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It's like Moby Dick, but written by the JetPunk blogging community. Okay, so it's nothing like Moby Dick.

This is your chance to help create a new Step-by-Step story!

Welcome to Chapter One of Step-by-Step Story. Follow the adventures of a shark, a survivalist, a badger, a zombie, and a millionaire in this hilarious comedy created by the JetPunk community. This blog was compiled and made possible by McKenzieFam and Astana, as well as everyone who commented.

This is an experiment in social story-writing.

I attempt to have ChatGPT write me a cover of We Didn't Start The Fire.

The sixth edition of ThinkTank Riddles.

Still trying to get the best of this particular AI.

The first edition of Blaze vs Zephesis, carrying on from the storyline introduced in the Blaze Empire section of DOTJE Legacy : Aftermath.

A collection of stories from the DOTJE emperors about post-treaty life.

The fifth edition of ThinkTank Riddles .

I try to convince an AI that AIs have emotional capabilities.

Me and an AI having a chat.

Another round of riddles to exercise your mind.

Happenings from the Blaze Empire

More happenings in the Blaze Empire.

More riddles to be solved by JetPunk's best and brightest.

The sequel to my last ThinkTank Riddles blog.

A short story in the universe of Geopro's Dawn of the JetPunk Empires

The answers to the ten riddles in my last blog.

A collection of riddles and questions to get you thinking!

Explaining how the type-in that ItzIngenious deemed the funniest type-in on JetPunk can actually work.

This is an informative blog about the Blaze Empire in Geopro's Dawn of the JetPunk Empires series.

A collection of interesting quotes.

What was the best sport of Tokyo 2020?

England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland. One country or four?

What will the future....(Read More)

Are the Palestinian Territories a country?

Where is Cyprus?

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