor MacGregor. He created a fake country called Poyais and earned tons off immigration. I was inspired by an episode of Geography Now! and I found most of my information off of wikipedia and other small google sources. Thank you and please let me know if there's any wrong information.