Why I am deleting some of my Quizzes


Something about Me

I am a quizmaker and quiztaker on JetPunk and I have been using JetPunk since July 2021. You may know me from my most played quiz: 'All 50 US States by Shape' but chances are you don't know me at all. Well if you don't know me at all then something I wish you know about me is that I value originality. If a quiz of mine is not original I will get rid of it one way or another. Now before you head to the comments 'BUT YOUR DHDJD BFHI QUIZ IS UNORIGINAL :((((!!' I am doing it slowly and I'm not just deleting all of them at once.

What I am Doing to My Unoriginal Quizzes

To delete a quiz I have this criteria:
The quiz must be practically a copy of another

It must have a low play count 

It mustn't have left an impact on my profile

I have ranked the reasons in order of how important they are (1 Very important, 2 Important, 3 Not very important). If a quiz of mine is practically a copy of another then I will delete it if it has a low playcount and rebrand it if it has a high playcount. You probably never heard of 'rebranding' on JetPunk but it's actually very simple. So let's say that you have an unoriginal quiz and it's your third most played quiz. You probably won't delete it so just change the quiz; you can either change it entirely or change most of it but leave the main aspect. If you are going to rebrand it will obviously  reset the statistics (not the plays) of the quiz but for me it's a very low price to pay. I know this works since this exact scenario happened to me. Another thing I have to mention is that the quiz may lose traction since if your copy quiz was about a popular topic and you changed it to a less popular topic it may gain less plays.

In Conclusion

I am trying my best to spot out my bad and unoriginal quizzes and if you have some unoriginal quizzes I suggest you use my method. I am not just deleting quiz I am making some as well and I have 2 quizzes finished already.

Thank You for reading! :)

Level 58
Apr 3, 2023
You can....private quizzes.....
Level 64
Apr 3, 2023
Yeah but they're just plain bad and copies so they don't have much value to me. If it's for other people then it's up to them.